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The Mysterious Disappearance of Kenny Veach

To date, no one knows where the M cave is, or where Kenny has disappeared to
To date, no one knows where the M cave is, or where Kenny has disappeared to

On the 10th of November, 2014, Kenny Veach embarked on a journey to retrace his steps to a peculiar cave he had previously encountered during a desert trek a few months earlier. This cave, dubbed the “M Cave” for its distinctive M-shaped entrance, was located in the Sheep Mountains, approximately 40 miles north of Las Vegas and not far from the notorious Area 51 military base.

Ignoring advice from an individual on an online forum who cautioned against attempting to locate the cave again, Veach initiated his third expedition to uncover the enigmatic site. During his initial discovery, Veach, under the pseudonym “Snakebitmgee” on various online platforms, described experiencing unusual sensations as he approached the cave’s entrance, stating, “The closer I got to the cave entrance, the worse the vibrating became. Suddenly, I became very scared and high-tailed it out of there. That was one of the strangest things that ever happened to me.” However, during his last journey to the Sheep Mountains in November 2014, in search of the M Cave, Veach disappeared. Despite extensive searches conducted by both authorities and independent adventurers, only his cell phone was found near the entrance of a mine that did not resemble an M.

Speculation among some conspiracy theorists suggests that the M Cave could be a covert entry point to the highly classified military installation known as Area 51, proposing that Veach may have been silenced or detained to prevent the disclosure of sensitive information. Nonetheless, considering that Area 51 is located at least 20 miles from the locations Veach documented in his search for the cave, the likelihood of the M Cave serving as a passageway to the Groom Lake facility appears improbable, a perspective considered in this analysis. The question remains: What became of Kenny Lee Veach? Did he succumb to an accident in a mineshaft? Was he apprehended by military forces due to uncovering classified information? Did he choose to end his life, as suggested by his former partner?

The Kenny Veach Story

In the waning months of 2014, a cryptic message surfaced on a YouTube video entitled “Son of an Area 51 Technician.” The author, Kenny Veach, a Las Vegas local and enthusiastic explorer, identified himself with the username snakebitmgee. At that moment, little did he know, his written words would catalyze a sequence of enigmatic events, cementing one of Nevada’s most enigmatic myths. The intrigue surrounding Kenny’s commentary rapidly ignited a fervent curiosity among the digital community. Following his initial disclosure, numerous YouTube viewers rallied behind Kenny, urging him to revisit the mysterious cave and document his expedition, thereby validating his peculiar encounter. Heeding the call, Kenny acquiesced.

Screen-Shot-2019-08-20 of Kenny Veach Comment

The comment Kenny Veach left

Embarking on a quest to rediscover the enigmatic cave, he was equipped with a 9-millimeter handgun and a video camera for his second venture. Upon his return, he shared a video documenting his journey. However, much to the disappointment of those captivated by his tale, he failed to relocate the cave, and the video did not provide any insights into the mysterious M Cave he had previously described. The reception to his video was mixed, with criticism prevalent among the responses. Commenters on YouTube both encouraged and challenged him to undertake a third expedition to find the cave. Heeding their call, Kenny decided to embark on another search. However, amidst the array of comments, one in particular stood out, offering a chilling caution: “It read, ‘No! Do not go back there. If you find that cave entrance, don’t go in, you won’t get out.'”

On the 10th of November, 2014, Kenny embarked on what would become his final excursion. Informing his family of his intention to undertake a “short, overnight trip,” he would tragically not return. His mysterious disappearance quickly garnered attention on a Las Vegas news channel, sparking a widespread search effort. Kenny was an experienced desert hiker and spelunker, having explored extensively in the vicinity, including areas around the notorious Area 51. His passion for such adventures was evident in several YouTube comments where he shared insights into his experiences. In his own words: “I undertake solo hikes across mountainous terrains that most would find daunting. My explorations have led me through countless caves, and I’ve even engaged with rattlesnakes for amusement. However, there was this one cave that surpassed anything I’ve ever faced.”

He further elaborated on his adventurous spirit in another comment: “For over two decades, I’ve been immersing myself in these ventures. I traverse paths untrodden by others, always venturing alone. My discoveries include skulls of various sizes and occasionally ancient animal traps. My journeys take me over numerous mountain summits where I rest under the stars. At times, I find myself navigating steep cliffs to extricate myself from difficult situations, yet I invariably find my way back. Despite the challenges, leaving me battered, weary, and with a pack invariably heavier than at the start, I have maintained an impressive safety record. I’ve required helicopter rescue on a single occasion when I severely injured my left leg atop a mountain, with merely a cup of water and a 20-mile trek back to my vehicle in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.” Despite his extensive experience and confidence navigating challenging terrains, Kenny faced a significant challenge against nature’s harsh conditions. His determination, possibly amplified by the encouragement and expectations set by the online community, led him on a quest for a phantom cave within the unforgiving landscape of the Mojave Desert, one of the Earth’s most arid and sweltering regions.

The Mystery of Kenny Veach Disappearance Deepens

In the introductory segment of the “M Cave Hike” video Kenny shared prior to his mysterious disappearance, he is observed next to an abandoned mine shaft, sharing insights about his quest for the elusive cave. It was in this vicinity that, on November 22, 2014, search and rescue volunteers discovered Kenny’s cell phone. This find suggested that he indeed embarked on another expedition in pursuit of the cave. As reported by News 3 Las Vegas, Red Rock Search & Rescue Commander Dave Cummings stated, “We found his cell phone close to a very vertical old mine shaft and we can’t find another trail. It doesn’t necessarily imply that he descended the mine shaft, but our tracking efforts conclude here. Additional search teams are being deployed to continue the investigation.”

Following the discovery of his cell phone, the search for Kenny reached a dead end. His disappearance remained shrouded in mystery, igniting a plethora of conspiracy theories across the internet. Questions arose about the possible scenarios leading to his demise. Was it a fatal fall into a mineshaft? Had he uncovered a concealed entrance to Area 51? Did he encounter a covert military operation? Could the cave have had extraterrestrial connections, or had the harsh desert conditions claimed his life?

The case remained unsolved until a woman, claiming to be Kenny’s partner, contributed a significant piece of information through a comment on his “M Cave Hike” video:

“As Kenny’s partner, whom he mentioned in the video, I was unaware of the multitude of comments until informed by a friend. The speculation and concern from so many have touched me deeply. Kenny’s whereabouts remain unknown, and I brace myself for the possibility that he may never be found. My intention in sharing my insights is to offer some measure of closure and understanding. Hiking in the desert was Kenny’s ultimate passion. Together, we ventured across Nevada’s desert landscapes, sometimes trekking up to 9 hours in a single day, discovering abandoned ‘ghost towns’ and exploring numerous caves and mine shafts. While we always exercised caution, Kenny often pushed the boundaries further than I would. Our preparations included snake guards, sun-protective clothing, walking sticks, and ample supplies of water and food, with additional reserves stored in our vehicle. It is my belief that Kenny did not meet with an accident; I suspect he took his own life. Kenny grappled with depression for years, steadfastly refusing medication or professional help. His departure from his job over a year before vanishing sets a poignant backdrop. The search effort commenced shortly after I reported him missing, involving over 30 search and rescue personnel and several foot searches, alongside a helicopter survey, yet no sign of Kenny or his camping gear emerged. His vehicle was located as I had predicted. Near the mine shaft featured in the video, his cell phone was found, approximately a 4-hour hike from his car. I conjecture that he left it intentionally to avoid GPS tracking. Notably, he didn’t take his video camera on his final hike, leaving it at home, indicating no plans to document his journey.”

where did kenny veach disappear to? no none knows

A still-image screenshot from Kenny Veach’s M Cave Hike on YouTube.

She conveyed her message for two primary reasons: firstly, to deepen the understanding of Kenny’s persona and possibly offer solace or clarity regarding the circumstances. Secondly, she advised those inclined to search the desert for Kenny or the M Cave to exercise caution by ensuring adequate supplies of water and food, recommending the use of walking sticks, avoiding solitary hikes, carrying a GPS device, and communicating their plans to family or friends. She underscored that a search would likely require multiple days, cautioning against the extreme heat of the desert which renders prolonged searches during summer or late spring impractical due to the impossibility of carrying sufficient water.

“I’ve shared these experiences and precautions out of love and remembrance for the times spent with Kenny and for the safety of others who might follow in his footsteps. Despite my loss, I am healing and look forward to embracing future desert adventures, capturing its beauty through photography. May you all find joy in your life’s adventures, and I appreciate the warm sentiments extended to me.”

The Location of M Shaped Cave

The enigmatic cave Kenny alluded to in his YouTube commentary, characterized by its M-shaped entrance, is situated within the Sheep Range, to the north of Las Vegas, Nevada. This range spans across both Clark and Lincoln Counties, nestled within the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. The highest elevation within this mountainous terrain is Hayford Peak, which ascends to 9,912 feet (3,021 meters) above sea level, flanked by the Las Vegas Range to the east and the Desert Range to the west. The desolate wilderness Kenny navigated is peppered with ancient mine shafts, previously utilized by the military for chemical disposal, presenting a stark and solitary journey. Reaching the vicinity of the M Cave and making the return journey to his vehicle demanded approximately 10 hours of rigorous hiking. This locale is notoriously recognized not only for harboring individuals involved in illicit drug activities but also as a clandestine disposal site for the remains of murder victims.

Kenny Veach remains missing

Veach returned to the site a month later to find the cave, this time planning an overnight hike. He was never seen or heard from again.

The credibility of Kenny’s account and the existence of the M Cave drew skepticism from fellow YouTube viewers, with some accusing him of fabricating the story. Conversely, others challenged him to revisit the site and document additional evidence, leading him to undertake a subsequent expedition to the same region in the Sheep Mountains.

Among the various theories concerning Kenny Veach’s disappearance, a prevalent one suggests that he might have become disoriented or encountered a mishap within the canyons he frequented. His video content explicitly demonstrates his tendency to embark on hikes with minimal provisions, often forgoing a GPS and carrying scant amounts of food and water. Given these circumstances, the notion that he could have perished in the canyon due to these inadequacies is plausible. The inherent risks associated with hiking and spelunking, activities that demand caution and preparation, underscore the potential for a single misstep to have catastrophic consequences.

Could it be that Kenny deliberately vanished to reinvent his life, seeking an escape from personal and financial dilemmas? Evidence suggests he was facing monetary struggles, adding weight to this theory. Another possibility exists that Kenny’s mental state may have led him to contemplate ending his life, with the narrative surrounding the M-cave serving as a plausible pretext for his disappearance. However, the question of his remains looms large, as nothing has been discovered despite exhaustive searches by both official parties and volunteers. It raises the speculation that he might have chosen to vanish into one of the numerous mineshafts within the Sheep Mountains, potentially concealing his fate forever.

older kenny veach video

Kenny Veach in a previous video

The likelihood of an accidental demise cannot be overlooked. Might he have fallen into a mineshaft, or succumbed to the extreme desert conditions, suffering from hyperthermia or dehydration? Or, less likely, could a venomous snake have been the cause? The sole discovery of his phone, with no trace of his body despite thorough searches, adds mystery to his fate. The involvement of Kenny’s partner, Sheryon Pilgrim, in his disappearance is considered improbable. A more secret theory posits that Kenny might have stumbled upon a secret military installation, potentially linked to Area 51, and experienced unusual physical effects attributed to undisclosed military technology. Some advocate the notion that military forces, operating under the veil of secrecy, may have neutralized Kenny to prevent the exposure of sensitive information.

But does this bring closure to the mystery surrounding Kenny Veach? The internet community continues to debate and explore the story, with no definitive conclusion in sight. Some are convinced that Kenny’s life ended in suicide, crediting the account provided by the woman claiming to be his girlfriend. Yet, others speculate he may have indeed rediscovered the M Cave on his last venture, possibly uncovering secrets too perilous to share.

The truth remains elusive, leaving the story open to interpretation and further investigation. What really happened to Kenny Veach? The answer is left to individual belief and conjecture.

RIP Kenny.

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