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The Legend of Agartha and the Hollow Earth Theory (WITH SOLID PROOF!)

There are records from scientists to admirals who prove that the Earth is hollow and hollow earth theory
There are records from scientists to admirals who prove that the Earth is hollow

Is there anything to the Hollow Earth theory? After all, people have believed that another world has existed under the Earth’s surface from the beginning of time. Several civilizations, like the ancient Greeks, saw it as a terrifying underworld teeming with the spirits of the dead. However, most of those early beliefs were metaphorical or mythical in nature.

According to current scientific understanding, the Earth comprises an unbroken sequence of layers, crusts, and molten magma that all enclose a compact, heated core, composed mainly of iron and nickel. However, prominent scientists in the 17th century proposed an alternative explanation: that Earth is literally hollow. Incredibly, this concept has stood the test of time.

There is still a dedicated group of Hollow Earth believers working tirelessly to prove their theories via publications, online forums, conferences, and even some bold trip plans. But is there any truth to the Hollow Earth theory? Or does it fall flat like the Flat Earth Theory? (Pun intended).

Well, as it turns out, the Hollow Earth theory is more sophisticated and scientifically backed than what was thought possible. And from mathematicians like Leonard Euler to the Medal of Honor winner Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd Jr have said that they believe the Earth is hollow as well!

Scientific Claims over the Centuries: The Hollow Earth Theory

In all likelihood, the first person to scientifically theorize on hollow earth was Halley’s Comet namesake, Edmund Halley. Halley’s idea, proposed in 1692 to account for strange compass readings, postulates that Earth is composed of concentric spherical shells; each spins counter to the others and is surrounded by a solid core.

Based on his magnetic field readings and his understanding of the sun’s and moon’s gravitational pull on Earth, he concluded that this model might explain any discrepancies in his measurements. Additionally, he hypothesized that there may have been light atmospheres between the shells, which may support life.

Over the following several centuries, people built upon Halley’s odd conception, replacing the complicated concept of Earth as a collection of layers with the idea of the Earth’s interior as a single, infinitely colossal cavern. This new perspective on Earth’s hollow interior is often paired with the idea of a small sun suspended in its core, which warms the planet’s dark side and makes it habitable.

Prominent scientist and astronomer, Edmond Halley said that Earth's anomalies can be explained if the Earth is hollow

Prominent scientist and astronomer, Edmond Halley said that Earth’s anomalies can be explained if the Earth is hollow

In fact, notable personalities like Leonhard Euler (18th century) and Sir John Leslie (19th century) have advocated the existence of the Hollow Earth. Leonhard Euler, the brilliant 18th-century mathematician, was one of the people who took that notion and ran with it.

Euler suggested that the Earth was hollow (no concentric shells) and that the sun was located in the middle and had a diameter of 600 miles. The North and South Poles were apertures that led into his empty innards.

The concept of a Hollow Earth has persisted over the years, regardless of its origin. John Cleves Symmes Jr. made headlines in 1818 with the publication of his circular claiming that the Earth is hollow. After serving in the War of 1812 and initially failing as a merchant, Symmes quickly rose to prominence as perhaps the most well-known and influential advocate for the Hollow Earth idea.

Mathematician Euler

Mathematician Euler

Symmes’s first concept of the interior of the Earth was like a reduced version of Halley’s multi-layered model, except that it had enormous holes at the north and south poles that provided entrance to the hidden world inside. His contribution to the Hollow Earth idea was so novel that the holes were known as “Symmes Holes.”

In his first public statement, Symmes suggested sending explorers to the North Pole in search of one of these cracks so they may penetrate the planet’s interior. He said in Circular No. 1 that the interior of the Earth would be “supplied with frugal crops and animals if not mankind,” and he considered his idea to be factual, not science fiction, and to apply not only to Earth but to all planetary bodies.

Everything seemed meaningless to him.

The general public and the scientific community mocked Symmes in the 19th century for his ideas, but he persisted. Symmes never gave up, hoping that a journey to the North Pole would confirm his Hollow Earth idea, and he did so by lecturing and writing letters on the topic.

Symmes barreled past the critics and ultimately convinced enough people of the validity of his Hollow Earth theory for him and his allies to have money for their journey approved by Congress in 1822.

However, the grant was rejected. Symmes’s faith in the inner Earth survived the rejection of the funding. Till his death in 1849, he tirelessly advocated for his idea.

Symmes’s theory lived on after his passing, thanks to the perseverance of its adherents. Symmes’ son, students, fans, and even himself had produced documents defending the increasingly bizarre thesis.

A map of Agartha

A map of Agartha

The “cellular cosmology” proposed by natural healer and would-be cult leader Cyrus Teed was a wacky offshoot of the classic Hollow Earth hypothesis that flipped the concept on its head by positing that the world itself was contained inside a shell.

Teed speculated that humanity, as we know it, was on the interior of the Hollow Earth, peering out at a cosmos that was an optical illusion produced by some odd solar mechanism. All the stars were merely a result of the machine’s light reflecting off various surfaces. After rebranding himself as “Koresh,” Teed saw his hypothesis acquire enough support for a tiny cult to form around him. After Teed died in 1908, most of the Koreshan community in Estero, Florida, which had been created in 1894, dispersed.

Despite their passing, memorials to Teed and Symmes continue to stand as testaments to their contributions and ideas. Koreshan State Historic Site safeguards the former home of the Koreshan people, while the Hollow Earth Monument in Ohio honors Symmes.

As far-fetched as the ideas of Symmes and Teed were, the Hollow Earth hypothesis became even more fantastic as the twentieth century progressed.

The Inhabitants of the Hollow Earth

Now that we have a brief understanding of how Hollow Earth works let’s look at its residents. Legends of “the Old Ones,” a species said to have lived on Earth millions of years ago before retreating below, are recounted by Brad Steiger in his piece “The Hollow Earth: Myth or Reality” for Atlantis Rising. Steiger says that “The Old Ones,” a species with “immense intelligence and highly sophisticated technology,” had built their underground civilization and created things that cater to their needs.

The Old Ones are humanoid, have lifespans far beyond that of modern humans, and have been around for over a million years before our species evolved. It is reported that the Old Ones often abduct human infants to teach and raise as their own, even though they usually keep their distance from the people on the surface.

The Elder Race – The story of Richard Shaver, who claimed he had recently been the guest of what remained of an underground civilization, is one of the most contentious accounts of those who live deep within the Earth.

This story was published in Amazing Stories magazine in 1945 when Ray Palmer was the magazine’s editor. Even though few people accepted his narrative, and some even suspected that Shaver could be crazy, Shaver maintained that his account was accurate.

He said that Titans from another solar system brought the Elder Race here in the distant past. Aware that our light was hastening their aging, they eventually fled to underground structures they had constructed.

After a while, they left Earth for another planet, taking their subterranean cities and the artificial creatures living there. These artificial beings included the harmful Dero and beneficial Tero integrated robots. They were the ones that Shaver said he’d met.

What Different Religions Talk About It?

Religions worldwide have added their take to the Hollow Earth theory. Many older beliefs have surprisingly similar accounts and mythologies that intertwine in many places. These accounts are not to be taken with a pinch of salt, as these ancient texts seem to provide clues to an increasingly bizarre puzzle.


It is said that a holy man led a tribe to the subterranean continent of Agartha thousands of years ago. As a whole, their scientific understanding and competence considerably outstrip that of those on Earth’s surface.

According to Buddhist speculation, a group of cosmic gods checks in on humanity every so often to ensure things are on track. Millions of people and several cities reside in this underground realm.

The Dalai Lama of Tibet is often regarded as the leader of Agartha’s representative on Earth. His transmissions reach Tibet through underground aqueducts that link Agartha’s inner realm with the Tibetan plateau.


Navajo mythology, for example, suggests that humankind’s ancestors originated far below the surface, a common belief among indigenous peoples of North America. The ancient ones were superhumanly powerful, but a massive flood forced them out of their caves. After sharing their vast wisdom with humanity, they returned to their hidden underground haven.

Even the Pueblo Indians’ mythology attributes divine origins deep inside the planet. A passageway in the North led from the inner realm to the surface dwellers. Ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and Eskimos texts describe a massive rift in the Arctic and a subterranean human population.

According to them, their forebears originated in the underground paradise of the Earth.


Some Indians hold on to the long-held notion that a serpent-people civilization lives underneath the towns of Patala and Bhogavati. The mythology claims they reside in the realm of Agartha. The Nagas are characterized as a technologically superior race or Species in The Deep Dwellers. Also, they have a deep-seated hatred of humanity and are said to kidnap, torture, interbreed with, and even consume people.

A representation of the Naga race as seen in Hindu scriptures

A representation of the Naga race as seen in Hindu scriptures

Some say the entrance of Patala is near the Well of Sheshan in Benares, India, while others say it’s in the Himalayas. Herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton claims in his book Venomous Reptiles that the entryway described by William Michael Mott in The Deep Dwellers is accurate, complete with forty stairs leading down into a circular pit and ending at a locked stone door painted with bas-relief cobras.


The Tibetans believe that an old cavern and tunnel system, which they name “Patala,” runs through the whole Asian continent and beyond and that an essential mystical temple in Tibet sits atop this network.

The Nagas have a long-standing cultural association with water. It is often believed that the passages to their subterranean palaces lie at the bottom of wells, deep lakes, and rivers.

Nicholas Roerich, a prominent Russian channel who channeled the Ascended Master El Morya, said that the Tibetan capital of Lhasa was linked to the interior Earth, Shamballa, through a tunnel. Lama guards sworn to secrecy stood at the tunnel’s entrance. It was speculated that a similar passageway linked the hidden rooms under the Great Pyramid of Giza to the city of Agartha.

There is a theory that China invaded Tibet to gain access to Agartha, a mythical underground world said to exist beneath the Himalayas. According to this theory, China believed that by gaining control of Tibet, they could access the hidden entrances to Agartha and exploit its supposed riches and knowledge.

The conspiracy theory surrounding China’s invasion of Tibet suggests that the Chinese government became aware of Agartha’s legend and believed it held significant value. To gain access to the hidden entrances and exploit the supposed riches of Agartha, the theory suggests that China launched a military invasion of Tibet in 1950, souring relations with India.

Did The Nazis Escape into the Hollow Earth?

Allied forces were making significant progress towards the end of WW2. Hundreds of Allied bombs have pounded Berlin to the point of collapse. Adolf Hitler, once certain of Nazi global dominance, now confesses that defeat is near as he sits in his underground bunker. But Hitler is determined to avoid the shame of being caught by his opponents at any cost.

Only one way out exists, and it’s one he’s already thought out in case things turn out that way. There is no way to consider ending your own life. Instead, Hitler and his elite force used a secret passageway to a remote airfield. There, they get on a stealth jet headed south and towards the North Pole. They may have entered the hollow Earth via a hole at the South Pole and vanished from the records forever.

Another German sect created independently of the Koreshans, and mainly the Thule Society, held to the Hollow Earth theory, and this view gained favor with some in the Nazi leadership.

The Potala Palace. It's said that there is a tunnel to Agartha from the Palace

The Potala Palace. It’s said that there is a tunnel to Agartha from the Palace

It seems that some Nazis genuinely believed in the opposite Hollow Earth idea from the one presented at the beginning of this article.

Many occult practices and beliefs, such as astrology, Nostradamus’ prophesies, and the Hollow/Inverted Earth hypothesis contributed to Hitler’s Nazis’ twisted conviction that they were destined to control the world.

A Hitler-led mission, endorsed by Goering and Himmler, and comprising Dr. Heinz Fischer and powerful telescopic cameras, was sent to the Baltic Island of Rugen to spy on the British navy according to the dictator’s belief that our surface lies on the interior of a concave Earth.

Fischer didn’t shoot over the Atlantic Ocean’s seas to accomplish this; instead, he pointed his cameras above. Naturally, the voyage was a bust. The British navy was unharmed because Fischer’s cameras picked up nothing but blue skies.

Hitler’s Escape to the Hollow Earth

Then there’s the legend that, as World War II was winding down, Hitler and a large number of his Nazi subordinates left Germany and fled to Antarctica, where they found a portal to the planet’s interior near the South Pole. The Hollow Earth Research Society of Ontario, Canada, claims they have not left.

The group asserts that after the war, Allied forces found that about a million individuals had disappeared to a place beyond the South Pole, including over 2,000 scientists from Germany and Italy.

Two months after the German capitulation and the end of the war in Europe on May 8, 1945, on the morning of July 10, 1945, the German U-boat U-530 landed at the Argentine naval station at Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires.

Stories arose that it had arrived from Germany with Hitler, Eva Braun, Martin Bormann, and others, only to land on the Patagonia or Antarctic shore before making its way to Mar del Plata. Hungarian refugee Ladislas Szabo gave an in-depth description of Hitler and his reported departure from Germany in an Argentine newspaper a week later.

The story immediately went global, with variations appearing in newspapers all around the globe. Another U-boat, U-977, arrived at Mar del Plata on the 17th, adding fuel to the rumor.

Despite being detained and questioned by Argentine, American, and British naval officers, the sailors of these U-boats were eventually freed when it was determined that their arrivals posed no threat.

This U-Boat is said to have transported the Fuhrer to safety

This U-Boat is said to have transported the Fuhrer to safety

Even though U-977’s commander, Heinz Schaeffer, refuted the claims made by Szabo in his 1947 book “Hitler is Alive,” the rumor persisted. Alternately, Hitler’s remains were sent to Antarctica and buried in a secret ice cave with looted Nazi gold.

After Szabo’s first assertion that a Nazi Antarctic facility dubbed “New Berchtesgaden” had been established in 1938–39, the notion has been picked up and expanded upon by several writers.

There is no mention of the submarine convoy or the “New Berchtesgaden” base before Szabo’s writings, and although his work has been cited in later works, neither the convoy nor the ground has ever been seen in the wild.

The addition of Nazi-designed UFOs, Nazi cooperation with the core dwellers, and the “Aryan-looking” pilots of this craft only add complexity to this scenario. In fact, in 2017, the Russians discovered an abandoned German base in Antarctica.

Indiana Jones and the Hollow Earth is a book written by Max McCoy. The title refers to the fact that the protagonist, Indy, obtains a strange diary that suggests the existence of a subterranean civilization that the Nazis and Indy are racing to locate. Everything, empty or not, rests in Indy’s hands.

Further Explanations on The Hollow Earth Theory

Though not the first work of fiction to propose such a thing (one could argue that Dante’s poem Inferno is the first such work of vision regarding the weird world inside of our own), Verne’s A Journey to the Centre of the Earth quickly became the standard for such fantastic tales, fueling an entire subgenre of subterranean science fiction.

Stories of strange ancient jungles and lost races of highly developed people were often inspired by the hypotheses of Halley and Symmes. The Goddess of Atvatabar, or The History of the Discovery of the Inner Planet, published in 1892, used Symmes’ blueprint as its starting point and told the narrative of a fantastical interior world inhabited by a race of highly evolved spiritual beings. This picture has inspired many commonplaces in contemporary discussions about the Hollow Earth.

While modern Hollow Earth believers’ beliefs may be all over the place (they’ve been known to discuss everything from the Northern Lights to an escaped Hitler), there are a few consistent threads.

In the eyes of most believers, the Hollow Earth is a verdant tropical paradise inhabited by a technologically superior species of people, aliens, or giants. They are often portrayed as pacifists who are technologically much more evolved than anyone living on Earth. Animals and humans in the Hollow Earth are reported to be bigger and healthier due to the ideal environment that is said to reside there.

Agartha is commonly linked to Eastern mystical thought and often refers to this inner realm.

This U-Boat is said to have transported the Fuhrer to safety

This U-Boat is said to have transported the Fuhrer to safety

Author Rodney Cluff claims that the Earth’s outer shell is around 800 miles thick, from the exterior to the inner surface. This is according to Cluff’s research for his book World Top Secret: Our Earth IS Hollow. To him, the surface weight of the Earth accounts for half of the globe, after which there is nothing but space and then something else. He explains, “In the middle of the chasm, suspended between day and darkness, lies an internal sun.”

Why haven’t we made contact with or visited the supposed super-races and megafauna that live in the Earth’s interior if we think that the Earth is hollow? Cluff claims that we have, but that a global financial conspiracy has hidden the existence of the Hollow Earth and any Symmes Holes. Paranoid conspiracy theories like this are also characteristic of current adherents to the Hollow Earth theory.

Cluff participated in a lengthy trip from the middle of the 2000s to the early 2010s, the North Pole Inner Earth Expedition. The trip was put on hold following a string of unfortunate events, including the deaths of key supporters and team members from causes as diverse as disease and aircraft disasters.

There was talk of another voyage to Hollow Earth in 2022, this time aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker (the pandemic previously delayed this expedition). Under the perpetual Arctic cloud cover and ice, seven days out from Murmansk, Russia, they think there is a hole in the sea bottom that will provide entry to the planet’s interior.

Operation Highjump: Scientific Research or a Secret Anti-Nazi Offensive?

The United States Navy sent 4,700 soldiers, 13 ships, and 33 aircraft to Antarctica during Operation Highjump in 1946–1947 and Operation Windmill in 1947–1948 (the Antarctic summer seasons). The primary goal was to train for and rehearse cold weather combat in arctic circumstances while maintaining diplomatic distance from the Arctic and Russia.

Although its primary purpose was military, the exercise also served other vital ends, including the establishment of a research station, the exploration of additional potential base sites, the extension of United States sovereignty over a large region of the continent, and the surveying of electromagnetic, geological, hydrographical, and other scientifically essential aspects of the physical environment.

Several sources assert, however, that Operation Highjump (1946–47) was launched to obliterate the purported Nazi base in Dronning-Maud Land.

Highjump was essentially a military trip rather than a scientific one, and it was one of several at the time that was meant to train for possible cold weather battles in the Arctic. In contrast to the covert nature of British Operation Tabarin, this one was extensively reported at the time and was accompanied by 11 journalists.

The book about the Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd

The book about the Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd

People on the voyage wrote books about it, and an official report came out in 1947. Nothing in the official report materially differed from the account of Operation Highjump in a 1947 edition of National Geographic, even though large parts were classified as confidential and not made accessible to the general public.

Little America IV, a brand-new outpost constructed as part of Operation Highjump, served as the operation’s nerve center. This was well outside the designated exploration region, on the Ross Ice Shelf on the other side of the continent from Dronning-Maud Land.

The ships left the United States on December 2, 1946, far after the season ended, and they landed in the Ross Sea after running into a band of pack ice over a thousand kilometers wide. They arrived on the 15th of January 1947 to unload supplies and equipment for the Little America IV base. They departed again on the 23rd of February 1947 as winter approached to protect the ships that did not have ice protection.

Some accounts have them leaving because the Nazi base on the opposite side of the continent used “secret weaponry” or “flying saucers” to drive them away. Since the Ross Sea area often experiences a short summer season owing to changeable sea ice and the somewhat unpredictable onset of the Austral winter, the operation’s late start and early completion were not unexpected.

Dates on the calendar are less important than the weather and sea ice conditions for any activity in Antarctica.

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The Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd

In the following materials, the reader should see a stunning illustration of extreme commitment, especially when you take into account the fact that this log journal was written in 1947, during the months of February and March, in conditions that challenged the imagination and plausibility, both for the historical period and the present day. This article discusses the undeniable proofs for the Hollow Earth and the genesis of UFOs, or Super-Earths, as revealed by Admiral Richard Byrd, a Medal of Honor recipient and the man who led Operation Highjump.

As the reader goes through this report, they will be transported back to that time. Just when the long night of the Arctic ends, the glorious sunlight of truth shall come out again, and those who are of Darkness shall fall in its Light. To say it is interesting is to couch it lightly; to read it now for yourself, I believe you will conclude, in the Admiral’s own words. From here, these are entire transcripts and excerpts from the diary of Admiral Richard B. Byrd.

The Journal of Admiral Richard B. Byrd (Feb. Mar. 1947)

The North Pole exploratory flight (The Inner Earth My Secret Diary)

This journal must be written in complete anonymity. This letter pertains to my voyage to the Arctic on February 19, 1947.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to let go of one’s pride and embrace the inevitable “Truth,” regardless matter how much one may want to deny it. Even though I can’t share the following papers with the public, I feel obligated to record them here so that future generations may read them. It is no longer possible to hide reality in a society where certain people are exploited for their wealth.


At 06:00 hours, we have finished getting ready for our journey to the north, and as of 06:10 hours, we are flying with a full tank of gasoline.

The Pratt & Whitneys were functioning nicely until 06:20, when the crew noticed that the fuel mixture in the starboard engine was vibrant.

Seven thirty in the morning: radio contact with camp. The radio signal is strong, and everything is OK.

The indicator for oil pressure is OK. However, there is a leak in the starboard engine as of 07:40.

At 0800 hours, we detected some turbulence coming from the east at an altitude of 2321 feet; we dropped down to 1700 feet, where we had no more turbulence but gained some tailwind; we made a slight adjustment to the throttle, and the plane is doing well now.

Radio contact with a camp at 08:15; everything is OK.

0830: More turbulence, so we’re climbing to 2,900 feet. Now everything’s OK.

09:10 Hours — Massive snow and ice below, with a yellowish tint and a linear dispersal. Make a U-turn and check out the reddish or purple hues in this pattern below for a closer look. Turn around in a complete circle and go back in the direction you were told to. We double-checked our location with the base camp and reported any changes in the ice and snow’s hues.

The magnetic and gyro compasses were starting to jitter and wobble around 09:10, and we could no longer rely on them to keep us on course. It would be best if you still had a Sun compass to find your way about, but everything looks in order. There’s no evidence of Icing, but the controls seem sluggish and don’t react quickly.

It is 09:15 hours, and what looks like mountains are seen in the distance.

From the moment the plane first saw the mountains till landing, the journey took 9 hours and 49 minutes. It’s a mountain range I’ve never seen, and it’s relatively modest.

At 09:55, we increased our altitude to 2,950 feet and again encountered severe turbulence.

To the best of our ability, we are still heading north after traversing the small mountain range. An apparent valley with a narrow river or stream cutting through its middle may be seen beyond the scope of mountains. There shouldn’t be a lush valley down there.

 There’s something very off and strange about this situation. It’s high time we stopped worrying about ice and snow. The steep slopes on the port side are covered in thick trees. The gyroscope on our navigation instruments keeps going back and forth, and the wheels are still turning.

At 10:05, I drop below 1400 feet and make a hard left to get a better look at the valley below. The ground is covered in moss or a dense grass that gives it a green hue. This place has a peculiar kind of light. The Sun has disappeared from my horizon. Turning again to the left, we notice what may be a gigantic animal below us.

 An actual elephant, it seems. It’s more reminiscent of a mammoth. Wow, that’s amazing! However, there it is! To get a closer look at the animal, you need to drop to an altitude of 1,000 feet and equip yourself with binoculars. A mammoth-like creature it is shown to be! Send word back to camp about this.

Admiral Richard Byrd on the mission

Admiral Richard Byrd on the mission

It’s 10:30 now, and more lush green hills surround us. The indicator temperature is comfortable and warm, 74 degrees Fahrenheit! Let’s keep moving in this direction. After a while, navigational aids become second nature. I need help understanding what they’re doing. See if you can get in touch with the camp. There’s a problem with the radio!

At 1130, the landscape below is more typical and flatter (if I may use that word). Suddenly, there seems to be a metropolis in the distance. Not! The aircraft has an eerie lightness and buoyancy. The buttons and dials are becoming completely unresponsive—my GOD.

 Observe the strange aircraft off our port and starboard wings. We can feel their approach! They’re disc-shaped and very luminous. Since they’ve gotten so much closer, you can now make out their marks. It’s a form of Swastika, of course. This is great. We seem to have lost our way. Where did it go wrong? Once again, I jerk on the steering wheel. They are unresponsive. A mysterious unseen vice is holding us fast.

At 11:35, our radio crackles, and a voice speaks to us in English, maybe with a faint Nordic or Germanic accent. The message reads, “Admiral, we welcome you to our realm. In precisely seven minutes, we will land! Admiral, you can unwind; everything is in control.” I see that our plane’s engines have shut down. Strangely, the aircraft is now spinning on its own. There is no need for rules.

Another radio transmission was received around 1140 hours. We’re starting the landing procedure now, and in a few seconds, you’ll feel the aircraft tremble slightly as it descends as if it were stuck in an invisible elevator. We land with hardly perceptible downward motion and barely perceptible impact!

It is 11:45 a.m.; this is the last entry I will make in the flight log. We have many men walking toward our plane right now. They stand out due to their height and golden hair. A vast metropolis, glittering with rainbow colors, can be seen in the distance. There are no apparent weapons on the approaching people, but I have no idea what will happen next. Now I hear a voice calling my name and telling me to unlock the cargo door. This time, I do mean it.


I will write everything that happens from here on out of memory. It’s impossible to fathom; if it hadn’t occurred, you might think it was a crazy plot.

We are met with excellent friendliness, and the radio operator and I are quickly removed from the plane. Finally, we boarded a tiny, platform-like vehicle that had no wheels. Faster than ever before, we’re being propelled into the shining city.

As we get near, the metropolis is formed of a crystal-like substance. A gigantic structure I’ve never seen before is soon in sight. It seems like it was plucked from Frank Lloyd Wright’s sketchbook—or, more accurately, the universe of Buck Rogers.

Operation Highjump, though portrayed as a scientific research project to the world, could be to attack Nazi bases in the South Pole

Operation Highjump, though portrayed as a scientific research project to the world, could be to attack Nazi bases in the South Pole

 We are served a hot drink, unlike anything I have ever tasted. It tastes great. About 10 minutes later, our fantastic-looking hosts arrived at our quarters and informed me that I would be joining them. To do otherwise would be irresponsible on my part. As we leave my radioman behind, we enter what seems to be an elevator.

We go down for a while, the machine stops, and the door slides up out of sight. Then, we go down a lengthy corridor bathed in a rosy glow that seems to be coming from inside the walls themselves. In front of a massive door, one of the entities gestures for us to pause. What appears to be writing above the entrance is beyond my comprehension.

 The enormous door silently glides open, and I am called within. The conversation continues with one of my hosts. Not to worry, Admiral; you will be receiving a private audience with the Master himself.

After entering, my eyes adapt to the stunning hues engulfing the space. Once that happens, I start to take notice of my immediate environment. Everything I’ve seen in life pales compared to what meets my eyes. It’s too stunning and miraculous for words. It has a delicate and subtle quality. There isn’t a word in English that can give it justice.

 A warm, rich, and beautiful voice interrupts my thoughts with a polite “Welcome to our realm, Admiral.” A man with delicate features and lines of age is visible on his face. At a large table, he takes a seat. He asks me to take a seat on one of the available seats. He puts his fingers together and gives me a reassuring smile when I sit. After a bit of silence, he resumes his quiet voice and speaks.

“Since you are a man of honor and renown in the Surface World, we have granted you entry.” Earth’s Outer Shell, I mutter an inward gasp! A reassuring smile spreads across the Master’s face as he confirms, “Yes, you are in the domain of the Agartha, the Inner World of the Earth.

 We shall not delay your mission long, and you will be safely escorted back to the surface and far beyond. But now, Admiral, I shall tell you why you have been summoned here. Our interest began after your race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

According to many sources, the Nazis disappeared to Antarctica with their fuhrer

According to many sources, the Nazis disappeared to Antarctica with their fuhrer

After staring at me for an eternity, the Master said, “Your race has now reached the point of no return, for there are those among you who would destroy your very world rather than relinquish their power as they know it.” I nodded, and the Master continued, “In 1945 and after, we tried to contact your race, but our efforts were hostile, and our Flugelrads were fired upon. Yes, even pursued with malice and vengeance. It occurred once before the dark ages arrived and lasted more than five hundred years.

 “Yes, my son, the dark ages that will come now for your race will cover the Earth like a pall,” but added, “I believe that some of your race will live through the storm.” The Master continued, “We see at a great distance a new world stirring from the ruins of your race, seeking its lost and legendary treasures, and they will be here, my son, safe in our keeping.”

Our conversation appeared to end with these words, and I stood there for a second as if in a dream, but then I remembered that this was happening, and I bowed ever-so-slightly out of respect or humility.

A sweet smile was imprinted on the Master’s delicate and old face as he said, “Farewell, my son.” He then signaled a motion of peace with his exquisite, thin hand, and our encounter ended.

Another of my hosts said, “We must now make haste, Admiral, as the Master desires to delay you no longer on your scheduled timetable, and you must return with his message to your race.” We hurriedly reentered the elevator and ascended swiftly through the great door of the Master’s chamber.

We stopped again, and I went into the room to find my radioman looking worried. I reassured him, saying, “It’s all right, Howie.” We boarded the waiting conveyance and returned to the plane, where the engines were still idling. The air seemed electric.

At 215 hours, a radio transmission came through saying, “We are leaving you now, Admiral; your controls are free. Auf Wiedersehen.” We stared for a while as the Flugelrads flew out into the distance, disappearing into the ethereal blue.

At one point, it seemed as if the plane had been stuck in a strong downdraft, but we were soon back in command.

Continued entry in the flight log

Two Hundred and Twenty Hours Later – We are again across vast regions of ice and snow, just about 27 minutes from base camp. We radio them, and they answer. We report all conditions normal…. normal. Base Camp is relieved to have reestablished communication with us.

Three Hundred Hours Later: We Touch Down Safely at Camp, and I Have a Mission…


Its believed that the Americans successfully discovered German bases, but advanced weaponry repelled the allied forces.

Its believed that the Americans successfully discovered German bases, but advanced weaponry repelled the allied forces.

The President has been informed of my discovery and the message from the Master. I have been detained for several hours (six hours, thirty-nine minutes, to be exact) and interviewed intently by Top Security Forces and a medical team. It has been an ordeal. I am placed under strict control via the national security provisions of the United States of America. The date is March 11, 1947.

Last entry for 30 December 1956

I feel the long night approaching, and this secret will not die with me, but as all truth shall, it will triumph, and so it shall. These years since 1947 have not been kind, so I am writing my last entry in this unique diary. In closing, I must state that I have faithfully kept this matter secret as directed all these years. It has been completely against my values of moral rights.

This may be our last chance at survival as a species. I have seen the truth, which has quickened my spirit and set me free! I have done my duty toward the monstrous military-industrial complex, and now the long night is approaching, but there shall be no end. For as the long night of the Arctic ends, the brilliant sunshine of Truth shall come again….and those who are of darkness shall fall in its Light. FOR I HAVE SEEN THAT LAND BEYOND THE POLE, THAT CENTER OF THE

On this day in 1956, United States Navy Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

The Hollow Earth hypothesis will likely persist even if they don’t uncover anything. Who can guarantee the Earth’s core isn’t inhabited by Germans, aliens, or a tiny sun until humans peered inside?

Peace and goodwill to all.

Next, read How the SS Californian Watched the Titanic Sink, without lifting a finger to help, and also about the Ghost Stories and Conspiracies of Pearl Harbor!

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Abin Tom Sebastian, also known as Mr. Morbid in the community, is an avid fan of the paranormal and the dark history of the world. He believes that sharing these stories and histories are essential for the future generations. For god forbid, we have seen that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.



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