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The Sinister Story Behind the Las Vegas Shooting

What really happened on the day of the las vegas shooting is horrifying
What really happened on the day of the las Vegas shooting is horrifying

On October 1, 2017, a devastating mass shooting shook the nation as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock unleashed a barrage of gunfire upon the unsuspecting crowd gathered at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the vibrant Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. Perched in his 32nd-floor suites within the Mandalay Bay hotel, Paddock discharged over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, resulting in the tragic loss of 60 lives and leaving a staggering 413 individuals wounded. The ensuing chaos and stampede led to a harrowing tally of approximately 867 injured in total. Shockingly, mere hours after the rampage, Paddock was discovered lifeless in his room, having succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Despite exhaustive investigations, the motive behind this heinous act remains officially undetermined, leaving a haunting sense of unanswered questions in its wake. But is it as unresolved as it may sound? What could the motives be behind this massacre? Well, there are some disturbing facts that I have discovered that are worth your time and attention.

Who was Stephen Paddock?

Stephen Paddock’s life trajectory from successful accountant to infamous perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre reveals a complex narrative marked by financial success, gambling addiction, and a potentially brewing vendetta against the casino industry. In the 1980s, Paddock embarked on a lucrative journey into real estate investment, amassing considerable wealth, rumored to have approached $10 million. Partnering with his brother, he navigated the realm of small apartment buildings, a venture that proved highly profitable. However, Paddock’s financial interests eventually converged with a burgeoning passion for high-stakes gambling, particularly in the realm of video poker. He astutely leveraged the game’s payout ratios and casino comps programs to gain an edge over the house, effectively mitigating losses and even turning a modest profit. This strategic approach to gambling, while not unique to Paddock, facilitated his immersion into the world of professional gaming.

As the years progressed, Paddock’s focus shifted almost exclusively to his gambling pursuits, with recreational travel and a relationship with a Filipina girlfriend occupying his personal life. Yet, a shift in the casino industry’s landscape, characterized by tightening comp programs and increased competition due to the legalization of gambling in more states, signaled trouble on the horizon. The erosion of the advantages that once bolstered Paddock’s gambling exploits left him vulnerable to substantial losses. Despite mounting financial setbacks and indications of gambling addiction, Paddock persisted in his habits, often accompanied by heavy drinking during extended casino sessions. His downward spiral culminated in the tragic events of October 1, 2017, when he unleashed a hail of bullets upon innocent concertgoers from his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, before ultimately taking his own life.

(left) the scene of the Las Vegas Shooting later in the evening. (Right) Stephan Paddock the man who did it

(left) the scene of the Las Vegas Shooting later in the evening. (Right) Stephan Paddock the man who did it

The Story We Know: The Build-Up to the Las Vegas Massacre

The timeline of the Las Vegas massacre reveals a chilling narrative of meticulous planning and calculated violence. From the initial barrage of gunfire unleashed by Stephen Paddock upon the Route 91 Harvest Festival attendees to the decisive entry of a SWAT team into his Mandalay Bay hotel suite, approximately one hour and fifteen minutes elapsed. However, authorities suggest that the seeds of this horrific event were sown long before that fateful night. Paddock’s activities leading up to the concert indicate a potential premeditated scheme that may have been in the works for months. This revelation underscores the sobering reality of the extent to which Paddock meticulously plotted and prepared for the mass shooting that would forever scar the Las Vegas community and reverberate across the nation.

Between October 2016 and September 2017, Stephen Paddock acquired a total of 33 firearms, mostly rifles, over an 11-month period, according to a spokesperson for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Investigators are probing whether any significant events occurred in October 2016 that might have prompted his sudden accumulation of weapons. In August, during the Lollapalooza Music Festival held from August 3-6 in Grant Park, Chicago, a person using the name Stephen Paddock reserved a room at the Blackstone Hotel, which overlooks the festival grounds. However, the individual associated with this reservation never checked into the hotel, as confirmed by Emmy Carragher, a spokeswoman for Wagstaff Worldwide Media, representing the hotel. In mid-September, Hurricane Irma struck Florida. During this time, Stephen Paddock contacted his brother Eric and their mother, who lived in Florida, to inquire about their well-being and access to electricity. Eric Paddock disclosed that Stephen conversed with their mother over the phone, expressing concern about her mobility issues. As a result, he arranged for the delivery of a walker to assist her.

On September 15, following his departure from the United States, Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, boards a flight from Tokyo, Japan, to the Philippines. Danley reveals that Paddock not only purchased her airline tickets but also wired money to facilitate the purchase of a house in the Philippines. Speculation arises from one of Danley’s sisters, who suggests that Paddock orchestrated her departure to prevent her from interfering with his plans. Later, on September 22, Marilou Danley, using her Australian passport, travels from the Philippines to Hong Kong. Between September 22 and 25, Stephen Paddock secures a room at a condominium complex in downtown Las Vegas, coinciding with the Life is Beautiful music festival featuring performances by Chance the Rapper, Muse, and Lorde. Questions arise regarding whether Paddock engaged in pre-surveillance activities during this time, prompting Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to remark, “We don’t know yet; this is all conjecture at this point.”

On September 25, Marilou Danley returns to the Philippines from Hong Kong. By September 28, Paddock checks into a suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, boasting uninterrupted views of the Las Vegas Strip and the adjacent festival grounds. Throughout September 28 to October 1, Paddock transports over 10 suitcases to his suite, with housekeepers reportedly observing nothing out of the ordinary during their visits. Inside his hotel room, Paddock arranges at least 23 weapons, including rifles equipped with scopes, along with 12 “bump-fire stocks” designed to accelerate the rate of fire. Surveillance measures are also implemented, with cameras installed within the suite, hallway, and door peephole, potentially used for monitoring individuals approaching his room.

On September 29, the Route 91 Harvest Festival commences, hosting a three-day country music concert at the Las Vegas Village, situated across the Strip from the Luxor hotel and Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. On Sunday, October 1, at 9:40 p.m., country music sensation Jason Aldean takes the stage as the final headlining act of the festival. Just before 10:00 p.m., Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino security guard Jesus Campos is struck by gunfire in the leg while responding to an alarm on the 32nd floor, in a separate incident. At precisely 10:05 p.m., Stephen Paddock shatters two windows of his suite using a hammer and unleashes a barrage of gunfire upon the approximately 22,000 concert attendees below. The chilling sounds of gunfire reverberate through closed-circuit television feeds within the concert venue, initially causing confusion among the crowd, which quickly gives way to panic as concertgoers scramble for safety.

The room from where Stephan Paddock carried out the massacre. But as to whether he was alone, no one is really sure

The room from where Stephan Paddock carried out the massacre. But as to whether he was alone, no one is really sure

By 10:12 p.m., two courageous Las Vegas police officers ascend to the 31st floor of the Mandalay Bay, radioing in their proximity to the source of the automatic gunfire emanating from the floor above. At 10:15 p.m., Paddock fires his final shots. Within minutes, at 10:17 p.m., the first two officers arrive on the 32nd floor. Between 10:26 and 10:30 p.m., an additional eight officers join their colleagues on the 32nd floor. With no active gunfire heard, they proceed down the hallway, methodically clearing rooms while remaining vigilant for any indication that the shooter may have fortified himself inside. At 10:55 p.m., the officers reach the stairwell closest to Paddock’s suite at the north end of the hallway. Upon noticing surveillance cameras positioned on a room service cart, they elect to retreat and await the arrival of a SWAT team. By 11:20 p.m., SWAT officers utilize an explosive device to breach the door to Paddock’s suite, discovering his lifeless body on the floor, the apparent result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Notably, one of the suite’s bedroom doors remains closed at this time. At 11:27 p.m., the SWAT team employs another explosive charge to gain access to the closed bedroom, confirming the absence of any additional suspects. An officer communicates via radio that the primary suspect is incapacitated.

On August 3, 2018, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo convened a press conference to announce the release of the LVMPD Criminal Investigative Report pertaining to the October 1 Mass Casualty Shooting. During the briefing, Sheriff Lombardo disclosed that the exhaustive 10-month investigation had yielded no evidence indicative of conspiracy or the involvement of a second gunman. Despite the comprehensive nature of the inquiry, the motive behind the gunman’s actions remained elusive and had not been definitively established. Lombardo emphasized, “What we have been able to answer are the questions of who, what, when, where, and how.” However, the crucial question of why Stephen Paddock committed this heinous act remained unanswered. Further complicating the investigation, a report issued by the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in January 2019 echoed the sentiment that no singular or discernible motivating factor could be identified for the shooting. This acknowledgment underscored the complexity of the case and the challenges inherent in unraveling the psychological and emotional factors driving such acts of mass violence.

In January 2019, over a year since the FBI commenced its investigation, the agency concluded its analysis of the individual responsible for the October 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas. The findings revealed that there was “no single or clear motivating factor” underlying Stephen Paddock’s deadly rampage and subsequent suicide. It’s remarkable how a tragedy as monumental as the Las Vegas massacre seemed to vanish from mainstream news, quietly fading into the background of our collective consciousness. It’s almost as if we were conditioned to forget, conveniently swept under the rug by societal norms. We’ve been fed the same story repeatedly, the one that’s become ingrained in our minds. But as they say, the cost of lies is that the truth always finds its way to the surface. Amidst the narrative we’ve been spoon-fed about Stephen Paddock’s actions leading up to the massacre, there exists another timeline—one that’s been brewing for over a year. It’s a story of fracking, oil reserves, greed, and fear, intertwined with a seismic shift in the power dynamics of Saudi Arabia. Yet, this alternate narrative hasn’t been given the stamp of approval by mainstream media. Can we really trust these outlets that have a track record of deceit? Of course, they’ll dismiss this theory outright. But what if I challenge you to think differently? What if I compel you, perhaps forcefully, to consider another possibility? You might find something that doesn’t insult your intelligence. In the grand scheme of things, we’re just pawns in a much larger game.

The Alternative Timeline in the Las Vegas Shooting

Recall the memorable spectacle of President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May 2017, where he was greeted with unprecedented warmth by King Salman. This marked a stark contrast to the reception received by President Obama, hinting at a significant shift in Saudi-American relations. Following Trump’s visit, Saudi Arabia initiated a wave of reforms, including the landmark decision to allow women to drive, a move emblematic of the kingdom’s newfound openness. But why the sudden change? To delve into the root causes, we must rewind to the early 2010s and examine the impact of the fracking boom. For decades, Saudi Arabia had wielded immense power within OPEC, dictating oil prices and shaping global geopolitics. However, the advent of fracking technology threatened to disrupt this hegemony, prompting the kingdom to resort to drastic measures.

In a bid to maintain control over the oil market, Saudi Arabia flooded it with cheap oil, driving prices to historic lows. Their objective? To bankrupt the burgeoning fracking industry. Yet, the resilience of fracking surprised them, leading to a shift in tactics. Saudi Arabia turned to political influence, leveraging its financial resources to lobby against fracking regulations and support anti-fracking campaigns. However, their efforts ultimately failed to halt the momentum of the fracking revolution. The discovery of vast shale reserves in North America further compounded Saudi Arabia’s woes, exposing the fragility of its economic model. Faced with this existential threat, King Salman realized the need for a strategic pivot. Enter President Trump. The May 2017 meeting between Trump and King Salman was not merely a diplomatic nicety; it was a high-stakes business negotiation. In exchange for American assistance in modernizing Saudi Arabia’s economy and diversifying its revenue streams, Trump demanded reforms and an end to Saudi Arabia’s clandestine support for extremist groups. The deal was struck, and the results were swift. Women were granted newfound freedoms, ISIS saw its stronghold crumble, and Saudi Arabia began the process of weaning itself off oil dependency. It was a seismic shift in the kingdom’s trajectory, facilitated by the convergence of geopolitical interests and economic imperatives.

Yet, amidst the celebrations, questions linger. Was it a genuine desire for reform, or a strategic maneuver to preserve power? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: the events of May 2017 marked a turning point in Saudi Arabia’s history, driven by the imperatives of survival and adaptation in an ever-changing world. Amidst the shifting tides of power within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), dissent brews among certain factions of the royal family. Not all royals are onboard with the progressive reforms spearheaded by King Salman, particularly those aimed at liberalizing the kingdom. Leading this opposition is none other than the former Deputy Crown Prince, Muqrin, and his son, Mansour, whose untimely demise in the helicopter crash on the 5th of November 2017, further fuels speculation and intrigue.

Crown Prince Las Vegas Shooting

crown prince of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman

The events of October 1, 2017, unfold against the backdrop of Mandalay Bay, where the top floors, under the guise of Four Seasons, are reportedly reserved for a mysterious VIP guest. Speculation swirls that this guest may be none other than Crown Prince Mohammad, positioning him as a prime target for those seeking to destabilize the kingdom’s leadership hierarchy. With King Salman abroad in Russia at the time, the stage is set for a sinister plot to eliminate the crown prince and subsequently the king, paving the way for Muqrin to ascend to power. Enter Stephen Paddock, unwittingly drawn into a deadly game of political intrigue. Acting as the contact man to supply weapons for what he believes to be a routine gun deal, Paddock unwittingly becomes embroiled in a far-reaching conspiracy. Little does he know that the weapons cache on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay is strategically positioned to facilitate a swift and deadly assault on the floors above. Barricaded entry points and advance teams poised for action underscore the meticulous planning behind the operation.

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies, whether CIA, FBI, or even sources within the Trump administration, catch wind of the impending assassination plot. With the crown prince’s life hanging in the balance, swift and decisive action is taken to thwart the assassins’ nefarious intentions. Yet, the scale of the operation is staggering, with an estimated army of assassins numbering at least twenty, posing a formidable challenge to law enforcement efforts to neutralize the threat. In the shadows of Mandalay Bay, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds, with lives hanging in the balance and the fate of a kingdom at stake. As the truth behind the events of that fateful night gradually emerges, it becomes clear that the forces at play extend far beyond the glimmering lights of the Las Vegas Strip, reaching into the highest echelons of power in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The body of Stephan Paddock, the man who is known for the murder of 60 people during the Las Vegas Massacre. Click here for the NSFW version

The body of Stephan Paddock, the man who is known for the murder of 60 people during the Las Vegas Massacre. Click here for the NSFW version

As the deadly game unfolds, a twist of fate reveals that the target, the Saudi prince, has eluded the assassins’ grasp by blending into the bustling nightlife of Las Vegas. Disguised as an ordinary patron, he finds refuge at the Tropicana, indulging in a game of cards far from the prying eyes of his would-be assailants. Unbeknownst to the assassins, their quarry slips through their fingers, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of the casino undetected. However, the cloak of anonymity is soon lifted as intelligence agencies intercept chatter regarding the prince’s whereabouts. Swift action is taken as agents storm the Tropicana, extracting the prince from harm’s way and whisking him to safety. Yet, the covert operation is not without its challenges, as a handful of determined assassins mount a desperate resistance, resulting in a harrowing firefight at the airport.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies mobilize to apprehend the remaining members of the assassination plot. Armed with sidearms and lacking the firepower of their intended arsenal, these would-be assassins find themselves embroiled in sporadic skirmishes across various casinos throughout the night. The aftermath is marked by scenes of covered bodies, captured in chilling footage that captures the chaos and carnage of that fateful evening. As the chilling realization dawns upon the assassins that their target, the Saudi prince, has evaded their grasp, panic sets in. Faced with the prospect of exposure and dire consequences for their employer, they hastily devise a desperate plan. In a bid to deflect attention and frame Paddock as a deranged lone gunman, they execute him in cold blood before unleashing a hail of bullets upon the unsuspecting crowd below, perhaps hoping in vain to get the crown prince.

However, their meticulously crafted facade begins to unravel as they discover that their ammunition reserves are depleted, leaving them scrambling to reload amidst the chaos. The erratic intervals between bursts of gunfire reflect their frantic attempts to rectify their oversight, prolonging the terror and confusion engulfing the scene. In a desperate bid to evade capture, one of the assassins concocts a daring scheme to divert law enforcement attention by targeting nearby fuel tanks at an airport. Yet, their plans are thwarted as their efforts fail to yield the desired outcome, further escalating the unfolding tragedy. As security personnel close in on their location, the assassins find themselves trapped in a deadly standoff, with escape seeming increasingly improbable. Faced with the grim inevitability of their demise, they are left with a harrowing choice. In a moment of desperation, one takes his own life, while the other hesitates, grappling with the stark reality of his predicament before ultimately succumbing to the same fate.

The concert ground on the day after the massacre

The concert ground on the day after the massacre

As the SWAT team breaches the room, they are met with a grim tableau of carnage, with three lifeless bodies sprawled amidst the chaos. Questions hang heavy in the air, but before they can be answered, the scene is swiftly commandeered by the FBI, already privy to the unfolding drama. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the FBI swiftly takes control, assessing the implications of the deadly confrontation. Sensing the need to shape the narrative, they orchestrate a calculated move to cement their version of events. The bodies of the two assassins are discreetly removed, leaving behind only the corpse of Paddock as a damning centerpiece. A photograph of the scene is strategically leaked to online forums like 4chan, serving to solidify the narrative and deflect attention from the true orchestrators of the massacre. Paddock is cast as the scapegoat, his role conveniently obscured to shield the true architects of the tragedy from scrutiny. For if the failed Saudi assassination attempt were to be exposed, it would precipitate a cascade of consequences, from demands for war with Saudi Arabia to the dismantling of the clandestine organizations Paddock served. The events of November 3rd or 4th, marked by the interception of a missile by the Saudi military, serve as a chilling reminder of the ongoing power struggle within the kingdom. Whether a desperate bid to eliminate King Salman or a staged provocation to justify retribution, the fallout is swift and brutal. Massive raids and arrests target those perceived as threats to the established order, with the execution of Mansour, the son of Muqrin, serving as a stark warning to dissenters.

Some Odd Deaths of Survivors Who Contradicted the Mainstream Story

Dennis and Lorraine Carver met a tragic end when their vehicle careened off the road and erupted into flames, claiming their lives in an instant. Hailing from California, the couple’s journey was abruptly cut short in the fiery wreckage. Prior to the fatal crash, Ms. Carver had recounted to the media how her husband valiantly shielded her from the perceived threat of “shooters,” guiding her to safety by identifying a beer locker for them to seek refuge until it was deemed safe to flee. Following their escape, she took to social media to reassure loved ones of their well-being, sharing reports on Facebook and expressing her belief that the assailants had departed. In the aftermath of the tragedy, a poignant discovery unfolded as the couple’s eldest daughter, Brooke, was entrusted with her father’s cell phone. Amidst the chaos surrounding the incident, Mr. Carver had inadvertently dropped his phone, which ultimately fell into the hands of the FBI. Reports emerged indicating that not only Mr. Carver’s phone but also the phones and laptops of other witnesses were seized and subsequently wiped clean by the FBI, fueling speculation and raising questions about the extent of their involvement in the investigation.

Danny Contreras, aged 35, met a tragic end when he was pursued by two gunmen, resulting in his untimely demise. His lifeless body was discovered in an abandoned dwelling following a concerned citizen’s alert to the authorities after hearing distressing sounds emanating from the location. Law enforcement responded to the call and confirmed Contreras’ tragic fate. In a haunting post on Twitter, Contreras had expressed gratitude for narrowly escaping harm, recounting a harrowing encounter at the concert where he evaded two armed individuals who were stalking him.

Meanwhile, Kymberley Suchomel, aged 28, emerged as one of the most widely publicized casualties of the shooting incident. Although physically unscathed during the attack, Suchomel provided chilling firsthand accounts to the media, detailing the onslaught carried out by “multiple” assailants armed with firearms. Suchomel’s impassioned post on Facebook garnered widespread attention as she shared her vivid recollections of the chaotic scene, asserting that the violence extended beyond indiscriminate firing into the crowd to include targeted pursuit and shootings of individuals. Tragically, just a week after her poignant social media post, Suchomel was discovered deceased in her bed at her residence in Apple Valley. Her grandmother, Julie Norton, attributed Suchomel’s passing to the immense stress and trauma inflicted by the shooting incident, underscoring the profound toll exacted by the tragic events.

Orville Almon, the attorney who served as legal counsel for the music festival and represented Jason Aldean, the renowned singer who was performing onstage when the tragic shooting unfolded, passed away under mysterious circumstances described as a “seizure during sleep,” as reported by Nashville media outlets. In the aftermath of the massacre and prior to his untimely demise, Almon confided in a friend about the unsettling nature of his meetings with MGM, the Las Vegas police, and the FBI. He described these interactions as “strange and complex,” hinting at undisclosed information that he was privy to, which had not been made public by the federal agency.

Throughout his illustrious 35-year career, Almon distinguished himself as a legal representative for recording artists, songwriters, and executives within the music industry. His expertise extended to navigating the intricate legal landscape of contracts, negotiations, and intellectual property rights, earning him respect and admiration within the entertainment community.

Finally, we know the CIA controls the media so they’ll tell the public any story they are told to say.

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