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Dark History

The Nightmarish Premonition of Sugar Ray Robinson about Jimmy Doyle

The fight between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle Ended in Horror
The fight between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle Ended in Horror

Sugar Ray Robinson accidentally killed Jimmy Doyle. But was fate hell-bent on taking Jimmy Doyle down, as many, even Robinson, believed?

Sugar Ray Robinson found himself on the precipice of a fateful showdown with the ambitious 22-year-old pugilist Jimmy Doyle—a young contender driven by the audacious, yet passionate aspiration to dethrone the formidable 79-1 boxing legend.

Yet, the narrative of this impending clash almost met its demise due to an eerie premonition that had seized Robinson’s consciousness, an apparition that transcended the realm of dreams.

For those familiar with the chronicles of Doyle, the revelation of Robinson’s dream would come as a startling revelation. In hushed tones, Robinson recollected the haunting vision that had visited him in the depths of slumber the night before his ill-fated rendezvous with Doyle.

Robinson knocks out Doyle in the 8th round of their fight

Robinson knocks out Doyle in the 8th round of their fight

In his own words, spoken during a candid moment on a Talk Show, Robinson confessed, “The night before the fight with Jimmy Doyle, I dreamed in my sleep that I knocked him out, and he died in the ring.”

This vivid nocturnal vision, an eerie harbinger of tragedy, cast a pall of uncertainty over the impending contest, threatening to shroud it in an ominous aura of foreboding. This is a testament to the potent dominion of the subconscious mind—an entity not to be underestimated.

What Is the Premonition Sugar Ray Robinson Had About Jimmy Doyle?

Ray Robinson, the sovereign of the welterweight realm, grappled with a chilling vision. He awoke bathed in perspiration, his vocal fervor pleading for the fallen Jimmy Doyle to rise from the canvas. The line between dream and reality blurred as the vivid imagery clung to his consciousness, rendering his disposition uneasy.

The ominous premonition gnawed at him like an insidious specter, casting shadows upon the impending contest.

Despite this unsettling vision, the fight marched on. A priest was summoned to quell Robinson’s apprehension, assuring him that it was naught but a phantasmagoria of the mind. Doyle, in turn, was left to confront his destiny. June 24th, 1947, witnessed their clash—a bout that unfolded in a brutal crescendo.

Doyle (bottom center) following his match with Sugar Ray Robinson on June 24, 1947. He died due to injuries sustained during the bout hours later at a Cleveland hospital.

Doyle (bottom center) following his match with Sugar Ray Robinson on June 24, 1947. He died due to injuries sustained during the bout hours later at a Cleveland hospital.

Robinson’s fists danced with malevolent grace, and in the eighth stanza, he delivered a thunderous left hook that reverberated through the pages of boxing history. Doyle’s cranium met the canvas with a sickening thud, sealing his tragic fate.

The young pugilist, aged 22, slipped into a coma, never returning. He died the following day.

In the wake of this fateful encounter, his spirit shaken, Robinson confided reporters about the haunting vision gripping him. The arena’s cheers faded into the background as he disclosed the turmoil brewing.

Aftermath of the Match between Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle

Calls to ban the brutal sport swelled, for Jimmy Doyle was the first to perish in a world title bout. Amid this tumultuous aftermath, Robinson swiftly established a trust fund—a lifeline extended to Doyle’s grieving parents. It comprised a monthly stipend of $50 over a decade.

The contest unfurled as destiny ordained on that June day, with Sugar Ray Robinson reigning supreme. The decisive eighth round saw him unleash a concussive blow that condemned his adversary to eternal slumber.

An unconscious Doyle was hurried to the realm of medicine, but the verdict remained unaltered—he succumbed to the brutal forces of the sport he had chosen.

In the aftermath, Sugar Ray bore the weight of that eighth round as an indelible scar upon his soul. His guilt was profound, a burden he would shoulder for years. Yet, as time unveiled its mysteries, it appeared that prior battles had ravaged Doyle.

The death of Jimmy Doyle is broken to the public

The death of Jimmy Doyle is broken to the public

The California Commission, recognizing the toll exacted on the young pugilist, had refused to sanction his contests. Upon learning of Doyle’s intention to secure a home for his mother with his prize money, Sugar Ray took it upon himself to ensure her welfare, providing her with the proceeds from his next several bouts.

The tale of Sugar Ray Robinson and the haunting resonance of his dream remains etched in boxing and human empathy archives—a testament to the profound interplay between the conscious and the subconscious and the burdens one may bear in pursuit of glory.

RIP Sugar Ray Robinson and Jimmy Doyle.

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Abin Tom Sebastian, also known as Mr. Morbid in the community, is an avid fan of the paranormal and the dark history of the world. He believes that sharing these stories and histories are essential for the future generations. For god forbid, we have seen that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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