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The Ammons Family Haunting: True Story of the 200 Demon House

The Ammons family haunting remains one of the few well documented cases of demonic possession
The Ammons family haunting remains one of the few well documented cases of demonic possession

The Ammons family haunting case—also referred to as the 200 Demons House or Devil House—is a haunting and demonic possession that took place in Gary, Indiana, in the United States, in 2011.

In the year of our lord 2014, the host of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans, made an extraordinary decision. He invested a staggering $35,000 in a home nestled in Gary, Indiana, rumored to be infested with malevolent spirits.

Despite demolishing the dwelling merely two years later, the haunting, peculiar enigma surrounding the property refuses to fade into oblivion.

In an interview with the Indy Star in 2016, Bagans disclosed the inexplicable occurrences he witnessed within the accursed house with a tinge of awe and trepidation. Even individuals of utmost credibility found themselves baffled by the unfathomable events that unfolded before their eyes.

A dark yet astoundingly intelligent and formidable presence seemed to have taken residence within those haunted walls.

The tale commences with the arrival of Latoya Ammons, who, along with her three children, sought shelter within the Carolina Street residence in November 2011. Little did they know that their lives would be swiftly ensnared by chaos and terror during their short sojourn.

The unnerving series of events, meticulously documented in a trove of nearly 1,000 pages containing interviews with psychologists and police, commenced almost immediately after the Ammons family settled in. Astonishingly, black flies, ordinarily absent during the winter’s cold embrace, besieged the porch, perpetuating a relentless assault despite all efforts to eradicate them.

Rosa Campbell, Ammons’ mother, recalled the relentless battle: “We killed them and killed them and killed them, but they kept coming back.”

Disquieting sounds soon echoed through the premises as if the plaguing flies were not enough to evoke shivers. Footsteps echoed from the confines of the basement, and doors creaked ominously during the silent hours of the night, despite the absence of any corporeal presence.

But the plight of Ammons’ young children, aged 7, 9, and 12 at the time, elevated the terror to a nightmarish level. Their innocent souls seemed to be ensnared by the malevolence dwelling within the house, leaving their loved ones utterly distraught and desperate for answers.

Even after the home’s demolition, the enigma persists, casting an indelible shadow over the minds of those who dare to ponder its sinister secrets. The chilling legacy of the Gary, Indiana, house endures, forever leaving us to wonder what unimaginable forces once thrived within its now-vanished walls.

Ammons Family Haunting: The Official Story

For Austin, a seasoned 36-year veteran of the Gary Police Department, the initial reaction to Latoya Ammons and her family’s extraordinary tale was one of skepticism. He couldn’t help but entertain the thought that they might have crafted an intricate scheme to gain financial benefits.

However, as he delved deeper into the matter, visiting their home multiple times and meticulously interviewing witnesses, his skepticism gradually transformed into something entirely different. He found himself unequivocally a believer in the inexplicable events that unfolded before him.

Despite Austin’s conversion to a believer, not everyone involved with the family shared the same sentiment. Many remained hesitant to embrace the astounding narrative they presented, dismissing Ammons’ claims of supernatural encounters as impossible to fathom.

And indeed, for numerous readers, the purportedly supernatural aspects of Ammons’ account may be challenging to accept without tangible evidence or personal experiences.

Whatever the genesis of the eerie occurrences that befell the Ammons family — whether it stemmed from a collective delusion or perhaps something more sinister, such as demonic influence — it catapulted the case into the realm of one of the most extraordinary investigations ever undertaken by the Department of Child Services.

The Ammons Family Haunting house

The Ammons Family Haunting house

The magnitude of the events is meticulously documented within almost 800 pages of official records exclusively accessed by The Indianapolis Star. Moreover, the perplexing incidents are pieced together through extensive interviews with various individuals, including law enforcement, DCS personnel, psychologists, family members, and even a Catholic priest.

Latoya Ammons, the central figure in this uncanny saga, has been remarkably candid and forthright about her experiences. While she expressed a desire to shield her children from any interviews or exposure, she willingly signed releases granting The Star access to her medical, psychological, and official records, which have remained concealed from the public eye, even when they reveal less flattering aspects of her life.

In this extraordinary case, the veil between the known and the unknown appears thin, allowing glimpses into a realm of mystery and the inexplicable.

The family’s unusual story is further complicated by the fact that it involves a DCS intervention, a number of psychological tests, a police inquiry, and, ultimately, a number of exorcisms.

What Really Happened at the Ammons Family Haunting

The haunting began with large, black flies.

November 2011 marked a significant turning point for the Ammons family as they embarked on a new chapter, settling into a modest rental house on the tranquil Carolina Street in Gary. The neighborhood boasted a serene ambiance characterized by its quaint, single-story residences lining the peaceful lane.

Yet, the idyllic façade would soon be marred by the arrival of an inexplicable and ominous phenomenon that would remain unsolved.

With December’s cold grasp tightening its hold, an unsettling occurrence disrupted the serenity of the Ammons’ abode. Out of the blue, the dwelling’s screened-in porch became the stage for a bewildering invasion of big black flies.

It was a disconcerting sight that defied seasonal norms and instilled a sense of unease in the minds of the family members.

Rosa Campbell, Ammons’ mother, vividly recalls her apprehension at the sight of the relentless infestation. Perplexed and determined to vanquish the winged intruders, the family repeatedly attempted to eradicate the pests.

However, no matter how diligently they battled the relentless insects, the flies seemed impervious to their efforts, persistently returning to haunt their porch.

Beyond the enigmatic plague of black flies, the Ammons family’s unsettling ordeal was far from confined to a singular phenomenon. The eerie incidents continued to unfold, unraveling a series of inexplicable occurrences that defied rational explanation.

In the stillness of the night, well past midnight, Rosa Campbell and Latoya Ammons attested to experiencing a chilling presence. The silence would be punctuated by the steady clump of footsteps resonating as they ascended the basement stairs, accompanied by the eerie creak of the door swinging open between the basement and the kitchen.

These haunting sounds manifested as a haunting presence that instilled a deep sense of foreboding within the residents.

Struggling to comprehend these ghostly encounters, the family took precautions by locking the door to the basement. Yet, even in the presence of a firmly secured barrier, the enigmatic noises persisted, unabated and unrelenting.

The inexplicable nature of these events only intensified the unsettling atmosphere that enveloped the household, leaving the Ammons family grappling with an inexplicable presence that seemed to defy the boundaries of the physical world.

In the midst of the escalating strangeness that had befallen the Ammons family, a night of profound terror etched itself into their memory.

On an ominous evening, Rosa Campbell awoke to a startling sight. In the dimness of her living room, she beheld the eerie silhouette of a man (like that scene from the original Insidious), pacing in the shadows. Fueled by curiosity and fear, she hastily leaped out of bed, driven to investigate the inexplicable apparition.

Rosa Campbell and Latoya Ammons tell the story about the Demon House CC Chris Bergin via The Daily Mail

Rosa Campbell and Latoya Ammons tell the story about the Demon House CC Chris Bergin via The Daily Mail

To her bewilderment, she discovered the presence of large, wet footprints on the floor, as if some spectral visitor had left its ethereal mark upon their earthly realm.

Yet, the true pinnacle of fear was yet to come. On March 10, 2012, the family’s profound unease would transform into something unimaginable.

The hour was late, around 2 a.m., and grief-stricken by the recent loss of a loved one, the household found themselves awake, not in slumber.

Latoya Ammons, seeking solace in her mother’s bedroom, was among those gathered together in the wake of mourning. Suddenly, a blood-curdling scream tore through the stillness, jolting everyone to attention. “Mama! Mama!” cried Ammons in a frenzy of terror and disbelief.

Campbell rushed to her daughter’s side, where she found her then-12-year-old granddaughter and a friend experiencing something wholly beyond comprehension. The young girl, seemingly devoid of consciousness, was floating above the bed, defying the laws of gravity in a haunting display of levitation.

Amidst the overwhelming terror and confusion, Rosa Campbell’s mind was besieged by myriad questions and disbelief. “What’s going on?” she pondered, desperately seeking answers in the face of the inexplicable events that had befallen her family.

The unsettling occurrences defied all rational explanations, leaving her bewildered and anxious to comprehend the inexplicable forces at play.

As the night unfolded, the levitating granddaughter eventually descended back onto the bed, seemingly released from the ethereal grip that had held her captive. To the astonishment of those present, the young girl awoke without recollecting the strange and supernatural encounter she had just experienced.

Amidst the perplexing and increasingly distressing events that plagued the Ammons family, Rosa Campbell found herself desperately seeking guidance and aid. Recognizing that they were confronting something far beyond the realm of the ordinary, she confided in her daughter, emphasizing the urgency to seek help from someone knowledgeable in dealing with such mysterious phenomena.

Though uncertain of the nature of what they were facing, Campbell and Ammons harbored an unsettling suspicion that the forces at play were of a supernatural origin. With a growing conviction that they were confronting an otherworldly presence, they reached out to local churches in a desperate bid for assistance.

Sadly, most of the churches they approached proved hesitant to lend an ear to their extraordinary tale. The audacious nature of their narrative, fraught with the inexplicable and the unknown, left many apprehensive and reluctant to engage with the family’s plight.

However, their persistence eventually bore fruit. After sharing their harrowing experiences and allowing church officials to visit the Carolina Street house, they found a glimmer of understanding and support.

These officials, acknowledging the presence of spirits within the dwelling, offered advice to address the perceived malevolent forces.

The family was counseled to embark on a purification ritual involving cleaning the house with bleach and ammonia, symbolizing the expulsion of impurities.

Additionally, they were advised to anoint every door and window with oil, drawing crosses as a protective measure against the enigmatic forces they believed to be lurking in the shadows.

Embracing this spiritual guidance, the Ammons family ventured into a world of ancient rituals and sacred symbols, seeking solace and reprieve from the unrelenting and inexplicable presence that had taken hold of their lives.

At the church’s counsel, Latoya Ammons took proactive measures in her attempt to shield her children from the perceived malevolent forces that had besieged their home. Embracing the protective rituals, she anointed her children’s hands and feet with olive oil and marked the shape of crosses on their foreheads with the same sacred substance.

This symbolic act was seen as a gesture of divine protection, aligning with their Christian faith in the face of the inexplicable.

Seeking further insights into their extraordinary predicament, Campbell and Ammons sought the guidance of clairvoyants, drawn to their understanding of unseen forces and the spiritual realm. To their astonishment, the clairvoyants painted a vivid picture of their home being infested by a staggering count of over 200 malevolent demons. Remarkably, this explanation resonated with the family’s Christian beliefs, providing a framework through which they could make sense of the inexplicable occurrences that had befallen them.

Trapped by financial constraints and unable to relocate, the clairvoyants’ advice to move away became an impractical option for the family. Instead, following the guidance of one of the clairvoyants, Ammons set up an altar in the basement, a sanctuary aimed at repelling the enigmatic forces.

Ammons transformed an end table into an altar with great reverence, swathing it in a white sheet, and placing a white candle alongside a figurine of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Additionally, she opened a Bible to Psalm 91, a chapter known for its protective verses.

Wearing white T-shirts and wrapping white scarves around their heads, Ammons and another person prepared to engage in a deeply spiritual and sacred endeavor to confront the enigmatic forces that had laid claim to their home.

On the clairvoyant’s counsel, the Ammons family embarked on a profound and desperate attempt to confront the malevolent forces that had ensnared their home. Burning sage and sulfur, they initiated a cleansing ritual, moving through the house from the upper floors to the lower, attempting to purify the dwelling from the insidious presence that had plagued them.

Ammons, holding the smoldering sage, drew crosses in the air with the sacred smoke, invoking divine protection as they moved. Throughout this ceremony, the person accompanying her recited Psalm 91 aloud, the words serving as a resolute shield against the terrors of the night.

The family found a semblance of respite for three days, as if their spiritual endeavors had granted them a temporary reprieve from the haunting malevolence. However, this respite would prove fleeting as the situation soon became more alarming and sinister.

Ammons and her children, aged 7, 9, and 12 at the time, fell prey to what can only be described as demonic possession. During these distressing episodes, their eyes bulged, their faces contorted into sinister grins, and their voices deepened, imbued with an eerie presence foreign to their true selves.

Meanwhile, Campbell seemed immune to the demonic influence, attributing her protection to a guardian bestowed upon her since birth, a force that shielded her from malevolence.

The manifestations of possession varied in intensity and gravity, affecting each family member differently. During these harrowing episodes, Ammons felt weak, lightheaded, and overwhelmed by a profound warmth, as if her body was not her own. Violent tremors shook her frame, leaving her feeling utterly helpless and at the mercy of a force beyond her understanding.

The youngest boy, then only 7 years old, exhibited alarming behavior, conversing with an unseen boy while sitting alone in a closet. This invisible companion chillingly described the sensation of being killed.

On another occasion, the 7-year-old seemingly flew out of the bathroom, propelled by an unseen force. Furthermore, Ammons’ daughter suffered a startling incident when a headboard struck her, necessitating stitches.

The 12-year-old, amidst her possession, recounted disturbing sensations of being choked and restrained, rendering her unable to speak or move. In the throes of despair, she claimed to hear a sinister voice foretelling her separation from her family and predicting that her life would end within a mere 20 minutes.

The horrors they faced at home forced them to take refuge in hotels on some nights, seeking a momentary escape from the relentless malevolence.

In their desperation for answers, they sought the help of their family physician, Dr. Geoffrey Onyeukwu, on April 19, 2012. Ammons shared their harrowing experiences, hoping he might comprehend their plight.

Dr. Onyeukwu, stunned by the magnitude of the situation, acknowledged the profound and bewildering nature of the family’s account. He noted his concerns in medical records, using terms such as “delusions of ghosts in home,” “hallucinations,” and “history of a ghost at home.”

Ammons and Campbell’s subsequent experiences were also documented in a report by the Department of Child Services (DCS), stemming from interviews conducted with medical personnel.

The chronicle of their encounters provided a chilling testament to a harrowing journey through the realms of the supernatural, where malevolent forces seemed to pursue their victims relentlessly, leaving the family trapped in an unfathomable struggle against an insidious and enigmatic adversary.

The Ammons Family Haunting Gets Worse

In the midst of the escalating malevolence, chaos seized control, unleashing a terrifying maelstrom of paranormal activity that defied all rational comprehension.

During one harrowing episode, a shocking spectacle unfolded before the bewildered eyes of Campbell and medical personnel. A malevolent force seemed to take possession of Ammons’ sons in a display that transcended the laws of nature.

In eerie, demonic voices, they cursed Dr. Onyeukwu, hurling venomous words of rage and hostility toward him. The scene was deeply unsettling, as the young boys appeared to be mere vessels for an otherworldly presence, their innocent souls held captive by malevolent forces beyond their control.

The gravity of the situation reached an alarming crescendo when, in a moment of sheer horror, the youngest boy experienced an inexplicable and violent force. Witnesses testified that, astonishingly, the boy was lifted off the ground and hurled with tremendous force into a wall.

This shocking event transpired without any physical contact from anyone present, leaving all in attendance in a state of disbelief and dread.

The harrowing events escalated to a terrifying climax as the two boys abruptly lost consciousness under the influence of an unknown and sinister force. Struggling to comprehend the unfolding nightmare, Campbell cradled one boy in her arms while Ammons held the other, their anguish mounting as they sought answers in the face of inexplicable terror.

Faced with an incomprehensible situation, someone from the doctor’s office called for emergency assistance. A flurry of police officers and multiple ambulances rushed to the scene, their arrival unable to decipher the enigma shrouding the family’s plight.

The boys were swiftly taken to Methodist Hospital’s campus in Gary for urgent medical attention.

At the hospital, Ammons’ efforts to seek spiritual solace were met with skepticism, even laughter, from some hospital personnel. Undeterred, Ammons turned to prayer, imploring the divine for guidance and strength in the face of the escalating malevolence.

The boys eventually regained consciousness in the hospital, but the youngest displayed alarming and uncontrollable behavior. It took the concerted efforts of five grown men to restrain him, a testament to the malevolent force seemingly gripping his small frame.

A spooky figure was pictured in the window, and audio recordings were made of ghostly voices in 2012

A spooky figure was pictured in the window, and audio recordings were made of ghostly voices in 2012

Meanwhile, someone unidentified made a call to the Department of Child Services (DCS), raising concerns about Ammons and the possibility of child abuse or neglect. Speculating that Ammons might suffer from a mental illness and that the children were merely acting at her encouragement, the caller urged an investigation.

DCS family case manager Valerie Washington was assigned to investigate the matter. She conducted interviews and examinations at the hospital, where Ammons and her children were declared physically healthy and free of any signs of abuse.

In a chilling encounter during Washington’s interview with the family, the youngest boy exhibited eerie behavior. Growling and baring his teeth, his eyes rolled back in his head as he locked his hands around his older brother’s throat. Despite efforts to pry his hands open, the boy refused to release his grip until they were forcibly separated.

Subsequently, Washington and nurse Willie Lee Walker conducted an interview with the boys in a small exam room accompanied by Campbell. During this unsettling encounter, the 7-year-old stared intently into his brother’s eyes and spoke unnaturally deep and menacing, uttering chilling words: “It’s time to die. I will kill you.”

As his younger brother spoke, the 9-year-old exhibited an eerie grin and began performing inexplicable feats, defying the laws of gravity and moving backward up a wall, flipping over Campbell, and landing on his feet. Witnesses, including Nurse Walker, attested to the impossibility of such an acrobatic feat, leaving them shaken and unnerved.

The intensity of the inexplicable events reached an unprecedented level, leaving those present in a state of sheer terror and bewilderment. When the 9-year-old boy exhibited his unnerving acrobatic feat by walking backward up a wall to the ceiling and flipping over Campbell, the witnesses were gripped with fear and confusion.

Both nurse Walker and DCS family case manager Valerie Washington found themselves unable to comprehend the sinister spectacle before them. They immediately fled the room in the face of this chilling and inexplicable display.

Washington recounted that they were in a state of utter bewilderment, fearing for their safety and struggling to make sense of the harrowing events that had just unfolded. The unrelenting malevolence that seemed to surround the family was beyond their understanding, and the eerie encounter left them deeply unnerved.

When they related the shocking events to a doctor, their testimony was met with disbelief. In a misguided attempt to confirm or debunk the accounts, the doctor asked the 9-year-old boy to replicate the astonishing feat by walking up the wall again.

Both Walker and Washington expressed doubts about the boy’s ability to reproduce the unnerving spectacle, as they firmly believed that his behavior was not within his conscious control. The boy claimed no recollection of the event, suggesting a detachment from his actions, which further deepened the perplexity of the situation.

Walker, who had previously harbored beliefs in the supernatural, found himself torn between attributing the behavior to a possible demonic influence and acknowledging the potential involvement of a mental illness.

The incident defied conventional explanations, forcing them to confront the unsettling possibility of malevolent forces being at play while grappling with the implications of an enigmatic and profound encounter that defied the boundaries of understanding.

In the face of the inexplicable, Valerie Washington acknowledged that she believed there could be an “evil influence” affecting the family, acknowledging the unsettling reality that malevolent forces, whether spiritual or psychological, seemed to lay claim to the lives of those caught in their enigmatic grip.

As the night wore on at the hospital, Ammons remained by her 7-year-old son’s side while Campbell took Ammons’ daughter and older son to seek refuge at a relative’s home in Gary. When morning came, it was the youngest son’s eighth birthday.

DCS officials requested Campbell to bring the older children back to the hospital, ostensibly to discuss further the perplexing occurrences that had engulfed the family.

Despite the celebratory air of the birthday, their joy was short-lived. Washington conveyed the distressing news that the children would not be returning home. In an emergency measure, DCS made the painful decision to take custody of the children without a court order, citing the spiritual and emotional turmoil they were experiencing.

Ammons recounted the devastating moment she and her children were torn apart, crying at the prospect of being separated. The family had already endured a harrowing journey together, bound by a collective will to confront the malevolent forces that had besieged them.

Their bond had been their strength, carrying them through the darkest of times, and the separation was a heart-wrenching blow to their resilience and unity.

The family had faced the malevolence as a united team and believed they were gaining ground in their battle against the enigmatic force. Yet, the agency’s decision severed their collective front, leaving them fractured and uncertain in the face of the unknown.

An Exorcist Visits the Ammons Family

The morning of April 20, 2012, brought an extraordinary and unsettling request for Rev. Michael Maginot, the priest at St. Stephen, Martyr Parish in Merrillville. During his Bible study session, he received a call from a hospital chaplain, who implored him to perform an exorcism on Ammons’ 9-year-old son. This was a request unlike any he had encountered in his years as a priest.

Maginot agreed to meet with the family after Sunday Mass a few days later, intending to thoroughly investigate the situation and rule out any natural causes for the phenomena they claimed to be experiencing.

On April 22, 2012, Maginot visited Ammons and Campbell at their home on Carolina Street. During the two-hour interview, the women detailed the chilling and inexplicable occurrences they had endured.

They were interrupted by unsettling manifestations throughout the session, such as flickering lights, swinging Venetian blinds without apparent cause, and wet footprints mysteriously appearing throughout the living room.

Ammons’ headache escalated into convulsions when Maginot placed a crucifix against her head, a reaction he attributed to the presence of malevolent forces.

After a grueling four-hour interview, Maginot became convinced that the family was indeed facing torment from demonic entities. He also believed that ghosts were present in the house.

Before leaving, Maginot performed a house blessing, praying, reading the Bible, and sprinkling holy water in every room. Concerned for their safety, he urged Ammons and Campbell to leave the premises, and they temporarily sought refuge with a relative.

Shortly after this encounter, Ammons and Campbell returned to the Carolina Street house at the request of DCS family case manager Valerie Washington, who wanted to inspect the home’s condition. Accompanied by a Lake County police officer, they were joined by two more officers from the Gary and Hammond police departments out of professional curiosity.

Although Ammons refused to enter the house, Campbell agreed to accompany the group. The main floor had three bedrooms, a living room, one bathroom, hardwood floors, and a small, open-style kitchen.

A door in the kitchen led to a basement with concrete floors. The eerie ambiance of the house, combined with the inexplicable events that had transpired, left everyone involved with an unsettling sense that they were delving into a world beyond the norm.

Directly beneath the stairs in the basement was a dirt floor, and the concrete around it appeared to be broken and jagged as if something had disturbed it. The makeshift altar that Ammons had assembled was still intact, accompanied by rings of salt she had poured against the basement walls in an attempt to repel the malevolent entities she believed lurked within.

A poster of Demon house. The film follows the Ammons haunting case

A poster of Demon house. The film follows the Ammons haunting case

During the investigation, Campbell shared her belief that the demons seemed to emanate from beneath the stairs, further heightening the sense of the supernatural surrounding the house.

Gary police captain Austin was one of the officers present during the inspection. Although he admitted to believing in ghosts and the supernatural, he had previously been skeptical about the existence of demons. However, his perspective began to shift after visiting the Carolina Street house.

During the interview with Campbell, peculiar occurrences added to the sense of unease. One officer’s audio recorder malfunctioned, its power light flashing despite the fresh batteries inserted earlier that day.

Another officer’s audio recording revealed an unknown whisper of “hey” when played back later. Photographs taken inside the house appeared to capture unexplained and eerie images, including a cloudy white figure resembling a face and a second green figure that appeared female.

These peculiar events extended beyond the investigation, as Austin himself experienced strange incidents. His garage at home refused to open, despite the power being on elsewhere. Furthermore, the driver’s seat in his personal car began moving back and forth on its own, leading to a mechanic’s assessment that the motor in the driver’s seat was broken.

These unexplained happenings left Austin questioning his skepticism and becoming more open to the possibility of paranormal activity.

In April 2012, DCS took further action by petitioning Lake Juvenile Court for the temporary wardship of Ammons’ three children, which was granted. The agency cited concerns about neglect of their education, noting that Ammons had previously faced similar findings in 2009.

Ammons asserted that there were times she could not send her children to school because of the malevolent spirits’ influence, claiming they made the kids sick or kept them up all night.

A clinical psychologist, Stacy Wright, evaluated Ammons’ youngest son and observed that he tended to display signs of possession when challenged or questioned about demons. Although coherent and logical in other areas, his demeanor shifted when the subject of malevolent entities arose.

Wright’s evaluation highlighted the situation’s complexity and the need for a comprehensive approach to understanding the family’s experiences fully.

Did the Ammons Stage the Haunting?

The psychological evaluations conducted on the family members provided mixed conclusions about their experiences. Clinical psychologists Joel Schwartz and Stacy Wright assessed Ammons’ daughter and older son, respectively, and observed that they seemed to echo their mother’s concerns about paranormal experiences.

Schwartz suggested the need to examine the extent of potential undue influence from Ammons on her daughter’s beliefs about the supernatural. Ammons’ daughter described seeing shadowy figures and experiencing trances, while her older son mentioned doors slamming and objects moving on their own.

Ammons herself underwent multiple examinations, and while some psychologists noted her guardedness, they did not identify symptoms of psychosis or thought disorder.

However, one psychologist recommended further assessment to explore whether her strong religiosity might be masking underlying delusions or perceptual disturbances.

Despite these evaluations, Ammons and her children continued to insist that demons possessed them. DCS intervened, setting specific goals for the family, including refraining from discussing demons and possession and participating in therapy to address past behavior.

The agency acknowledged Ammons’ close bond with her children but emphasized the need for alternative forms of discipline, not solely based on religion or demon possession.

Ammons had to find employment and suitable housing due to the paranormal activity experienced in the Carolina Street house. Meanwhile, both police and DCS officials continued their investigation into the strange occurrences within the home.

On May 10, 2012, a larger group, including Campbell, Ammons, Gary police captain Austin, and two other officers, returned to the Carolina Street house for further investigation.

They were joined by Rev. Michael Maginot, two Lake County officers with a police dog, and DCS family case manager Samantha Ilic, who volunteered to replace Valerie Washington, who did not wish to return to the house.

While in the basement, Ilic encountered a peculiar liquid substance that felt slippery yet sticky between her fingers. The police dog did not display any particular interest in any area of the home.

The investigation at the Carolina Street house took a more intense turn as Rev. Michael Maginot suggested examining the dirt beneath the stairs for any signs of a pentagram or cursed objects, which could indicate a demonic presence or a potential portal to hell. Maginot also theorized that if someone had died in the house and was buried under the stairs, it might explain the paranormal activity.

A police officer proceeded to dig a 4-foot by 3-foot hole under the stairs, unearthing various objects, including a pink press-on fingernail, a white pair of panties, a political shirt pin, a lid for a small cooking pan, socks with the bottoms cut off below the ankles, candy wrappers, and a heavy metal object resembling a weight for a drapery cord.

However, nothing else of significance was found, and the officer covered the hole back up.

In an effort to counter any malevolent forces, Maginot blessed some salt, which he believed to be a barrier against evil, and spread it under the stairs and throughout the basement.

DCS family case manager Samantha Ilic experienced unsettling physical sensations during this investigation. Her left pinky finger began to tingle and whiten, and she complained that it felt broken. Shortly after, Ilic felt like she was having a panic attack, struggling to breathe, leading her to step outside to wait for the rest of the group.

When Maginot started questioning Ammons inside the house, she complained of a headache and shoulder pain, prompting her to join Ilic outside.

As night fell, Gary police captain Austin decided to leave the house, expressing that he was not willing to remain inside after dark, despite his vast experience in handling dangerous and challenging cases during his long tenure on the force.

The investigations continued to intensify, fueled by the unsettling and unexplainable events that seemed to defy conventional reasoning, leaving everyone involved grappling with the uncharted territory of the paranormal and the enigmatic forces that seemed to lurk within the walls of the Carolina Street house.

The Exorcism of the Ammons Family

The investigations at the Carolina Street house intensified further as the officers noticed an oil-like substance dripping from the Venetian blinds in a bedroom. They cleaned it off, sealed the room, and found that the oil had reappeared upon returning, leading Rev. Michael Maginot to believe it was a manifestation of a paranormal or demonic presence.

Maginot decided to perform an exorcism on Ammons but initially faced denial from Bishop Dale Melczek, who had never authorized an exorcism during his tenure as the bishop of the Diocese of Gary.

Eventually, Maginot performed a minor exorcism on Ammons, which consisted of prayers and appeals to cast out demons. Two police officers and DCS family case manager Samantha Ilic attended the ritual.

After the minor exorcism, Maginot instructed Ammons to research the names of the demons tormenting her. He believed that each demon had a name and personality, and knowing their names would empower him to fight them during the exorcisms.

Ammons and a friend looked up the names online, but the computer shut down repeatedly, and Ammons felt sick and lightheaded. They discovered names like Beelzebub, lord of the Flies, and other demons that fit the problems the family had been experiencing.

With Bishop Melczek’s permission, Maginot performed three major exorcisms on Ammons in June 2012 at his church in Merrillville. Maginot condemned the devil during these intense rituals and praised God while pressing a crucifix against Ammons’ head.

Latoya Ammons

Latoya Ammons opening up about her experience.

Throughout this period, strange and disturbing events continued to surround the family, with DCS family case manager Samantha Ilic experiencing a string of medical problems after her visits to the house.

The exorcisms carried a weight of spiritual intensity as Rev. Michael Maginot performed three major exorcisms on Latoya Ammons at his church in Merrillville in June 2012. Two of the exorcisms were conducted in English, and the final one was delivered in Latin, invoking the solemnity and ancient authority of the Catholic tradition.

During each ritual, Maginot fervently praised God and unequivocally condemned the forces of darkness. With unwavering resolve, he pressed a crucifix against Ammons’ head, the symbol of Christ’s sacrifice and triumph over evil.

The words spoken in the sacred exorcism were powerful and resolute:

“I cast you out, unclean spirit,

along with every Satanic power of the enemy,

every specter from hell,

and all your fell companions;

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The spiritual battle between good and evil reached its apex at that moment. Maginot’s prayers and invocations echoed through the hallowed halls of the church, resolute in their determination to liberate Ammons from the clutches of malevolent forces.

The significance of the Latin exorcism carried a profound sense of tradition, evoking centuries of spiritual warfare waged against the darkness. Through faith and divine authority, the exorcism sought to drive away the demonic influences that had plagued the family and bring healing and deliverance to their troubled souls.

As the echoes of the exorcisms subsided, a sense of profound relief and hope permeated the atmosphere, for it was through these powerful rituals, the battle against the unexplained and the supernatural found its sacred ground. The forces of light asserted their resolute authority over the shadows that had haunted the Carolina Street house.

The Happy Ending of the Ammons Family Haunting

After the series of exorcisms, Latoya Ammons claimed that her nightmares had finally ceased. The demons that had tormented her and her family were seemingly driven away by the sacred rituals performed by Rev. Michael Maginot. The final exorcism took place at the end of June 2012, and it was conducted entirely in Latin, evoking the ancient traditions of the Catholic Church.

During the exorcisms, Ammons convulsed and experienced intense pain, indicating the struggle between the forces of good and evil. However, as Maginot continued to pray and berate the demons in Latin, Ammons’ convulsions lessened, and eventually, she fell asleep peacefully.

After the final exorcism, Ammons and her mother, Rosa Campbell, drove back to Indianapolis, where they claimed to be living without fear. Ammons’ nightmares had ceased, and they felt liberated from the malevolent forces that had plagued them.

The house on Carolina Street, which had been the epicenter of the bizarre and supernatural events, became a subject of curiosity for locals. The owner and landlord of the property, Charles Reed, even requested that police officers stop driving by the house as it was scaring his new tenant.

The case of Latoya Ammons and her family remains one of the most unusual and controversial cases involving alleged demonic possession and exorcisms. While skeptics have questioned the credibility of the claims, it has also drawn interest from believers in the paranormal and the religious community.

Despite the alleged demonic encounters and exorcisms, the official records and case evaluations by the Department of Child Services (DCS) did not find any evidence of demonic presence or spirits in the home.

Ammons family house being demolished in 2016

Ammons family house being demolished in 2016

In January 2013, DCS family case manager Christina Olejnik wrote in team meeting notes that no such entities existed in the house. Olejnik and her supervisor also noted that the family was no longer relying solely on religion to explain or cope with their children’s behavioral issues.

In the request for dismissal of wardship dated January 24, 2013, Ammons’ case was ultimately closed by the DCS, suggesting that they no longer saw a need for intervention or involvement in the family’s situation.

For her part, Latoya Ammons maintained that her problems were resolved through her faith in God and the exorcisms performed by Rev. Michael Maginot. She firmly believed in the reality of her experiences, encouraging others to consider that what might seem unbelievable to some was her lived reality.

The case of Ammons and her family remains an extraordinary and controversial one, with differing opinions on supernatural claims and the nature of the events that took place. The story has captivated the interest of many, leaving it open to interpretations and ongoing discussions.

That said, we are forever in battle with the forces of the Dark Lord, and I hope that each of my readers is equipped in this never-ending war.

Until next time.

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