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The Disturbing Truth about Epstein Island

The Horrors of Epstein Island
The Horrors of Epstein Island

Since the arrest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on July 6 on sex trafficking charges, there has been a fervent effort by the media to unravel the events at Little St. James, his 70-acre private island in the Caribbean. However, in the neighboring St. Thomas, local reports indicate that Epstein continued to transport underage girls to the island as recently as this year, a decade subsequent to his registration as a convicted sex offender, with apparent inaction from the authorities.

Two staff members employed at the St. Thomas airstrip disclosed to Vanity Fair their observations of Epstein boarding his private plane on numerous occasions, accompanied by young girls who seemed to be below the legal age of consent. These employees detailed that the girls arrived with Epstein on one of his two Gulfstream jets.

Flight records from January 2018 to June 2019 reveal that these jets were operational for at least one out of every three days, touching down in various global locations for brief periods: Paris, London, Slovakia, Mexico, Morocco. According to these airstrip employees, upon departing St. Thomas, the jets would often fly to airports close to Epstein’s residences in Palm Beach and New York City.

Where is the Epstein Island?

Jeffrey Epstein’s island, Little St James, is situated in the picturesque setting of the US Virgin Islands. This small island is surrounded by vibrant coral reefs in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Caribbean. It features a variety of natural landscapes, including sheltered inlets and lush forested areas that rise to form dramatic, windswept ridges and rugged cliffs.

Located just off the southeastern tip of St Thomas, Little St James is part of the Caribbean archipelago, which includes three main islands. The US Virgin Islands, including Little St James, hold a significant historical context.

They were acquired by the United States government from Denmark during the peak of World War I. This purchase was strategically aimed at preventing their use as a base for German submarines.

In contemporary times, the US Virgin Islands, including the area surrounding Little St James, are often recognized by financial experts as a tax haven. The region offers considerable incentives in the form of substantial reductions in both corporate and personal income taxes for companies that are established there.

This financial benefit has contributed to the islands’ reputation as a favorable location for business and wealth management.

Epstein’s island attracted an elite global clientele, including celebrities, scientists, and royals, who would arrive by private jet before transferring to a helicopter to reach the 75-acre haven in the US Virgin Islands.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein, the infamous billionaire and convicted sex offender, referred to it as “Little St Jeff,” while locals infamously dubbed it “Paedophile Island.” However, Little St James’s true nature has been a subject of intense scrutiny.

The US Virgin Islands’ Attorney General filed a criminal complaint characterizing the island as an ideal refuge for heinous crimes, describing it as “the perfect hideaway and haven for trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual servitude, child abuse, and sexual assault.”

According to the complaint, the secluded nature of the island allowed Epstein and his associates to conduct their illegal activities undetected by law enforcement, simultaneously trapping the young women and underage girls, preventing them from escaping the abuse.

The island played a significant role in the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell in December, where she was found guilty of five counts of sex trafficking and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and a fine of $750,000 on June 28.

In a recent development, May 2023 saw the sale of Little St James to a wealthy investor for less than half its initial asking price. The investor plans to transform this notorious location into a luxury resort.

Insider Views of the Epstein Island

A former air traffic controller at the airstrip, who wished to remain unidentified, recounted observing Epstein disembark from his helicopter and, in plain sight of the control tower, board his private jet accompanied by young girls. “On several occasions, I witnessed this,” the controller stated. A particular instance remains vividly etched in their memory due to the apparent youthfulness of the girls, who seemed no older than 16.

The controller noted Epstein’s agitated demeanor during this incident, as he tossed his jacket at one of the girls. Additionally, the girls were seen holding shopping bags from upscale stores, seemingly not available on the island, prompting the controller to ponder about their shopping locations.

Another employee at the airstrip, also preferring anonymity due to restrictions on discussing travelers in their official role, mentioned that Epstein’s visits to St. Thomas were quite frequent, averaging twice a month.

This employee recalled seeing girls who appeared to be of high school age, often dressed in college sweatshirts, which seemed to serve as a form of disguise. In contrast, Epstein typically wore a tracksuit, while the girls carried shopping bags from high-end fashion brands such as Gucci and Dior.

Epstein’s travels with young girls were apparently conducted without any attempt at concealment. The airstrip in St. Thomas is conspicuously located near a central highway, and a parking lot at the University of the Virgin Islands offers an unobstructed view of the tarmac and aircraft. When Epstein was on Little St. James, his plane was typically parked prominently in front of the control tower.

An employee commented on the brazen nature of these activities, noting that Epstein seemed almost to flaunt the presence of young girls transitioning from his helicopter to his plane. There was a general perception that his generous tipping influenced the overlooking of these actions.

Chauntae, top left, is pictured with other girls on the island

Chauntae, top left, is pictured with other girls on the island

Despite Epstein being listed as a sex offender on the island’s registry, it appears that local authorities did not investigate or intervene in his repeated trips with young girls. Chief William Harvey of the Virgin Islands police department, as reported by Vanity Fair, claimed ignorance of Epstein’s identity and any related investigation. Sammuel Sanes, a former senator for the Virgin Islands, also indicated a lack of awareness regarding any specific law enforcement measures to monitor Epstein’s jet arrivals and departures at St. Thomas, or the movements of his helicopter to and from his private island.

Epstein’s lawyers, maintaining his not guilty plea to sex trafficking charges, have denied any illegal activities involving underage women. However, island residents who observed Epstein’s actions remain astonished that a convicted pedophile could so openly continue traveling with young girls.

The former air traffic controller expressed a sense of collective disbelief and regret among colleagues about Epstein’s unchecked proximity to children. They refrained from reporting, assuming law enforcement was vigilant, but in hindsight, they regretted their inaction, compounded by uncertainty over whom to inform and whether it would be taken seriously.

Miles Alexander, who managed Little St James alongside his wife Cathy from 1999 to 2007, shared his perspective with The Daily Mail. He expressed a personal fondness for Epstein, despite not condoning the allegations against him.

“He was a very kind man and, while I don’t approve of things he’s been accused of, I liked him very much,” Alexander stated. The couple emphasized that their role on the island was centered around discretion, and they maintained that they did not witness any inappropriate behavior, thus feeling their conscience was clear.

Chauntae was raped by Epstein over several years, before she finally managed to escape his clutches in 2005

Chauntae was raped by Epstein over several years, before she finally managed to escape his clutches in 2005

The South African couple also provided insights into Epstein’s personal habits on the island. They described how Epstein preferred not to eat meals in public. Instead, he opted for snacks in the privacy of his room, where he also received daily massages.

The Alexanders underscored that disturbing Epstein in his room was strictly off-limits, although they did once discover a box of sex toys during his absence.

When the Alexanders were initially employed, they were told unequivocally about the priority of Epstein’s wishes: “What Jeffrey Wants, Jeffrey gets.” This directive underscored the emphasis on catering to Epstein’s preferences and requirements during their tenure managing the island.

The Dark Life of Jeffrey Epstein

In the US Virgin Islands, Jeffrey Epstein registered as a sex offender in 2010, following his 2008 conviction for child prostitution. He also established his shell companies in a nondescript office located within a coastal strip mall on St Thomas, situated among other businesses such as Sam’s Mini-Mart and a salon named Happy Nails.

Epstein’s acquisition of Little St James dates back to 1998, when he purchased it from venture capitalist Arch Cummin. The transaction, conducted through a shell company, reportedly cost just under $8 million (£6 million).

Once the island was under his ownership, Epstein embarked on significant modifications, including the removal of native vegetation, which he replaced with 40-foot palm trees.

Epstein is seen nonchalantly talking on the phone while being massaged by assistent Sarah Kellen

Epstein is seen nonchalantly talking on the phone while being massaged by assistent Sarah Kellen

Beginning in 2007, Epstein initiated an extensive building and renovation project on the island, raising eyebrows among local officials. The main compound nearly doubled in size under his direction, evolving into a luxurious mansion. This mansion featured an external terrace that linked the master bedroom with the swimming pool and incorporated a desalination system.

Satellite imagery reveals a comprehensive layout of the island, showcasing a complex network of terraces, cottages, beach houses, swimming pools, docks, utility buildings, and a helipad. Additionally, the island boasts amenities such as a tennis court, slipways, an enclosed lake or lagoon, and various structures of unspecified purpose.

These facilities are connected by palm-lined roads, where golf buggies were used to transport guests around the island, a journey that reportedly took about five minutes.

Life on Epstein Island

In the period leading up to his 2008 conviction, Jeffrey Epstein frequented Little St James, visiting the island about two or three times a month and often staying for several days. A former employee depicted the island as a “Zen-like retreat,” where Epstein would wander around in flip-flops, immersed in an atmosphere filled with meditative music.

The scene often included women, many sunbathing topless, contributing to the island’s leisurely and relaxed ambiance.

The presence of women on the island was a constant, with many being strikingly attractive and some appearing questionably young. These women were often seen accompanying Epstein or one of his numerous guests. At times, groups of women were transported to the island aboard a 38-foot boat named the Lady Ghislaine, reportedly named after Epstein’s long-time associate, Ghislaine Maxwell.

A list of Epstein Clients

A list of Epstein Clients

The island maintained a sizable staff of approximately 70 individuals, encompassing various roles from groundskeepers and gardeners to laundry workers and on-call boat captains. The staff, identified by their black or white polo shirts, were bound by a strict code of secrecy.

They were instructed to remain out of Epstein’s sight while performing their duties and were expressly prohibited from entering either of his two offices located in the main manor, one of which contained a highly secure steel safe.

According to a report by The LA Times, Epstein also harbored a fascination with what he termed “pirate treasure.” This term referred to old rum bottles and crockery unearthed around the island. Epstein incentivized his servants by offering payments ranging from $100 to $1,000 for the discovery of such items in good condition.

The List of Guests on Epstein Island

Jeffrey Epstein’s island, Little St James, was known to host a variety of high-profile guests. Among the notable figures reportedly entertained by Epstein were Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist; Lawrence Krauss, a Nobel laureate; comedian Chris Tucker; actor Kevin Spacey; Les Wexner, the magnate behind Victoria’s Secret; model Naomi Campbell; Lord Peter Mandelson, a former aide to Tony Blair; and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom.

Bill Clinton has been mentioned as a possible guest, though he has denied ever visiting the island. While Donald Trump is reported to have flown on one of Epstein’s private jets, it remains unclear whether he ever set foot on Little St James. Additionally, it is rumored that the magician David Copperfield proposed to supermodel Claudia Schiffer on the island.

Guests arriving at Epstein’s island typically flew into Cyril E King Airport on St Thomas via one of Epstein’s Gulfstream jets. This arrival was facilitated through a private section of the airport, distinct from the main runway. Following their arrival, guests were then transported to Little St James aboard one of Epstein’s black helicopters. This process ensured a degree of privacy and exclusivity for the guests traveling to the island.

Jeffrey Epstein was known for his lavish hospitality towards his guests, with one notable example being his arrangement for a specially modified submarine to offer a seabed tour to Professor Stephen Hawking. This was a particularly unique experience for Hawking, who had never been underwater previously.

Renowned British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking enjoys a barbecue on Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean island Little St James while attending a conference on St Thomas in March 2006

Renowned British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking enjoys a barbecue on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island Little St James while attending a conference on St Thomas in March 2006

A former employee likened the experience of staying on Epstein’s island to that of a “five-star hotel where nobody paid,” highlighting the exceptional level of service and amenities provided, often without charge to the guests.

Cathy Alexander, who co-managed the island with her husband, shared her memories of some of the guests, particularly Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom. She recalled him as one of the more affable visitors, describing him as “great fun and very undemanding.”

Ms. Alexander also remembered a generous gesture from Prince Andrew, who gave her a $350 tip, a notable act of kindness, as she observed that such gestures were not common among other guests on the island. This incident stood out to her as an exception in the context of her overall experience with the island’s visitors.

The Dark Activities at Epstein Island

Indeed, there was a significant amount of local speculation and concern regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s activities on St Thomas. His private jets were colloquially referred to as “the Lolita Express” by the locals, hinting at the nature of his infamous trips. This moniker underscores the community’s awareness and disquiet about the possible implications of Epstein’s frequent visits.

The presence of security guards, particularly when scuba divers approached the vicinity of the island, further fueled these suspicions. Reports suggest that these guards would promptly appear to patrol the water’s edge, indicating a high level of security and privacy around the island.

Epstein’s extensive building projects on the island required a considerable workforce, with about 200 workers being transported to and from the island daily at one point. One of these workers, in a statement to the Associated Press, described the atmosphere during Epstein’s stays: “When he was there, it was keep to yourself and do your thing.” The worker also mentioned that Epstein occasionally distributed old or surplus materials.

The activities on Epstein’s jets were not unnoticed by the airport staff on St Thomas. A former air traffic controller recounted witnessing Epstein exiting his helicopter on the tarmac, clearly visible from the control tower, and boarding his private jet accompanied by young girls, indicating a blatant disregard for discretion in these actions.

This observation by the air traffic controller further corroborates the unsettling nature of Epstein’s visits and the company he kept during these flights.

The events that transpired on Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St James Island are the subject of intense legal scrutiny and numerous ongoing court cases, with the allegations being profoundly disturbing.

Central to these allegations is a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse. According to her claim, Little St James was a hub for a global grooming operation. In this scheme, recruiters on behalf of Epstein allegedly targeted vulnerable young women, exploiting their hopes and fears.

They were purportedly enticed with demonstrations of immense wealth and power, only to be coerced into having sex with Epstein’s clients. This coercion reportedly involved the use of threats and blackmail to maintain control over the victims.

Giuffre asserted that she was sexually abused by Prince Andrew on Little St James when she was 17, a claim that Prince Andrew has “unequivocally denied.” The legal dispute between Andrew and Giuffre was resolved when they settled her lawsuit against him on February 15, thereby concluding the lengthy legal battle in a New York court.

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan

The attorney general’s office of the Virgin Islands has put forward similar accusations. Their claim states that between 2001 and 2019, the so-called “Epstein Enterprise” was involved in transporting underage girls and young women to the Virgin Islands.

From there, they were taken to Little St James via helicopter or private vessel, where they were allegedly forced into sexual servitude. The victims were purportedly compelled to engage in sexual acts and coerced into commercial sexual activity and forced labor.

To facilitate these illegal activities, Epstein is said to have collaborated with various individuals and companies. These associates were allegedly willing to participate in, facilitate, and conceal Epstein’s criminal activities in exchange for financial and other benefits, including sexual services and forced labor from the victims.

This complex web of alleged exploitation and coercion forms the crux of the ongoing investigations and legal proceedings surrounding Epstein’s actions and his network.

The complaint lodged against Jeffrey Epstein paints a chilling picture of a vast and intricate network of sex trafficking that extended well beyond Little St James Island. According to the complaint, the island was merely a node in a global web involving private flights that transported victims of sex trafficking to various international destinations, including London, Paris, Tangier, Granada, St. Louis, Palm Beach, and Atlantic City. Alarmingly, it is alleged that some of these victims were as young as 12 years old.

The complaint further contends that Little St James functioned effectively as a prison for these victims. Epstein is accused of exerting total control over all communication with the outside world, effectively isolating and trapping the victims on the island. A particularly harrowing incident is cited, where a 15-year-old girl reportedly attempted to escape the island by swimming away, only to be recaptured by a search party organized by Epstein. Her passport was then allegedly confiscated, further impeding her ability to leave.

Denise George, the Attorney General in 2020, highlighted the unique challenges posed by Epstein’s ownership of the entire island, remarking, “Remember, he owns a whole island. So it wasn’t a situation where a child or a young woman would be able just to break away and run down the street to the nearest police station.”

An alleged victim, in an interview with CBS News, recounted a harrowing experience of being raped in Epstein’s office in St Thomas. She also described Epstein’s bedroom on Little St James, where a gun was reportedly strapped to the bedpost, a detail that adds a layer of menace and control to the alleged abuse.

Moreover, the complaint alleges that Epstein maintained a computerized list of underage girls located in or near the Virgin Islands, who could be brought to the island for illicit purposes. This systematic approach to trafficking and exploitation underscores the severity and premeditated nature of the alleged crimes, forming the basis of ongoing legal investigations and court proceedings.

Some of the members of Epstein’s List

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, was connected to Jeffrey Epstein through a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase. According to a legal filing from the U.S. Southern District of New York, Brin was introduced to former JPMorgan executive Jes Staley by Epstein around 2004 and became a client with the bank about a year later.

The lawsuit alleges that Epstein helped bring several wealthy clients to JPMorgan Chase, including Brin. This connection made Brin one of the biggest clients at JPMorgan at the time, with a relationship valued at over $4 billion. The details of this connection emerged from various lawsuits linking JPMorgan & Chase & Co to Epstein, the convicted sex trafficker.

Robert Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr., a notable public figure, has acknowledged that he flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane twice. In a Fox News interview, Kennedy detailed these instances. The first flight, as he recounted, was in 1993 to Palm Beach, Florida, for an Easter visit with his wife and two children to see his mother. He mentioned that his wife at the time, Mary Richardson, had some sort of connection with Ghislaine Maxwell. The second trip, also with Richardson and his four children, was for fossil-hunting in South Dakota.

However, Epstein’s flight logs from the early 1990s indicate some discrepancies with Kennedy’s account. According to the logs, RFK Jr. and family members flew with Epstein and Maxwell from Teterboro Airport to Florida on February 17, and they returned on February 27. This timeline is notably different from the Easter holiday timeframe Kennedy mentioned. Additionally, there is no record in the publicly available Epstein flight logs of the Kennedy family’s trip to South Dakota for fossil collecting.

These details add to the complex narrative of Epstein’s associations with various high-profile individuals, highlighting the importance of cross-referencing accounts with documented evidence like flight logs. The context and nature of these flights, as well as the relationships between Epstein and his passengers, remain a subject of public interest and scrutiny.

Cecile de Jongh

According to court filings by JPMorgan Chase, Cecile de Jongh, former First Lady of the U.S. Virgin Islands, allegedly worked for Jeffrey Epstein starting in 2000. While her husband, John de Jongh, was governor (2007-2015), she reportedly assisted in arranging visas for some of Epstein’s victims.

JPMorgan’s filings claim that de Jongh facilitated the acquisition of student visas by organizing special classes at the University of the Virgin Islands, including an English as a Second Language (ESL) course tailored for these individuals. In an email to Epstein in June 2013, de Jongh mentioned coordinating the class around “the ladies,” indicating her involvement in this process.

Ehud Barak

Ehud Barak, a former Israeli Prime Minister, was frequently present at Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse from 2013 to 2017, often meeting with Epstein on a monthly basis. Barak also flew on Epstein’s jet. When contacted by the Journal, Barak confirmed meeting Epstein during his visits to New York City, where Epstein introduced him to various notable individuals from different fields.

Barak emphasized that his interactions with Epstein never involved girls, minors, or women in any inappropriate context or behavior.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ connection with Jeffrey Epstein involved an affair Gates had with Mila Antonova, a bridge player, in the early 2010s. Epstein attempted to use his knowledge of this affair to his advantage. Antonova, introduced to Epstein by Boris Nikolic, Gates’ then-scientific adviser, in 2013, sought funding for a bridge-related start-up.

While Epstein didn’t fund the start-up, he did pay for Antonova’s coding school. In 2017, after the end of Gates-Antonova’s relationship, Epstein emailed Gates, implying he could expose the affair if Gates didn’t maintain their association. Gates, however, didn’t comply with Epstein’s request. Antonova and Nikolic later expressed regret and disgust over their association with Epstein.

William Burns

In 2014, while serving as the deputy secretary of State, William Burns had three scheduled meetings with Epstein, as indicated by the documents. These meetings took place in both Washington, D.C., and New York, including a lunch at Steptoe & Johnson’s office and two evening appointments at Epstein’s townhouse.

Following one of these meetings, Epstein’s driver was planned to take Burns to the airport. Burns left the State Department later that year. In 2021, he was nominated by President Biden as the CIA director. CIA spokesperson Tammy Kupperman Thorp stated that Burns had no relationship with Epstein, knowing him only as a financial services expert who offered career transition advice.

Ariane de Rothschild

Ariane de Rothschild, chairwoman of the Edmond de Rothschild Group, had more than a dozen business-related meetings with Jeffrey Epstein between 2013 and 2019. Contrary to previous claims by the bank, these meetings involved discussions about staffing, business deals, and risk analysis.

In 2013, de Rothschild assisted Epstein in finding an assistant, and in the following years, she conducted significant transactions on his behalf. The bank later admitted its 2019 denial of ties with Epstein was inaccurate and acknowledged Epstein’s contributions in finance and estate management advice.

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