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The N844AA — The Boeing 727 That Vanished

The N844AA airliner case remains a mystery to this day
The N844AA airliner case remains a mystery to this day

On that ominous day of May 25, 2003, darkness crept in as two shadowy figures crept aboard the N844AA Boeing 727 at Aeroporto Quatro de Fevereiro in Luanda, Angola.

The forward door of the trijet slammed shut, and the engines roared to life, drowning out the control tower’s desperate calls for explanation on the unauthorized takeoff.

Without warning or clearance, the aircraft soared into the night, vanishing into the abyss of the southwest Atlantic Ocean.

The eerie silence that followed was only punctuated by the chilling realization that the 727 and its occupants had disappeared without a trace, despite the tireless efforts of the FBI and CIA.

What happened on board that ill-fated flight remains a mystery that will haunt us forevermore.

What Happened to the N844AA Aircraft?

May of 2003 was a time of heightened anxiety and fear for many, as the world was still reeling from the devastating events of September 11, 2001, and the armed forces of the United States and their allies were engaged in a conflict in Iraq.

Against this backdrop, the disappearance of the Boeing 727 with registration number N844AA sparked concerns that it could have been used for a terrorist attack similar to the one that had destroyed the Twin Towers in New York City.

The potential threat posed by the missing 727 prompted an intensive search effort that spanned vast areas of the ocean and African forests in several countries, as well as dozens of airports in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The search involved the coordinated efforts of multiple agencies, including the FBI and the CIA, as well as local authorities and international organizations. However, despite the exhaustive search, no trace of the missing trijet or crew was ever found (at least, not officially).

The hunt for the Boeing and its crew continued for two years as authorities pursued every possible lead and explored every avenue of investigation. However, despite their best efforts, the case eventually had to be considered formally closed, leaving the fate of the missing aircraft and its occupants shrouded in mystery and uncertainty.

Before it disappeared, the 727, N844AA, delivered fuel to diamond mines, where there were only clay landing strips.

Before it disappeared, the 727, N844AA, was meant to deliver fuel to diamond mines, where there were only clay landing strips. It is unknown where this photograph was taken

And despite the passage of 20 years since that fateful May evening, there has yet to be any solid evidence or theories. One of the men was Ben Charles Padilla, a US citizen and flight engineer from Florida who held a private pilot’s license.

The other was a mechanic named John Mikel Mutantu from the Republic of Congo, whom Padilla had hired to assist him in the aircraft’s maintenance. Along with Angolan mechanics, the two men worked tirelessly to restore the 727-223 to flight-ready status.

The aircraft, bearing the tail number N844AA, had previously served with American Airlines and retained its basic red, white, and blue striped livery along the fuselage.

Despite the efforts of multiple agencies and organizations, the mystery of the missing trijet and its crew has endured, leaving many unanswered questions and fueling speculation and conjecture.

The missing N844AA trijet had a dark and ominous history that only adds to the horror of its disappearance. At the time it vanished, the aircraft was being leased by a South African businessman named Keith Irwin, who had acquired it just a year earlier from Aerospace Sales and Leasing, a Miami-based company owned by Maury Joseph.

Irwin had grand plans for the aircraft, intending to use it to deliver diesel fuel to diamond mines in Angola. To accomplish this task, the N844AA was stripped of almost all its interiors, including the seats, and fitted with diesel fuel tanks in the former passenger cabin.

However, Irwin’s grand scheme was short-lived, as he soon defaulted on his payments and was forced to relinquish the aircraft.

In early 2003, Maury Joseph had finally found a buyer for the aircraft, a South African businessman named Keith Irwin.

Joseph hired a small crew, led by Ben Charles Padilla, to prepare the 727 for flight after it had spent months parked at the airport in Luanda.

Just two days before the flight was scheduled to take off, the N844AA was moved from the hangar to the apron, where it was filled with 14,000 gallons of A-1 jet fuel – enough to travel up to 1,500 miles.

A lookout notice for Ben Charles Padilla

A lookout notice for Ben Charles Padilla

In the aftermath of the Boeing 727’s disappearance, the mystery deepens as to what happened to Ben Charles Padilla and John Mikel Mutantu. Padilla, a father of children in Florida, may have had the motive to vanish without a trace.

Still, his family holds another possibility: he and Mutantu were abducted by other individuals already on board the aircraft.

If this theory holds any truth, Padilla and Mutantu could have landed the 727 as directed by their captors, only to meet a gruesome fate at their hands.

However, the truth behind their disappearance remains unknown.

Theories Regarding the Disappearance

Maury Joseph, a notorious figure in the aircraft leasing business, had a history of fraudulent activity. In the case of N844AA, Joseph had leased the aircraft to South African businessman Keith Irwin, who failed to meet his contractual obligations.

Over a year went by, the aircraft remained idle, and Joseph incurred millions in unpaid airport fees. Some investigators suspected Joseph may have hired Ben Charles Padilla as part of an insurance scam to recoup his losses. However, Joseph had a reputation for shady dealings.

The Securities and Exchange Commission had previously fined and banned him from ever serving as an officer in a publicly held company for falsifying financial statements and defrauding investors. Despite this, Joseph contacted the FBI and volunteered to take a lie detector test. Joseph passed to the investigators’ surprise, leaving them wondering whether they were on the right track after all.


Without any sign of wreckage or debris, despite extensive searches in Angola and neighboring countries, it seems likely that the Boeing 727, flying under cover of night with its transponder turned off and flying low to avoid radar detection, was flown to one of several airstrips located just outside the Angolan border, possibly in Congo or Zambia, and then carefully concealed and dismantled for parts.

This conclusion is further supported by the fact that the aircraft had been stripped of its interiors and fitted with diesel fuel tanks, suggesting that it was intended for illicit purposes.

Possible Hijack for a Terror Attack

The shadowy circumstances surrounding the vanishing of N844AA remain a haunting enigma, especially given the backdrop of the US fight against terrorism in 2003. The 727’s flight engineer, Ben Charles Padilla, and the mechanic he hired, John Mikel Mutantu, may have boarded the plane for what they thought would be just another day’s work, only to be taken hostage by unknown parties with ominous intentions.

It’s possible that the plane was intended for use in a terrorist attack, but thankfully, if that was the case, the perpetrators were unsuccessful in carrying out their plan. Nevertheless, with the US government’s investigation officially closed, the mystery remains unsolved, leaving many questions unanswered and minds unsettled.

N844AA Was Shot Down

One theory is that the aircraft was shot down over the sea. This theory posits that the aircraft was targeted by a missile and destroyed intentionally before concealing the truth about it.

One of the critical pieces of evidence supporting this theory is that the aircraft disappeared from radar screens without any distress signal or communication from the cockpit. This suggests that something catastrophic happened very quickly, and the sudden loss of contact is consistent with a missile strike.

Additionally, there were unverified reports of a loud explosion in the area when the aircraft disappeared.

Another factor that supports the theory of a missile strike is the political and military situation in the region at the time. Angola was amid a civil war, and several rebel groups were operating around the airport. It is possible that one of these groups may have had access to missiles and targeted the aircraft.

It is also quite possible that an aircraft that was possibly hijacked and on a rogue mission could be neutralized by countries like the US, especially in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

However, several factors argue against the idea of a missile strike. For one thing, no debris from the aircraft has ever been found. If the aircraft had been shot down, there would likely be some evidence of this, such as wreckage or bodies.

A Boeing 727, similar to the aircraft involved in the theft

A Boeing 727, similar to the aircraft involved in the theft

Additionally, there were no reports of any missile activity in the area around the time of the disappearance, though it can easily be shot down with a fighter jet.

Another argument against the missile theory is the fact that the U.S. government, which had a keen interest in the case due to the presence of a U.S. citizen onboard, conducted an extensive search of the area using satellite imagery and other means. If the aircraft had been shot down, it seems likely that some evidence of this would have been found during this search.

While the theory that N844AA was shot down over the sea is undoubtedly plausible, no conclusive evidence supports this hypothesis. The lack of any debris or evidence of a missile strike, combined with the extensive search conducted by the U.S. government, makes it unlikely that this theory is correct.

Nonetheless, the mystery of what happened to N844AA and the two men onboard continues to intrigue aviation enthusiasts and investigators alike, and it remains possible that the truth will be uncovered one day.

The Aircraft is In Angola or Another African Country

One of the theories regarding the fate of N844AA is that it was flown to an airstrip in Angola, just outside the border, and hidden before being sold for parts. This theory suggests that the aircraft was stolen and flown under the cover of darkness to avoid detection by radar.

It is also believed that the aircraft was flown at a low altitude and with its transponder turned off to further evade detection.

Angola is a vast and sparsely populated country with several remote and unmonitored airstrips, making it an ideal location to hide a stolen aircraft. Furthermore, Angola has a long history of civil unrest and illegal arms trade, which could provide a ready market for stolen aircraft parts.

One of the mining towns where 844AA delivered diesel fuel for generators.

One of the mining towns where 844AA delivered diesel fuel for generators.

Several reported sightings of the aircraft in Angola have been reported, although none have been substantiated. One of the most compelling reports comes from a group of diamond miners who claimed to have seen the aircraft in Menongue, near the border with Zambia. The miners claimed the aircraft had been stripped down and used as a makeshift hangar.

Another report suggests that the aircraft was sold to a local businessman who had it dismantled and shipped out of Angola piece by piece. However, this claim has yet to be confirmed. The Smithsonian extensively covered this in 2010, with pictures of an aircraft in the mud.

Despite these reports, no concrete evidence has supported the theory that the aircraft is in Angola. The lack of a definitive conclusion to the case has led to continued speculation and conspiracy theories.

Concluding this Mystery

The disappearance of N844AA and the two men aboard it, Ben Charles Padilla and John Mikel Mutantu remains a mystery to this day. Despite extensive investigations by multiple agencies, including the FBI and the Angolan Civil Aviation Authority, conclusive evidence has yet to be found.

Theories range from the aircraft being stolen for parts to being used for terrorism or other criminal activity.

The circumstances surrounding the leasing and subsequent disappearance of N844AA are murky at best. Maury Joseph, the owner of Aerospace Sales and Leasing, had a history of fraud and was suspected of hiring Padilla as part of an insurance scheme to recoup his losses.

With the right main gear stuck in dirt, workers from an Angolan mining town help to shift fuel to the left wing and dig the airplane out. It is believed that this is the N844AA

With the right main gear stuck in dirt, workers from an Angolan mining town help to shift fuel to the left wing and dig the airplane out. It is believed that this is the N844AA

However, Joseph passed a lie detector test and was cleared of involvement in the aircraft’s disappearance.

The families of Padilla and Mutantu continue to seek answers and closure, but after 18 years, it seems unlikely that the truth will ever be uncovered.

The disappearance of N844AA remains a haunting reminder of the mysteries that still exist in our world and the seemingly endless capacity of human beings to commit unspeakable acts of violence and deception.

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