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The Bleeding House of Atlanta: How a House Started to Bleed in September 1987

The Mystery of the Bleeding House of Atlanta Has Baffled People for Decades
The Mystery of the Bleeding House of Atlanta Has Baffled People for Decades

The Bleeding House of Atlanta would leave even the skeptics scratching their heads. The episode started when 77-year-old Minnie Winston got out of the bath on the chilly, windy night of September 8, 1987, and saw blood all over the floor. Worried, she hurried to check on her 79-year-old husband William, and to her relief, found that he was okay and sleeping in the bedroom. However, though her relief subsided, the unsettling question persisted. If her husband was fine and as concerned as she was, where was the blood from?

When the two set out to examine the blood’s origin, they were alarmed to find that more blood was seeping out of the walls, the floorboards, the corridors, and the kitchen. They even saw blood ooze through the crawlspace.

The pair dialed 911 right away.

But when the cops showed up, they were bombarded with more questions than they got any answers. No one had been wounded, and there had been no recent visitors. So how did blood get inside the house? Initially, the cops believed it to be a rodent, but they soon understood that things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

The Bleeding House of Atlanta: A Horror Story In The Making

The responding police car arrived at 1114 Fountain Drive in Atlanta to find a gruesome scene. There was blood on the floors and in the rooms. Now, before I continue, I would like to make a clarification. You’re probably picturing something right out of a slasher movie. Contrarily, though there was blood, it was in small drops, like a trail.

Although the trials came to an end, no offenders were found. Additionally, it appeared as though the bleeder was teleporting about the house because blood also appeared at unexpected locations. Though there was initially a strong suspicion of a break-in, the police were unable to confirm it. According to all accounts, however, the home appeared to be bleeding from an invisible phantom.

The House In Atlanta. The House Still Stands In Fountain Drive

The House In Atlanta. The House Still Stands In Fountain Drive

The police asked the couple to keep the doors and windows secure and shut before taking the blood samples as per protocol. Even though they were perplexed, the police believed that the elderly couple or an injured rodent was responsible for the blood, and they sent it to the lab to have it tested. They were in for a rude surprise. Not only was it human blood, but it also belonged to a completely different, unidentified person.

Possible Explanation and Motives

While there are countless theories, from the supernatural to the paranormal, there are a few that has some form of evidence and plausible explanations backing them up. One of them—and now the most popular one—is that it was a sophisticated hoax. The elderly couple and their adult children are the two primary suspects.

According to sources, things weren’t agreeable between them of late, and many believe it was a cruel plan devised by the daughter of the duo to declare her parents mentally incapable and to inherit their assets. This seems like something Janice Soprano would be capable of. The opposing hypothesis blames William, a dialysis patient. The blood event can be interpreted as a ruse to get his kids’ attention.

From the Archives: The Blood Stains Reported At the Basement of The House

From the Archives: The Blood Stains Reported At the Basement of The House

Winnie, however, appears to be off the list of suspects because she is still convinced that the liquid is not blood but rather rust and water together. She didn’t like the attention and the press the house was getting from the entire incident and was in denial about the truth, stating that she’d move out of the house if it were blood. She was a firm believer and didn’t want anything to do with a paranormal house.

Since that dreadful day in September 1987, there haven’t been any such instances. And since then, hundreds of inquisitive people have tried to peep inside the Bleeding House of Atlanta, as it became to be known. The elderly couple lived in the house until they passed away, with William in 1989 and Minnie in 2015 at the ripe old age of 105.

The Newspaper Headlines on the case

The Newspaper Headlines on the case

Thirty-five years have now passed since blood sports appeared at 114 Fountain Drive, Atlanta. There hasn’t been any progress made in the case so far. Nobody is really sure what happened in that house that evening, despite the existence of hundreds of plausible explanations, and neither has there been any comparable occurrences to draw comparisons.

And to be completely honest, many doubt that a suitable answer will ever exist.

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Abin Tom Sebastian, also known as Mr. Morbid in the community, is an avid fan of the paranormal and the dark history of the world. He believes that sharing these stories and histories are essential for the future generations. For god forbid, we have seen that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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