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Mythology and Cryptids

The Pigman of Northfield: A Terrifying Urban Legend

The Pigman of Northfield is still in the woods of Vermont
The Pigman of Northfield is still in the woods of Vermont

If you’re a fan of horror stories, you might have heard of the Pigman of Northfield. This urban legend has been circulating in Vermont for decades and has gained quite a reputation for its terrifying and gruesome nature.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Pigman of Northfield, its origins, and the horrifying events that have allegedly occurred. The “Pigman” of Northfield, Vermont is a legend that has been passed down through the years in the town of Northfield.

According to the legend, the Pigman was a humanoid creature that was half-man and half-pig, and was said to roam the woods and fields of Northfield.

The legend of the Pigman is often told as a cautionary tale to young children, warning them not to wander off into the woods alone. Some versions of the story say that the Pigman would kidnap or harm anyone who crossed his path, while others claim that he was simply a mischievous and playful creature.

The Origins and the Legend of the Pigman of Northfield

The Pigman of Northfield is an urban legend in Northfield, Vermont, and there are many versions of how the Pigman came to be. According to the legend, a man lived in the woods outside of town and had a peculiar appearance – his face resembled a pig.

The man was said to be reclusive, rarely venturing into town, and when he did, he was met with fear and hostility from the locals.

The legend goes that the Pigman was once an ordinary man who worked as a butcher. One day, a tragic accident occurred in his shop, and he was severely injured.

The Northfield Pigman has a terrifying legend behind it.

The Northfield Pigman has a terrifying legend behind it.

As a result of the accident, he was left disfigured, with a face that looked like that of a pig. After the accident, the Pigman retreated to the woods and became a recluse.

Another far more famous story has Sam Harris, a teenager, as the Pigman. Sam left with eggs in hand on October 30, 1951, the night before Halloween, for what he called Picket Night, a night of mischief.

His parents discovered him missing the following morning, which sparked a massive search effort that involved hundreds of locals and covered hundreds of square miles. The search effort lasted weeks. Sam is rumored to have been seen, though he was never located; some claim he was possessed by the Devil himself that fateful night.

Sam Harris is infamous for frightening the residents of the New England town by butchering pigs, eating their guts, and wearing the head over himself. It’s said that Sam still prowls the hillsides near Devil’s Washbowl.

According to rumors, he has affairs with pigs and is a bestial breeder of children who is half man and half pig. Although there is no photographic proof of the Pigman, folklorist Joseph Citro’s novels “Green Mountains, Dark Tales,” “Weird New England,” and “Vermont Horror Comics” have multiple claims of sightings.

The Horrifying Events

Over the years, numerous reports of strange occurrences and sightings have occurred in the woods outside of Northfield. Many people have seen the Pigman wandering around, and others have heard strange noises and scream from the woods.

But the most disturbing stories are the ones that involve people encountering the Pigman up close.

Years after the Sam Harris incident, during a dance, some high school students were drinking behind the school when this… thing… emerged from the woods on two human legs. It was covered in white hair, nude, and sporting a mask-like pig’s head that had been hollowed out.

The kids immediately bolted from the area and ran off to inform others. As word spread, a farmer revealed he’d once seen someone fitting that description searching through his trash. Moreover, a few piglets had just vanished.

Citro claims that a farmer in Northfield reported another sighting. When he heard the noise, the farmer thought it was a raccoon or dog rustling around in his trash cans.

Sam Harris was a mischievous teenager who disappeared on the woods of Northfield on Halloween

Sam Harris was a mischievous teenager who disappeared on the woods of Northfield on Halloween

Citro stated that the man “grabbed his shotgun and stepped out onto his porch to frighten the monster away.” And as it turned to face him, it revealed a vile pig’s face.

There were other reports of the Pigman, although frequently, the reports were created by children trying to attract attention.

Several stories of people claim to have been chased or attacked by the Pigman. One story tells of a group of teenagers camping in the woods and awoken in the middle of the night by twigs snapping. When they went outside to investigate, they saw the Pigman standing in the distance, staring at them.

The teenagers returned to their car, but the Pigman chased them. They eventually escaped from the woods.

Another story tells of a woman driving home late at night and saw the Pigman standing on the side of the road. She slowed down to take a closer look, and the Pigman suddenly lunged at her car, leaving deep scratches in the paint. The woman sped away, terrified and shaken.


The Pigman of Northfield is a terrifying urban legend that has scared people for years. While there’s no concrete evidence to support the existence of the Pigman, the stories and sightings continue to circulate, adding to the legend’s mystique.

Sam Harris is probably simply a ghost story for Halloween, although other people think it might be a Woodwose or Bigfoot. It might belong to the same species as The Pig-Man of Cannock Chase if it exists.

The Pigman is always on the prowl in the woods near his lair

The Pigman is always on the prowl in the woods near his lair

Whether or not you believe in the Pigman, there’s no denying that the stories are chilling and leave a lasting impression on those who hear them. So if you’re ever in the woods outside of Northfield, keep an eye out for the Pigman – you never know when he might be lurking around the corner.

RIP Sam Harris.

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Abin Tom Sebastian, also known as Mr. Morbid in the community, is an avid fan of the paranormal and the dark history of the world. He believes that sharing these stories and histories are essential for the future generations. For god forbid, we have seen that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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