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True Crime

Daniel LaPlante, When Evil Takes a Human Form

Daniel LaPlante is serial killer who deserves to rot in jail
Daniel LaPlante is serial killer who deserves to rot in jail

In the unsettling saga that follows, we delve into the sinister chronicles of Daniel LaPlante, a name that’s become synonymous with the darkest corners of human history. With a chilling mastery of malevolence, he embarked on a campaign of terror that defies comprehension, inflicting unspeakable horrors upon an unsuspecting family.

The story begins with a family tormented by an invisible presence within their own walls. For weeks on end, they endured an ordeal that left them haunted and broken. But this was only a prelude to the heinous act that would forever mark the year 1987 as a time of unspeakable tragedy.

Daniel LaPlante, a mere seventeen years of age, forever altered the course of countless lives as he unleashed a wave of brutality upon the tranquil town of Townsend, Massachusetts. In an act of unparalleled maleficence, he snuffed out the lives of Priscilla Gustafson, a pregnant woman, and her two innocent children. Yet, even amidst the horror of that event, the collective memory was stirred by a prior year’s incident—a bone-chilling episode in which LaPlante insidiously infiltrated another family’s home, casting a pall of fear over their lives.

A seasoned criminal, LaPlante had meticulously sowed the seeds of psychological terror, ensnaring the minds of those in Townsend and its environs. However, the culmination of his malevolent deeds echoed loudest on a fateful day—December 1, 1987—forever branding him as an architect of irredeemable darkness.

His fate: an existence confined within prison walls, a frail attempt at retribution for the lives forever shattered by his hands.

The Early Life of Daniel LaPlante

Born on the 15th of May, 1970, in Townsend, Massachusetts, Daniel LaPlante’s early life was marred by purported episodes of traumatic psychological and sexual abuse. These distressing experiences were inflicted first by his father during childhood and later, during his teenage years, by his psychiatrist.

LaPlante’s upbringing occurred in an environment characterized by notable disorder. The family residence and its surrounding premises were reportedly strewn with discarded items and old vehicles, painting a picture of disarray.

His educational path led him to St. Bernard’s High School in Fitchburg, where both students and faculty portrayed him as an introvert. This solitary figure did not readily engage in sociable interactions.

As the 1980s unfolded, a sense of unease began to take root among neighbors. Reports emerged of LaPlante frequently embarking on solitary expeditions into the wooded expanse that lay behind his residence.

These observations prompted a concerned neighbor to reflect, as recounted by the Boston Globe: “You’d see him venture out there alone. The woods seemed to be his solitary destination.”

Having been diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder by the very psychiatrist who allegedly subjected him to sexual abuse, LaPlante’s journey took a troubling turn. By age 15, he had already morphed into a local purveyor of theft, targeting the neighborhoods surrounding him.

Daniel LaPlante was just 17 when he committed one of the most horrifying murders Massachusetts had ever seen.

Daniel LaPlante was just 17 when he committed one of the most horrifying murders Massachusetts had ever seen.

Under the cover of twilight, he would stealthily infiltrate homes in Townsend, making off with the precious possessions of the occupants. However, this was merely a prelude to a more disturbing phase.

LaPlante’s malevolent inclinations escalated as he embarked on a campaign of psychological manipulation. He initiated a series of unsettling tactics, strategically leaving objects behind and unsettlingly rearranging items within his neighbors’ homes. These calculated acts aimed to provoke fear and distress, casting a pall over the once-tranquil community.

The year 1986 saw a sinister transformation in LaPlante’s behavior, as his fixation centered on a 15-year-old girl named Tina Bowen. Their paths intersected at the same school, and a seemingly innocent date during the Easter break ignited a chain of events that would spiral into a nightmarish ordeal. Rumors spread like wildfire, informing Bowen that LaPlante was facing grave rape charges.

This revelation cast a shadow over their connection, leading her father, Frank Bowen, to believe that the matter was resolved. However, fate had a different plan in store.

Daniel LaPlante Crawls into the Walls

During the latter part of the autumn season in 1986, spanning several weeks, Daniel LaPlante embarked on a haunting intrusion into the sanctuary of the Bowen residence, located at 93 Lawrence Street in the vicinity of Pepperell, proximate to Townsend.

Employing a diminutive crawl space barely exceeding six inches in width, he unfurled a calculated campaign of psychological turmoil that would forever scar the family.

A pivotal catalyst for his malevolent pursuits was his observation of Tina and her sister attempting to commune with their departed mother through an Ouija board. This act seemed to awaken a sinister impulse within LaPlante as he commenced a chilling charade, adopting the persona of a spectral entity.

Employing subtle yet disturbing maneuvers, he wielded control over their environment, altering television channels, rearranging personal items, and orchestrating the perplexing vanishing of milk. Astonishingly, he would even dispense with alcohol without indulging, leaving cryptic scrawls etched in mayonnaise and ketchup, bearing unnerving messages like “marry me” and “I’m in your room. Come and find me.”

The pinnacle of his eerie theatrics came to light when a knife was discovered, securing a family portrait to the wall—an unsettling emblem of his sinister intrusion.

Despite Frank Bowen’s initial inclination to dismiss his daughters’ interactions as mere sibling pranks, a harsh reality soon shattered that misconception. The disconcerting truth that unfolded was a far cry from their playful banter. On the 8th of December in 1986, a chilling revelation struck the girls upon their return home – an ominous presence had invaded their space, having used their very restroom.

Daniel LaPlante being led out of the court after his initial sentencing

Daniel LaPlante being led out of the court after his initial sentencing

Driven by concern and growing unease, Frank Bowen initiated a thorough investigation, leading to a shocking discovery that eclipsed any preconceived notion.

Hidden within a wardrobe, a scene of nightmarish surrealism unraveled before them. LaPlante stood, his visage adorned with paint, draped in attire reminiscent of Native American garb, and concealed by a ninja mask.

The presence of a menacing hatchet further amplified the macabre mise en scène gripped in his hand. With a swift sense of urgency, he herded the girls into a confined space before inexplicably vanishing into the labyrinthine expanse of the house.

In the face of this grave threat, Tina Bowen managed to orchestrate her escape through a window, her desperate plea for help reaching the ears of the authorities. The ensuing involvement of law enforcement led to a dramatic culmination of events.

Concealed within the confines of a triangular enclave nestled in a corner, defined by the unyielding embrace of the concrete foundation and an adjoining inner wall, LaPlante’s covert existence was painstakingly unraveled—an existence that had quietly persisted for a span of weeks.

Subsequent to his apprehension within the Bowen household, LaPlante was placed under custody within a juvenile facility. This containment period endured until October of the following year—1987—when a pivotal development materialized.

Through a strategic financial maneuver, his mother undertook the remortgaging of her residence, thereby facilitating the attainment of a $10,000 bail that secured his temporary release. However, the respite offered by this reprieve was tragically short-lived.

Two months would pass, fraught with trepidation, before LaPlante plunged into the abyss of his most egregious transgression to date. A grim chapter unfolded, its consequences reverberating far beyond the confines of a single event.

The Murder of Priscilla Gustafson and her Children

As he awaited the impending trial, LaPlante relocated to a new residence, all the while clandestinely perpetuating his daytime burglary spree. On the ominous date of October 14, 1987, he pilfered two.22 Caliber firearms from a neighboring residence, further intensifying the gravity of his activities.

Unbeknownst to those who would soon become the unwitting victims of his malevolence, a sense of impending dread lingered in the air.

Tragedy unfurled its cold, relentless hand on November 16, 1987, as LaPlante brazenly invaded the sanctity of the Gustafson family’s abode. This household comprised Priscilla Gustafson, a nurturing nursery school teacher with a precious life burgeoning within her, her husband Andrew, and their two innocent children, five-year-old William and seven-year-old Abigail.

The intrusion sent shockwaves through the community, and the shadows of fear deepened.

Yet, the ominous specter of Daniel LaPlante would cast its long shadow once more upon Gustafson’s dwelling. On December 1, 1987, armed with a .22 firearm, he embarked on a fateful journey through the woods that separated his own residence from that of the Gustafsons.

Priscilla Gustafson with her two children, Abigail and William.

Priscilla Gustafson with her two children, Abigail and William.

His disturbing rationale claimed he did not anticipate the return of Priscilla and her children. What transpired next would haunt the collective conscience, unfolding as every family’s most harrowing nightmare.

As recounted by retired Pepperell Lieutenant Thomas Lane, a sequence of distressing decisions unfolded within the mind of Daniel LaPlante on that fateful day. At a critical juncture, he grappled with the option of a swift escape through the window, a choice that held the promise of evasion.

However, he opted for a darker course of action, confronting Priscilla Gustafson with a firearm in hand. In this sinister engagement, he directed both her and her son towards a bedroom, securing young William in a closet. Priscilla, tragically, was ensnared by makeshift ligatures and silenced with a sock tightly bound in her mouth.

The unfolding horror would escalate as LaPlante committed an unspeakable act of violation against Priscilla. The darkness within him manifested in the most chilling manner, culminating in the discharge of his firearm, sending two lethal shots into her head. The room bore witness to this nightmarish tableau of violence.

LaPlante’s malevolence was far from sated. He then turned his attention to William, leading him to the bathroom where a grim fate awaited. Drowning became the instrument of his final moments, a cruel end for a young life cut tragically short.

The shadow of death deepened as he crossed paths with Abigail Gustafson, who had returned home via the school bus. He enticed her into another bathroom, an encounter that would culminate in her own tragic demise by drowning.

Inexplicably, LaPlante then retreated to his own home, where he casually attended his niece’s birthday celebration that evening, concealing the unimaginable horrors he had inflicted just hours earlier, a stark testament to the unfathomable depths of his depravity.

Meanwhile, Andrew Gustafson’s attempts to reach his wife persisted throughout the afternoon. Returning to an unsettlingly quiet home, the absence of light amplifying the foreboding atmosphere, Gustafson’s heart braced for the impending revelation.

His initial discovery was the lifeless form of his wife, Priscilla, her body prone upon the bedspread. This harrowing sight propelled him into a frenzied retreat from the house, a desperate phone call to the police becoming his immediate course of action.

Graves of the Gustafson family

Graves of the Gustafson family

His emotional turmoil, reflected in his later account, unveiled the depths of his trepidation—the fear that gripped him, a fear born of the dread of what he might uncover next.

Court documents shed light on a trail of forensic evidence that inexorably led to LaPlante’s doorstep. His complicity in the unfathomable tragedy was rendered unmistakable. A chilling trove awaited investigators—LaPlante’s discarded shirt and gloves, worn during the sinister act of drowning the innocent children, were discovered in the woods adjacent to the Gustafson home.

Their dampness bore silent testament to the nightmarish reality that had unfolded.

Following the scent of the shirt, police dogs unerring senses traced a trail through the woods, closing in on LaPlante’s residence, mere three to four feet from its threshold. In the aftermath of the Gustafson murders, LaPlante was interrogated the subsequent evening.

However, the evidence at hand fell short of warranting immediate arrest. A plan was set in motion for a return interrogation the following day. Yet, in a twist that would ignite a massive manhunt, LaPlante preempted their efforts, vanishing into the shadows of flight.

Continuing his reign of criminal activity within Pepperell, LaPlante embarked on yet another spate of burglaries. However, his elusive run came to a resolute halt when he was finally discovered concealed within a dumpster, leading to his arrest on the evening of December 3, 1987.

Triple Murderer Daniel LaPlante in the Middlesex Superior Court

Triple Murderer Daniel LaPlante in the Middlesex Superior Court

In a somber courtroom proceeding that unfolded in October 1988, LaPlante faced the legal repercussions of his malevolent deeds concerning the Gustafson murders. The verdict rendered by the jury was unequivocal—a guilty pronouncement on the charge of murder.

This dark chapter of his life culminated in a sentencing that would forever confine him behind the bars of a prison cell, bearing the weight of three consecutive life sentences.

Chillingly, the conclusion of the trial did not signify the cessation of his narrative. In a bid for a diminished sentence, LaPlante sought an appeal in 2017. However, his lack of remorse for his heinous acts was glaringly evident to the judge, who subsequently upheld the severity of his sentence—a trio of life imprisonments, each to be served successively.

The curtain on this tale of malevolence remains far from closing. With parole eligibility deferred for another 45 years, LaPlante’s fate is irrevocably intertwined with the walls that enclose him—a stark testament to the magnitude of his deeds and the enduring impact of his maleficence. Let us hope that he rots in prison.

RIP Victims.

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