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Lake Baikal Aliens, What REALLY Lies at the Bottom of Lake Baikal

The Lake Baikal Aliens have been around for decades; they aren't leaving anytime soon, either
The Lake Baikal Aliens have been around for decades; they aren't leaving anytime soon, either

The mystery of the Lake Baikal aliens has been here for decades. And they’re not going away anytime soon.

The immense Lake Baikal has always been associated with mystery. Still, in the final years of the Soviet Union and even after, there have been several reports of UFO and extraterrestrial sightings there.

USSR authorities initially covered these up, but the Russian media later made them public.

Lake Baikal aliens are believed to be in the lake, either calling Earth a home, or bidding their time

Lake Baikal aliens are believed to be in the lake, either calling Earth a home, or bidding their time

Unverified claims have surfaced in Russia recently claiming that American director Steven Spielberg intends to create a documentary based on these peculiar and puzzling accounts.

Whether or not Spielberg is interested, the lake is probably where most Russians report seeing UFOs.

Lake Baikal Aliens: What’s Going on in the World’s Deepest Lake?

The stories of extraterrestrial activity in Baikal, a lake surrounded by mountains and home to one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, are solidified by sightings of giant spaceships hovering over its gloomy, somber expanses and purported aliens that military divers claim to have seen in its depth.

While some of the pictures depict what two photographers claimed to be UFOs buzzing the lake, others are mock-ups from NTV based on accounts of an incident that happened in Kudara-Somon, Buryatia, precisely 33 years ago.

A graphic representation of the cigar shaped object

A graphic representation of the cigar shaped object

Many reports also point to brilliant, “cigar-shaped” objects hovering above Baikal in the sky, as seen in the top image.

On April 17, 1987, a case with an intriguing description but no pictures took place in the Kurma, Irkutsk area. The following quote is from Valery Rudentsov, a local of the close-by Shida village:

“We were 13 in total. Around 12.20 a.m., one of our guys stepped outside into the yard. A short while later, he ran inside and called out to the rest of us. He raised his finger to the sky while standing in the middle of the yard.

“A massive flying saucer was suspended 150 meters above us, just across from his gesture. A purple phosphorescent glow emanated from the center of the plate. Also, the plate’s edges had yellow portholes that resembled those in our country homes.

 “The plate had a 70-meter diameter. Someone even recommended he hurl a stone at it because we could see it clearly and for such a long time.

“Although the settlement of Kurma was behind us and could be heard in the distance, there was no sound coming from the hanging saucer other than a dog barking and cows mooing. We were transfixed.

“No one among us could have questioned the veracity of what we saw because it was a full moon, and the visibility was so good. The plate then floated along the bay’s edge and further slid into the Olkhon hills as it was removed with ease. This is the first time I have encountered such a thing, either before or after.

“But ever since, I’ve considered not believing in UFOs as a form of sacrilege. Hunter Alexander and his friends, who have lived there for 20 years, frequently witness UFO sightings. Fortunately, Alexander is still alive. Thus, if we’re talking about glowing balls or “cigars,” we frequently notice them on Lake Baikal’s shoreline. They are real.”

Lake Baikal is a beautiful getaway spot. Until you see lights in the water

Lake Baikal is a beautiful getaway spot. Until you see lights in the water

On May 16, 1990, in the village of Kudara-Somon, in the Kyakhtinsky region, some 300 kilometers from Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, occurred the crime that the NTV channel highlighted.

Local neighbor Olga Fedorova recalled: “At some point, everything went yellow. After school, my daughter arrived home. She had a yellow face when I glanced.”

According to residents, the solution quickly seemed obvious.

Vasily Timofeev mentioned a flying saucer. It had a diameter of around 30 meters and was very bright. But, I needed to discern a metal representation or something similar clearly.

Margarita Tsybikova, a different local, remarked: “From this dish came down people in brilliant, shimmering garments. I remember that Olga said three people were wearing bright yellow outfits. Well, it appears there were people.”

It was a circle, or one could argue it was more like a disc, according to Marina Zimireva, who claims to have also seen this unusual sight. When it rounded the edge, windows could be seen.

“I decided that they were humans on my own. They appeared somewhat human. They were all identical; they were straight, thin, and had arms and legs. They also had a similar walk to us. Three people in orange suits were standing a little lower down. They descended from the disc like men; the stairs were plain to see.”

The depth of Lake Baikal is shown in this chart in stark comparison with other deep lakes

The depth of Lake Baikal is shown in this chart in stark comparison with other deep lakes

The ‘aliens’ then noticed the people observing them as they described the bizarre incident. They went back to their spacecraft and took off.

Gennady Lipinsky, a game warden, too, remembered seeing a UFO. It was flying low when I first noticed it. I gazed at it till it vanished over the horizon. I refer to it as a fireball, although I don’t know what it was.

About a much more recent event, which occurred on July 9, 2009, at around 10 p.m., Sergey Konechnykh, the chairman of the Union of Photographers of Buryatia, was mentioned in Ulan-Ude.

We stepped outside to the balcony to see the last of the sunset. These two luminous dots suddenly appeared, hovering above the ocean.

Although his images of this occurrence are clear, they might create more concerns than they do answers. They depict a two-night sky that glows with an orange-red center and a yellow outside ring.

A strange cloud formation over Lake Baikal

A strange cloud formation over Lake Baikal

He claimed that the enigmatic ships lifted and changed bases somewhere else on the surface of Baikal.

At about that exact moment, Anna Vinogradova remembered seeing something different but no less weird on the lake. We had tents set up on the beach when, she recalled, “at night, we noticed orange-red flashes as if there were gigantic flames.”

A photograph by Nikita Tomin from Listvyanka in July 2010 shows three green-hued lights on a UFO hovering over the lakeside resort in the Irkutsk region.

It flew pretty low and straight above us. Greenlight was emanating from the UFO as it looked down on us. He remarked, “We were a little scared.”

More Bizarre Occurrences at Lake Baikal

Nonetheless, the reports also mention “aliens” in the deep Baikal seas. Interestingly, unlike a few other Siberian lakes, Baikal is considered home to space-like aliens rather than a monster akin to Loch Ness.

For instance, a rescuer named Vyacheslav Lavretevich described an incident but omitted the date.

“We were on a boat on Lake Baikal when a massive glowing disc shot out from under us. It rendered us blind and briefly took us to the skies.

“Although many of us saw it, we did not even have time to grab any cameras or record any footage. It was enormous and lit up the entire vessel. It was a massive disc, possibly 500–700 meters in diameter.

“It shone from beneath (the surface) for three minutes and then suddenly vanished in a split second. The show was enormous and fantastic. Both are stunning and shocking.”

On a boat, Oleg Chichulin was also instructing students. Strange objects were spotted close to Cape Svyatoi Nos.

“There was a glowing ball there. This ball then began to fade, fade, and blush. A red ball then appeared. This crimson ball floated in the water for a while before starting to sink. And then, eventually, everything submerged. Then it got dark.”

But there are even more intriguing reports of aliens submerged in the big lake.

Lake Baikal seen from space

Lake Baikal seen from space

Two researchers, V. Alexandrov, and G. Seliverstov, were in a submersible at a depth of 1200 meters in the lake in 1977 when Leonid Brezhnev was in charge of the Kremlin.

The scientists turned off their spotlights to examine the depth of sunlight penetration into the water. The scientists were suddenly surrounded by light from a strange “glow.”

According to Aleksandrov, it appeared as though two powerful spotlights were shining down on our equipment from above and to the side. A minute later, unidentified floodlights failed, leaving us in complete darkness.

Seven military divers were said to have discovered aliens in the waters of Lake Baikal in 1982. ‘At a depth of 50 meters, they encountered swimmers, about three meters tall, dressed in form-fitting silvery costumes,’ historian Alexei Tivanenko stated. They only had helmets on their heads and no dive gear or other equipment.

Lake Baikal anomalies that has been sighted

Lake Baikal anomalies that has been sighted

They were given the order to capture the Ihtiander (a half-boy, half-shark creature from contemporary Russian folklore), but they were immediately held up on shore with decompression symptoms.

The broken decompression device was one of two that they had. Only four of the seven people could fit inside, so the other three were left outside. And those three individuals who were not placed within the apparatus perished on the shore.

Tivanenko compared the descriptions to prehistoric petroglyphs, which some belief to be the work of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. He said to NTV, “I have hundreds of drawings with these ‘Sons of the Sky.’”

Is Steven Spielberg Making a Movie on Lake Baikal?

Spielberg is reportedly planning to make the documentary Depth 211, according to reports that first appeared in Russian media a few years ago. and other news sources covered his journey by citing the “press service” of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, a US-based organization that looks into UFO encounters.

One of the many strange circles in the Lake Baikal during winter

One of the many strange circles in the Lake Baikal during winter

Nevertheless, neither the arrival of the Hollywood director behind such movies as Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial nor any other information on the rumored project was confirmed.

Afterward, Komsomolskaya Pravda and IA Teleinform refuted the reports without citing any sources close to the director.

Alien Body Discovered in Siberia?

A YouTube video from 2011 that purports to show an alien corpse exposed in the snow near Lake Baikal in Siberia had extraterrestrial enthusiasts sniffing around it.

The UFO crash video shows two Russian guys discovering what appears to be a dead extraterrestrial alien in a snow field in Irkutsk, Siberia, close to a tree stump. The two speak very little as the camera wanders across the snow-covered landscape before focusing on the purported extraterrestrial entity.

Body of the alien that was discovered in Siberia (censored). Original image can be accessed here

Body of the alien that was discovered in Siberia (censored). Original image can be accessed here

The extraterrestrial appears to be two to three feet tall in the footage, with a big head and long, slender arms. The video can be accessed here.

The extraterrestrial is light bulb shaped, has big black eyes, thin arms, and legs, and is missing one leg. Its appearance is reminiscent of a scene from the 1977 film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” by Steven Spielberg.

The footage comes after a news article in Russian stating locals saw an unexplained flying object crash in the same region.

Next, read about the Disturbing Story of the Lava Lake Murders. Then, if you like real horror stories, read the Vampire Mercy Brown Incident from the USA!


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