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Mythology and Cryptids

Michigan Dogman: Something Sinister Lurks in the Michigan Woods

The Michigan Dogman is a story that has been around for centuries
The Michigan Dogman is a story that has been around for centuries

The Michigan Dogman is a legendary creature that has been a part of the folklore of Michigan, United States, for centuries. It is said to be a hybrid between a dog, and a human and is believed to roam the forests of Michigan, causing fear and terror among those who come across it.

The first recorded sighting of the Michigan Dogman dates back to the late 18th century when a group of French fur traders reported encountering a strange creature in the forests of Michigan.

According to their accounts, the creature was the size of a large dog but stood upright on two legs like a human. The traders described the creature as having fur that was a mixture of brown and gray, with sharp teeth and glowing eyes.

The woods of Michigan is said to house a sinister beast

They also claimed that the creature could speak in a human-like voice and would sometimes attack and kill humans without provocation.

Over the years, many more sightings of the Michigan Dogman have been reported, most of them in the northern parts of the state. Despite the many reported sightings, there has been no concrete evidence to prove the existence of the Michigan Dogman.

Some have argued that the creature is a product of people’s overactive imaginations. In contrast, others have suggested that it might be a type of undiscovered species or a hybrid between a dog and a human.

The descriptions of the Michigan Dogman vary, but one common element is that it is a large, fearsome creature that is covered in fur and has sharp teeth and glowing eyes. Some reports describe it as having a snout similar to that of a dog, while others describe it as having a more human-like face.

Some people have even claimed that the creature can walk on two legs like a human.

The Michigan Dogman is a creature that is said to roam the woods of Michigan

The Michigan Dogman is a creature that is said to roam the woods of Michigan

Robert Fortney was assaulted in 1937 in Paris, Michigan, by five wild canines, and he claimed that one of them had two legs. In the 1950s, Allegan County received reports of similar creatures; in 1967, Manistee and Cross Village did as well.

According to Fortney’s account, the creature was standing on two legs and had a mixture of brown and gray fur. He claimed that the creature had glowing eyes that seemed to pierce right through him and that its sharp teeth were bared in a menacing snarl.

Michigan Dogman in a sketch

Michigan Dogman in a sketch

Rachel Clark from the Michigan History Center has talked extensively about it.

Since 1887, when the beast first appeared, Michiganders have been thinking about it constantly. Two lumberjacks witnessed a creature at that time that they claimed had a man’s body and a dog’s head. The Dogman is said to manifest himself to people every ten years, on the years with the number seven.

“So, the early stories are typically from males out in the woods doing their jobs and have run upon this creature. And then, as time passes, it’s frequently folks who are once more by themselves, either in the woods or on a lonely road,” Clark added.

The Michigan Dogman is said to be a variation of the werewolf

The Michigan Dogman is said to be a variation of the werewolf

But their interactions are remarkably similar. They mention the beast emerging from the bushes, which is swift and leaps in front of their vehicle or them. It causes damage to their tents or homes.

Initially, logging camps provided the majority of the reports. Michigan was the nation’s top producer of white pine lumber in the 1870s.

People have reported being terrified to death by these experiences. Recently, someone reported that Dogman had run in front of his car, causing it to flip over, and they called OnStar.

Some claim that The Gable Film proved the existence of the Dogman. When Mike Agrusa was a little boy in the 1970s, he is said to have recorded a video of what looks to be Dogman while on vacation in northern Michigan.

Agrusa has acknowledged that the viral film has been a hoax since its first broadcast. However, that has yet to persuade ardent Dogman worshippers who claim the man was forced to change his statements by the government.

The fable has also been cited in popular culture. The Dogman’s past whereabouts were detailed in the 1987 song “The Legend” by a Traverse City radio station. Dogman, a movie by director Rich Brauer, was released before the end of 2011.

Given that the forests of Michigan are home to a variety of animals, including some surprising ones, Clark says she won’t confirm or refute stories of the Dogman.

In Clark’s words, significant cat sightings in Michigan were “kind of disregarded for a long time.” And now cougar sightings have been reported. In the most recent few months, there have been quite a few. Therefore, I’m not claiming that a Dogman will materialize. Who knows what inhabits Michigan’s woodlands, however?

Despite the lack of concrete evidence to prove the existence of the Michigan Dogman, the legend has continued to capture the imagination of people in Michigan and around the world.

Some people have even gone so far as to organize expeditions to search for the creature, but these efforts have not turned up any solid proof.

The Michigan Dogman in Popular Culture

The Legend is a song that Traverse City, Michigan disc jockey Steve Cook produced in 1987 and played on April 1st as a practical prank.

He based the songs on myths and stories from all throughout North America, and at the time of the recording, he was unaware of any real-life Michigan “dogmen”:

“I made it up as an April Fool’s joke for the radio and somehow found my way to a legend that dates back to Native American times.”

— Steve Cook

Cook expressed the following views on the subject, maintaining his doubt on the existence of a true Dogman:

“I’m pretty skeptical because I’ve observed how folklore develops from the conception of this song to what it has become, but I do think that those who claim to have seen anything did, in fact, see something. I also believe that the Dogman gives them a way to justify what they could not justify on their own.”

— Wag the Dogman,, Steve Cook

Cook gave Bob Farley credit when he recorded the song with a keyboard accompaniment. After he finished the song, Cook started receiving phone calls from listeners who claimed to have run into a similar creature.

There are various stories regarding the Michigan Dogman

There are various stories regarding the Michigan Dogman

It became the most often requested song on the air following Cook’s initial performance. Additionally, he offered the tracks on cassette for $4 and donated the single’s sales to an animal shelter.

Cook has received more than 100 reports of the creature’s existence throughout the years. The beast made an appearance in a MonsterQuest episode from March 2010. The monster appeared in the Monsters and Mysteries in America episode “Great Lakes: Wolfman, Dogman, Wendigo” from season 2 in January 2017.

Numerous YouTube channels, such as Dogman Encounters Radio, Dogman Narratives, Scary Stories NYC, Campfire Tales, Dogman Encounters with Jeffrey Nadolny, and Lilith Dread, also refer to Dogman.

After learning about a tale of an animal break-in by an unidentified dog at a cabin in Luther, Michigan, Cook added verses to the song in 1997. In 2007, he recorded it once more with mandolin accompaniment.

To this day, there has been sightings of the Michigan Dogman

To this day, there has been sightings of the Michigan Dogman

In conclusion, the Michigan Dogman is a mysterious and fascinating creature that has been a part of the folklore of Michigan for centuries.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence to prove its existence, the legend of the Michigan Dogman continues to captivate people’s imaginations and inspire fear and wonder. Whether or not the Michigan Dogman is real, its legacy will likely continue for many generations.

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