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The Ghosts of Kirby Road: Canada’s Most Haunted Road

Kirby Road has a disturbing story behind it
Kirby Road has a disturbing story behind it

Kirby Road in Vaughan, Ontario, has gained notoriety over the years due to persistent rumors and anecdotes. After reaching Canada later this year, I plan to visit Kirby Road after saving enough for a cross-country road trip.

Anyway, according to local lore, Kirby Road has a reputation for causing peculiar disruptions, such as interference with radios and difficulties starting vehicles, leading many to associate it with supernatural occurrences and ghostly phenomena.

During my research into Kirby Road, I stumbled upon intriguing accounts suggesting the existence of not just one but two purportedly haunted houses along Kirby Road.

Additionally, another chilling detail emerged— the presence of a solitary tombstone, a solemn remnant of a teenage girl said to reside along the eerie stretch of this infamous road. Such unsettling elements further contribute to the enigmatic aura that envelops Kirby Road, beckoning those with a penchant for the macabre to explore its haunted legacy.

Who is Selina of Kirby Road?

On the fateful day of November 1st, 1993, two young teenage girls found themselves navigating the twists and turns of Kirby Road in their minivan. In an unforeseen turn of events, their control over the vehicle faltered, plunging them into a nearby ditch.

Amidst the chaos of the accident, the impact ejected one of the girls, Selina Degasperis, from the confines of the minivan.

Selina Degasperis died on 1st November 1993

Selina Degasperis died on 1st November 1993

Tragically, at the tender age of 15, Selina’s life was cut short, leaving a void of sorrow. To honor her memory, a memorial in the form of a tombstone was erected at the roadside, marking the spot where her untimely demise occurred.

Etched upon the stone were her first name, her birth and passing dates, and a peculiar inscription. Initially, grief enveloped those who mourned the loss of the unfortunate young girl. However, it wasn’t long before trepidation took hold, casting a shadow over their collective consciousness.

What Happens at Kirby Road?

Upon further exploring, I uncovered three distinct narratives associated with these houses that permeate the legends surrounding Kirby Road. The first residence is said to harbor the eerie phenomenon of phantom sounds—a chorus of crying infants and laughter of unseen children.

Adjacent to this dwelling lies a peculiar tombstone bearing the inscription, “Selina, I was a cute child,” casting an enigmatic aura upon the area. According to local lore, if one were to park their vehicle in the driveway and maintain an attentive silence, the spectral presence of the young girl, Selina, purportedly manifests.

Witnesses claim she darts around the vehicle, gently playfully tapping its surface.

The primary source that extensively covered the happenings at Kirby Road has regrettably removed its blog detailing the eerie occurrences. However, fragments of their work can still be found on the Wayback Machine and Creepypasta Wiki.

Selina’s minivan crashes by the Kirby roadside

Selina’s minivan crashes by the Kirby roadside

According to the account, the writer embarked on a visit to Kirby Road to explore Selina’s tombstone—an experience simultaneously captivating and perplexing. The tombstone stood out due to its peculiar epitaph, devoid of a last name, adorned with an unconventional typeface, and positioned a mere three lampposts away from the infamous haunted house.

Originally intending to proceed to the house after encountering the tombstone, circumstances intervened, altering their course. Unfortunately, their visit failed to yield any glimpse of Selina’s apparition or the sounds attributed to her spectral presence.

Instead, the atmosphere mirrored any desolate rural road at night. Yet, among the tales enshrouding Kirby Road, a distinctive narrative emerged—a phantom truck that materializes with the purpose of driving away audacious investigators, only to vanish without a trace.

Accounts describing this elusive vehicle vary, some depicting it as crimson in hue, while others mention a lone headlight. Concluding their observations at Selina’s grave, the writer and their companion decided to wait for the passing of another vehicle, seeking a modicum of safety as they ventured along the roadside.

Unexpectedly, the approaching vehicle did not continue its journey but halted directly before them and Selina’s memorial. The sight of a darkened pickup truck created an uncanny atmosphere devoid of any signs of activity or interaction from its presumed occupants.

The abandoned house at Kirby Road

The abandoned house at Kirby Road

Sensing an opportune moment to retreat, the writer and their companion hastily returned to their vehicle, parked at Stephanie Boulevard, a mere fraction of a kilometer away.

Curiously, the truck remained motionless for a disquieting period of at least five minutes, a spectacle that intensified the unnerving late-night hour, approximately 1:30 AM. It is plausible to speculate that the truck’s driver, having chanced upon the presence of the writer and their companion on the roadside, sought to investigate.

Alternatively, it is conceivable that the occupants possessed prior knowledge of Selina’s tombstone and found themselves inexplicably drawn to it. Nevertheless, the absence of any interaction or approach, coupled with the truck’s enigmatic presence, leaves an indelible mark of peculiarity upon the encounter.

The Haunting of Kirby Road

A tale of a semi-truck with a single headlight traversing under the bridge preceding the second house, passing through any vehicle parked in its path. Though I cannot substantiate this claim, it is rumored that this semi was involved in a tragic accident many years ago.

This account may stem from an urban legend derived from the narrative surrounding the second house—a connection that will soon become apparent.

Situated at the opposite end of Kirby Road, the second house, or the pair of houses, stands alongside two barns. Both houses possess treacherous flooring, posing a hazard to anyone who dares to explore.

The barn at Kirby Road

The barn at Kirby Road

If you venture to this location, exercise caution, armed with reliable flashlights while remaining vigilant for skunks, raccoons, and bats. Known as the Hell House, it is said to have been inhabited by a family of seven, with the father allegedly associated with the Ku Klux Klan.

Furthermore, one of the barns is reputed to have served as a gathering place for the Klan. According to the story, the father descended into madness, committing a heinous act by slaying his entire family, including a young girl of similar age to that of the first house.

Graffiti adorns the premises, bearing phrases such as “You are not alone,” “Murder is awesome,” and the unsettling declaration, “I am watching you.”

Clearly, these additions, likely the handiwork of human mischief, aim to intensify the aura surrounding these houses and their alleged hauntings. An associated tale, potentially originating from the urban legend surrounding the semi-truck with one headlight, tells of a man in a red pickup truck who pursues trespassers on the property, vanishing into thin air once he catches them.

There is also a chilling account of a young woman walking along the road, suddenly emitting a bloodcurdling scream before bolting into a nearby cornfield, her desperate cries piercing the night. This tale purports to recount the tragic fate of a woman who fell victim to an appalling assault, rape, and murder amidst the cornfields near this property.

Should one dare to follow her, she is said to vanish into the maze of stalks.

Photo from inside the barn

Photo from inside the barn

I must emphasize that I cannot corroborate or refute these narratives through available research in architectural history, land records, or archived newspapers and obituaries.

Nevertheless, people in the local community claim to have witnessed the tombstone and recount harrowing encounters with both the red pickup truck and the single headlight semi-truck, as well as glimpses of the enigmatic woman within the cornfields.

RIP Victims

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