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Brazilian UFO Mutilation Case: A GRIM Story from The Guarapiranga Reservoir

The case of the Brazilian UFO mutilation is horrifying.
The case of the Brazilian UFO mutilation is horrifying.

The Brazilian UFO mutilation case has been giving me nightmares for quite some time. After reading this article, it will also start giving you some sleepless nights of thoughts.

Because we will all need to reconsider our initial assumptions about the potential specific intents, moral attitudes, and overarching agenda that some of our alien visitors may have. Because while it is likely that aliens do exist, they are not friendly. And they lack humanity and empathy. Let me tell you why.

WARNING: This article has three parts. An introduction, autopsy images and report, and possible rational theories. While the introduction part itself includes pictures of cattle mutilations from around the world, part two of this article (Autopsy images and report) is not for children’s viewing. Strong viewer discretion is advised. The link to uncensored images is also provided below.

Few things in the field of ufology are as horrifying as cattle mutilations. Over the years, hundreds of cows have been found dead in strange and peculiar scenarios. Spontaneous operations are carried out expertly. Organs are removed with laser-like precision and selection.

Mutilated cattle from the Skinwalker Ranch. Original image can be found here.

The body has entirely lost all of its blood. Bones are broken as if the victim had been dumped from a great height. Radiation levels are abnormally high, and a complete circle surrounds the remains. This is common in the United States of America. Sadly, it seems that other mammals are not exempt from this horrible fate.

Humans have attracted the attention of whatever evil power is responsible for such horrible devastation, much like our cow counterparts have. Studies of numerous accounts consistently reveal a malicious motive at play.

Although there have long been reports of murderous incidents involving UFOs and human mutilation, there has never been any concrete proof, maybe up till now.

Recently, Dr. Rubens Goes and Brazilian ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia presented a series of shocking images taken from police records that closely resemble the wounds of numerous animal mutilation cases involving UFOs that have been documented in North, Central, and South America since the 1960s. They would appear to be ufology’s worst nightmare at first appearance.

The police and ufologists in Brazil have hinted that there may be a dozen or more cases like the recently discovered Brazilian UFO mutilation Guarapiranga reservoir case, which is even more unsettling.

The river bank where the body of the victim was found

The river bank where the body of the victim was found

In that case, it seems somewhat dubious that any of this potentially fresh material will ever be released. However, chance revelations are something for which we can be grateful, and the Guarapiranga case and its accompanying images certainly seem to be one.

A wonderful, albeit shocking, a bit of luck. It becomes increasingly more work to maintain the position that all visitors are exhibiting a relatively pleasant attitude toward people, regardless of their exact agenda(s), if the Guarapiranga data is accurate.

The Guarapiranga incident suggests that at least one group of extraterrestrial visitors to the planet had a complete disregard for human sensibilities and couldn’t give a damn about the worth of human life.

On September 29, 1988, a middle-aged man’s horrifically dismembered body was discovered on the banks of Guarapiranga Reservoir in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The death was the eeriest one ever reported. There were no hints as to how the body got there or who the man’s mutilators were.

The individual was dismembered using surgical equipment, and it is thought that the machine was beyond the technical capabilities of a human. Was he a subject in some strange experiment?

The case’s specifics are as follows:

Dr. Rubens Goes revealed to Encarnacion Garcia that he had some really “strange” images that had been supplied to him by his cousin, police technician Rubens Sergio. These were official photographs of a body that had been discovered on September 29, 1988, close to the Guarapiranga reservoir.

A brief illustration of the carnage done on the victim

A brief illustration of the carnage done on the victim. Original image can be found here.

The body belonged to an unknown male who was later recognized. At the request of his family, the identity of this individual has been concealed from all media researchers, including UFO researchers.

Encarnacion Garcia was amazed after viewing the images at how similar the wounds on the body were to those discovered on the carcasses of so many UFO-related mutilated animals.

This information was unknown to the initial investigating police officials and medical professionals involved in the case. Dr. Cuenca, who oversaw the initial inquiry, unexpectedly offered his case files.

These included the crucial autopsy description, which I’ll return to in a moment.

Autopsy Report 01

Autopsy Report 01

The initial police report, however, was not particularly exceptional, except for the observation that the body, despite being severely mangled, had not seen unusual violence; there were no indications of a fight or the imposition of any form of bondage.

The autopsy report itself was the most illuminating document, particularly when compared to what we have learned from other animal mutilation incidents.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the people doing the autopsy were unaware of any other examples of animal mutilation, as I have already mentioned. This makes the report’s official comments, in retrospect, all the more telling.

The copies of seven images were given to Encarnacion Garcia. I’ve listed all seven images below with a summary and analysis.

Colorado Alien Mutilation. Original image can be found here.

How this atrocity was carried out—the types of cuts used, their accuracy, the removal of entire internal organs through tiny gaps, the absence of bleeding, the lack of an offensive animal odor, and the slow decomposition of the body—are all indicators of UFO-related animal mutilations.

These anomalies appear to disqualify Satanists, vengeful individuals, or casual mutilators and beyond the capabilities of a contemporary Jack the Ripper.

WARNING: The images and the descriptions given below are not for children or the faint of heart. These are extremely graphic. Viewer and reader discretion is highly advised.

The Autopsy Images and Description of the Brazilian UFO mutilation Case

Photo #1:

Though many have attributed the case to aliens, no official confirmation on the same is available

Though many have attributed the case to aliens, no official confirmation on the same is available. Original image can be found here.

The body was in flawless shape. It was estimated that the person had died 48 to 72 hours earlier and that rigor mortis had not yet developed. As might be anticipated, no indications of animal predatory behavior or putrefaction were seen.

Strangely, the corpse stank of nothing. The incisions had hardly slightly bled. Low light exposure during the time this and other photos were shot contributed to the dark coloring in the face area and other locations in the image.

Blood that has coagulated in the wound sites is also partially to blame.

The postmortem report stated that “the eyes and ears were also removed and the oral cavity was emptied,” in addition to the obvious removal of skin and lips from around the mandibles, as is typical in cattle and other animal mutilations.

Animal mutilation instances frequently involve the removal of these body parts, including the tongue in this instance.

If the victim and animal mutilation instances are compared, as Encarnacion Garcia correctly noted, “you can see they are the same – and that is also the conclusion of expert doctors.”

The doctors came to their conclusion only after being shown images of cases of animal mutilation that were comparable to their own but that they were not previously familiar with.

According to the autopsy report: “Numerous areas of the victim’s face, head, and neck have had significant tissue removed. Additionally, ocular tissue, eyes, auditory external and internal organs (ears), and full head parts have been removed. Additionally removed were the tongue and many muscles.”

The cadaver’s cuts are consistent with the patterns of animal mutilation incidents linked to UFOs. Their accuracy is the main point. The “surgery” (or “butchery,” if you prefer) was performed deftly, carefully, and most likely quickly.

The absence of excessive bleeding points to the deployment of a laser-like device that produces intense heat, cauterizing the edge of the incisions almost instantly.

This type of high-heat, quick surgery is prevalent in many of the cases that Dr. John Altshuler examined in the United States. It’s uncertain whether examining scraps of flesh taken from the victim’s wound regions would still be possible.

It suffices to remark that the wounds resemble cases that Dr. Altshuler, Tom Adams, Bob Pratt, Ted Oliphant, Linda Howe, Colman VonKeviczky, and I have researched in exact detail.

Photo #2:

The Leaked Photos show the horrific injuries

The Leaked Photos show the horrific injuries. Original image can be found here.

Arms extended in front of the face and upper torso. Several quotes from the autopsy report could be a good place to start. “Where organs had been removed, there were tender areas in the axillary regions on both sides. The incisions were done on the face, internal thorax, belly, legs, arms, and chest.”

Garcia noted that the physicians had said that these wounds were quite unusual. The report further notes, “There are 1 to 1.5-inch diameter perforations on the shoulders and arms where tissue and muscles were removed. Both the size and the borders of the perforations were consistent. Due to the removal of internal organs, the chest had decreased.”

In other words, through these tiny circular incisions, inside organs were removed or sucked in some manner. Why use such a method? To remove damaged tissue and organs from their human clients, some doctors still use a similar technique; however, doing so damages the affected organs.

Did the “surgeons” who operated on this patient give a damn if the organs were damaged? What sort of samples were they seeking? What sort of study is this? Wouldn’t it be simpler and more practical from a medical standpoint to kidnap a human specimen and examine it live in a well-equipped facility, including studying its anatomy and physiology?

It would seem that those responsible for this deed did not care if the victim lost his life or whether his body was discovered. Here, there is clear evidence of complete disrespect for the specimen and, consequently, for human life in general. The deceased was dumped as common trash. What does this reveal about the beliefs and behaviors of the perpetrators?

The image makes the matching holes in the man’s arms quite evident. One arm demonstrates where the muscle has been removed by having a depressed area at the perforation. Another sign of an internal extraction process is the reduced chest region.

The fact that the police and medical examiners were certain the holes discovered in the victims’ heads, arms, stomachs, anuses, and legs were not caused by gunshot wounds is noteworthy.

Photo #3:

The Brazilian UFO mutilation victim

The Brazilian UFO mutilation victim. Original image can be found here.

A close-up of the victim’s left side of the head. Here, we can see that the ear has been neatly removed. The report notes that there was a removal of “auditive internal and external” matters. The tiny perforations found in the skull were not visible in the photograph. The medical examiners did, however, find these. It is unclear how much, if any, of the brain tissue was taken out.


Photo #4:

The images are graphic and unsettling

The images are graphic and unsettling. Original image can be found here.

A close-up of the lower body, showing the thighs. The rescue squad owned the stretcher, pants, and cord that were on display. “You also notice the removal of the belly button, creating a 1.5-inch hole in the abdomen and a depressed abdominal cavity revealing the removal of the intestines,” the autopsy report reads.

Brazilian specialists afterward examined the evidence and were perplexed by the umbilical area’s hole, which appeared to be where “There were many internal organs removed. The hole’s edge was flawless and exhibited a precision cut.

In addition, the body’s abdomen had significantly decreased due to organ removal.” The scrotum was also removed by a 3 x 1.5 cm. elliptical incision,” the original autopsy report states. Even though it appeared to have been stretched to almost twice its normal length, the penis itself was strangely undamaged.

Why remove the scrotum but leave the penis behind? Such activities are defiance of human rationality. We are aware, however, of the striking similarities between these cases and other instances of animal mutilation, notably in female cattle, where the removal of the anus, teats, vagina, and uterus is common.

Brazilian UFO mutilation remains unsolved

Brazilian UFO mutilation remains unsolved. Original image can be found here.

Although there is enough solid circumstantial evidence to suggest that UFOs are involved, the reason why this is done is just as mysterious as who the actual culprits are.

The arm and umbilical holes previously mentioned are the same sizes as the hole in the left leg. According to the autopsy report, “It was an about 3 x 1.5 cm elliptical wound. There were no visible cuts, and the penis was extended. With a precise cut, the testicles were removed.”

The victim’s lack of pubic hair, which suggests that they were getting ready for surgery, is really surprising.

Early on in the inquiry, Brazilian law enforcement officials explored the possibility that the victim’s castration was a form of retaliation. However, they quickly abandoned this explanation because it could not explain the body’s other anomalies, including the surviving wounds.

Additionally, those who castrate for retribution typically remove the penis in addition to the scrotum.

Photo #5

The victim is shown in photo #5 lying on his stomach. According to the autopsy report: “A hole between the second and third toes and the removal of the anus… A significant incision of approximately three by 6 inches in diameter was used to retrieve the victim’s anal opening.

The human discharge system’s internal organs, including the rectum, were also removed. Through this incision, it’s possible that the man’s internal organs and even some of them were removed.”

The fact that the anal incision and the removal of anal and digestive system tissue are exact replicas of the operations we have seen in other UFO-related animal mutilation incidents is what makes them so persuasive.

The extent of horrific injuries. The similarities with cattle mutilations is uncanny

The extent of horrific injuries. The similarities with cattle mutilations is uncanny. Original image can be found here.

Are we to assume that such exact, challenging surgical techniques or procedures, which even medical specialists find difficult to comprehend, could have been performed by a bunch of Satanists or a vindictive human? I’m afraid I have to disagree.

Has the government of Brazil or the United States put on a small show at the Guarapiranga reservoir to scare off UFO researchers and the general public and make them fear all alien contact? In other words, are we witnessing a horrifying, expertly planned presentation of false information?

Maybe, but probably not, and there are several reasons why I think that.

First of all, it appears to be a happy coincidence that ufologist Encarnacion Zapata Garcia was in the right place at the right time with the right friend(s). Here we have an unintentional bubble that has, against all chances, escaped the pot if our government, and presumably the Brazilian government, has put a lid on equally newsworthy material in the past.

I have no doubt there is more than enough data to back such a statement. You might say it’s our good fortune.

The images are undoubtedly creating a stir and inspiring fresh ideas in many individuals, including some UFO researchers. However, in the near future, the powers that govern lids will meticulously double-check to ensure the pot is as secure as possible.

Therefore, I wouldn’t hold out hope that more homicidal, UFO-related human mutilation instances, along with the gory images that go with them, would come to light in the near future.

We are left with several intriguing options if we rule out the Guarapiranga case as a possible fabrication. Is this a sporadic crime committed by an extraterrestrial gang gone wild who occasionally takes pleasure in playing a bloody game at the expense of humans? Perhaps.

Autopsy Report 02

Autopsy Report 02

In my opinion, we are more likely to be unwitting bystanders to an act of deliberate disdain committed by a group or species of extraterrestrial origin who wish to defame other incoming species and, as a bonus, further, enslave humanity in a mindset of dread.

However, these are merely conjectures, and we will have to wait until a later period for a fuller truth when more complete insights and supporting data become available.

Exist any cases that are similar to the Brazilian UFO mutilation Guarapiranga case? We do, indeed. At least one admirable instance and there are reports of at least one more.

A striking parallel can be drawn between the Guarapiranga situation and the case of Sgt. Jonathan P. Lovette, who was stationed at the White Sands Missile Test Range in 1956 and whose mutilated body was discovered on the Range three days after an Air Force major had witnessed his abduction by a “disk-shaped” object.

Lovette had had his genitalia removed, his rectum surgically cored out, and his eyeballs removed in a manner that was strikingly identical to the incisions made on our Guarapiranga victim. Then there is the myth of the mid-1960s Texas mutilation case, which happened but was hastily covered up.

Until the lid accidentally, albeit infrequently, comes ajar again, and we have some solid evidence, the rumors of human body parts discovered on at least one crashed UFO in the 1940s, body parts discovered in a barn in the state of Oregon several years ago, or the rumor of a mutilated Vietnam War B-52 crew will have to remain just that – rumors.

There can be no doubt, however, that the Brazilian UFO mutilation Guarapiranga Reservoir case has moved us far beyond hearsay.

The evidence is clear-cut and depressing. On the one hand, it amazingly points in the direction of UFOs. On the other hand, if other less violent incidents have not already led us to reach a judgment, I think it would be prudent of us to do so.

Something evil arrived from outer space at Brazil in 1988

Something evil arrived from outer space at Brazil in 1988

Generally speaking, we shouldn’t generalize about our alien visitors’ intentions, morality, or scientific agendas. The best course of action might be to wait for our extraterrestrial visitors to show their friendliness before drawing conclusions about their philanthropy and opening the door too widely.

This is especially true in an age where almost anything has become possible, if not probable, either cosmically or here on Earth. After all, the wolf at the door is usually no match for Little Red Riding Hood.

In the past, especially in Brazil, there have been several instances of UFOs and their occupants attacking humans. Many researchers do not want to face this indisputable fact.

Hundreds of individuals were hurt, and some died due to the Fenomeno Chupa-Chupa or “Suck-Suck” phenomenon that happened in the Amazon and northeastern regions of the country in the 1970s and 1980s.

The only newspaper report on the incident

The only newspaper report on the incident

Small probes (3-6 inches in diameter), likely unmanned, mini-UFOs that emitted powerful, searing beams of light frequently targeted these mainly destitute individuals. In addition to suffering burns, several of the victims also lost much blood due to their meetings, earning them the nickname “suck-suck.”

Some people, like Luiz Fernandes Barroso, had significant mental and physical incapacitation. Long before he passed away, Barroso’s mental capacity had been diminished to that of a toddler.

Reports of severe manhandling by UFO occupants are significantly less common in North America. If homicidal human mutilations connected to UFOs have occurred, they have either gone unnoticed for what they are or have been skillfully hushed up by official action.

Regardless of the facts, the Guarapiranga Reservoir case and the shocking images that accompany it should make us stop and think. I also came to the opinion, like ufologist editor A.J. Gevaerd, that UFO-related mutilators were most likely responsible for the atrocities depicted in the victim’s images from the Guarapiranga reservoir.

And I think Gevaerd is probably true when he argues that most alien visits appear neutral in their sentiments toward Earth and humanity, with some being nice and others not giving a damn. Let us learn to recognize the distinctions. It might even preserve our lives and global civilization in the long term.

The photos spoke a thousand words. The uncensored images can be accessed here.

Theories Regarding the Brazilian UFO Mutilation at Guarapiranga Reservoir

  1. According to authorities, he died naturally since he was an alcoholic with epilepsy and must have mingled alcohol with his prescription, causing a violent reaction. He then swam toward another bank before passing away from a heart attack.

Why would the government lie about the location to the press if that were the case? Why did they want to avoid the mainstream media and withhold information? What about the rest of the body’s wounds?

  1. Homicide. Some others also thought it was murder because the victim’s report said he passed away in excruciating pain, and there were no indications of a struggle or outside attack on the victim’s body.

If it was murder, how was the murderer able to do such a proficient operation using all surgical tools, a suction device, and no anesthetic agent?

Nobody else’s body was discovered similarly. The absence of equipment or other signs of a second person automatically points to the third theory.

The crumpled carcass of a bull lies on U.S. Forest Service ground. It was among several killed and mutilated this summer in eastern Oregon. Original image can be found here.

The crumpled carcass of a bull lies on U.S. Forest Service ground. It was among several killed and mutilated this summer in eastern Oregon. Original image can be found here.

  1. Exceptional Force Majeure. The victim’s body had several wounds, which point to a supernatural cause.

The man’s wounds resembled the wounds caused by animal mutilation that had occurred at the time. People who live in locations where animals have been taken after being mutilated make the connection between aliens and UFOs.

Why did they wish to harm him in this way? Could they have killed him by putting him through a quick but painful procedure? Despite the fact that this case was closed and is currently considered unsolved by the public, images of the incident are still readily available.

Based on what we have seen so far, including the Brazilian UFO Mutilation at Guarapiranga Reservoir, the case of Jonathan P. Lovette mutilation, and the Skinwalker Ranch, it can be safely assumed that aliens do exist. And they’re not friendly.

RIP Victims.

Next, read about the Mysterious Case of the Yuba County Five. Then, read about the Most Radiated Man on Earth: The Case of Hisashi Ouchi.






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  1. Luke

    February 4, 2023 at 1:39 pm

    Amazing article, much love. You should put up the links with the images higher than the censored versions though, or make it so you can click on the name on the pictures for the uncensored versions, it was a struggle to go back and forth and puzzle the images to their places all the time.

    • Mr Morbid

      February 5, 2023 at 5:02 am

      Sure, I will. Thanks for your review!

  2. Mike

    June 14, 2023 at 10:09 pm

    Mind-blowing reading for sure. Interesting and creepy as f at the same time. Why, how, who… So many questions that will probably remain unanswered for the majority of us. Thanks for doing this article, it’s a gem. /Mike from Sweden

    • Mr Morbid

      June 16, 2023 at 7:40 am

      Thank you for your amazing review, Mike. It’s reviews like these that really uplift us! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Michael Dean

    October 2, 2023 at 1:58 am

    Knowledge of scavenger behavior a must. They go after things like the eyes, face, genitals, anus, and internal organs first. They often have sharp beaks or teeth and cut clean openings in the skin. Francisco saw vultures feeding. The small holes and missing organs, including lips, ear, eye, etc. are exactly what you would expect. Maggots also leave clean, incision-like lines on the edge of wounds. An experiment by the Washington County (Arkansas) Sheriff’s office showed that natural decay and scavenging produced the same case details. Bottom Line: I would posit it was a death by heart attack, decay, and then scavenging.

  4. GreenGoblin

    October 2, 2023 at 1:07 pm

    Thank you for a good written article and the photos abour what happened there. Unfortunatly its not possible to see all photos uncensored. Photo #2 and #4 are not shown by google. Is there any other link? Thank you anyway I enjoyed reading.

  5. Heather

    October 3, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    Very interesting article! I figure why wouldn’t aliens do ‘science experiments’ on humans? Look what we do in Biology and science classes? Disect frogs, piglets, what have you. I’m sure there’s something extrarestrial watching us scurry about just like we do ants.

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