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Jonathan Lovette: The Terrifying 1956 Case of Alien Mutilation

The case of Jonathan Lovette sends a shiver up the spines of US military
The case of Jonathan Lovette sends a shiver up the spines of US military

The case of Jonathan Lovette is horrific and gruesome. It shows that not only does extraterrestrial life exists, but they do not care about human life or emotions. Many individuals frequently mention the absence of tangible proof while discussing alleged UFO experiences to discredit the witness accounts.

But how can you ignore a story when one of the participants was severely injured and murdered in cold blood? Before we proceed, I want to warn the audience that this story is not for the faint of heart.

What is Project Grudge Report No. 13?

One of the more disturbing incidents, the Lovette-Cunningham incident, concerns an American Air Force sergeant who was purportedly abducted by a craft resembling a flying saucer; his body was later discovered in the desert of New Mexico.

In the ufology community, rumors have been circulating that Project Grudge, one of the first U.S. Air Force projects entrusted with looking into sightings of unidentified flying objects in the years following World War II, looked into the case.

Project Grudge was a brief forerunner of Project Blue Book, which was more well-known and spanned from 1951 to 1969; many of its materials have since been released. There is a 600-page report titled “Project Grudge Report 13” that was the outcome of the Air Force’s inquiry into the alleged kidnapping.

The White Sands Range from where Jonathan Lovette disappeared in 1956

The White Sands Range from where Jonathan Lovette disappeared in 1956

The issue is that there is no official information about Report 13 and the U.S. government denies that it even exists. Therefore, knowledge about it can only be obtained through unofficial sources who have seen and examined the document.

One account came from infamous conspiracy theorist William Cooper (1943-2001), who claims that in the early 1970s, he was instructed to analyze an annotated copy of Grudge Report 13.

The other came from William English, a former Green Beret captain who claims that while working for a U.S. security organization at a one-time Royal Air Force installation in Chicksands, England, he was also ordered to evaluate the paper.

According to author Frank Joseph’s book Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials: The Real War of the Worlds, English reportedly participated in a 1991 Colorado radio program where he detailed his discoveries. English also recorded two audio cassettes describing what he remembered from Report 13. The narratives of Cooper and English strongly resemble one another.

How was Jonathan Lovette Abducted from White Sands Missile Range in 1956?

One of the most extensive military testing facilities in the United States of America is the White Sands Missile Range. It was founded in Southern New Mexico in the early 1940s and has progressively grown to encompass an area of more than 3200 square miles, encroaching on the boundaries of five different counties.

It was crucial to the growth of America’s early nuclear weapons program during the Second World War, and in July 1945, it served as the location of the first light nuclear bomb test ever conducted.

The site was the primary location for post-war American rocket technology experiments and its connection to atomic weapon testing. As the terrible and unavoidable battle in continental Europe ended, captured German scientists and V2 missile parts were brought back to White Sands as part of the covert Operation Paperclip.

Conspiracy theorists have long conjectured about the types of German Wonder Weapons (Wunderwaffe) and technologies that were swiftly transferred to the US and how they were dissected and modified to become the standard technology we now take for granted.

The areas near the Missile Range is one of the most patrolled and secure places in the country

The areas near the Missile Range is one of the most patrolled and secure places in the country

The extremely high number of UFO sightings in the area only confirms these theories regarding the work done at the White Sands site.

One of the country’s most significant concentrations of UFO reports may be found in New Mexico, which includes the infamous Roswell Incident from 1947 and the Socorro Encounter from 1964.

Several UFO encounters have been reported in and around the White Sands National Monument and Kirkland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, two US Air Force bases nearby, making them no strangers to these sightings.

In the 1950s, witnesses to the missile tests conducted at the station frequently described weird things following the path of the launched missiles in the adjacent skies.

This, in turn, sparked more conjecture that the technology used in the tests was not just the outcome of involving German experts in the missile program but also that they had used science and technology that had been discovered at the Roswell Crash Site.

These conspiracy theories have only been fueled further by the tight security and the CIA’s alleged covert involvement. And one example, in particular, made public in the early 1960s, did nothing to dispel the area’s somewhat mystical connotations. In fact, it solidified it.

The Death of Sergeant Jonathan Lovette

A search crew of two pilots was sent to the fields south of the central White Sands testing region one chilly morning in March 1956 to look for any debris that might have fallen from a missile test conducted the previous evening.

Major William Cunningham and Sergeant Jonathan Lovette were the men in question. Both the men were affiliated with the adjacent Holloman Air Force Base’s Air Force Missile Command.

At around 3:00 HRS, the two men arrived at the place. They got out of their jeep and limped drowsily into the search area with flashlights. They had completed the same work numerous times before, with varying degrees of success and boredom.

Following a few minutes of pacing next to one another, the two men eventually parted ways, with Cunningham continuing to move forward while Lovette vanished over the top of a nearby sand dune.

Cunningham had no idea where the sergeant was going because he still needed to tell him, and his superior assumed it was probably a bathroom break. But after waiting for some minutes, Lovette still hadn’t shown up, so Cunningham halted what he was doing and began to go back to where the two men had split off.

The high-pitched scream of his subordinate suddenly pierced the darkness, and he heard something that would send shivers down his spine. A scream of pure agony echoed throughout the pitch-black, deserted fields surrounding him.

Cunningham ran over the crest of the sand dune, fully aware that Lovette must be in distress and presuming it was the consequence of a snake bite or some other kind of animal attack, only to be faced with a unique, albeit horrifying scene.

Cunningham has maintained that he had witnessed Jonathan Lovette being transported on an alien aircraft

Cunningham could see a curious metallic disc hovering about 15 to 20 feet above the ground, about 30 feet from where he stood. The craft reflected in the weak beam of the flashlight held tightly in his right hand. The major had never seen anything like it—completely silent, resembling neither a vehicle nor military equipment.

Cunningham directed his torch beam towards something slithering and flexing like a snake at the base of the device, and he could see that it was a strong steel cable of some sort. The officer was shocked to discover that the cable was wrapped around one of Lovette’s legs when he pointed his torch at the end of the cable after being startled back into reality by another horrifying scream.

The Air Force Sergeant made a valiant effort to release himself from the heavy metal flex wrapped around his leg by kicking and slashing with his hands.

But it appeared that his efforts were in vain, and as Cunningham watched in increasing terror, the cable retracted quickly, pulling the trapped Airmen through the rocky terrain and then upwards toward the disc’s base.

Paralyzed by fear, Cunningham watched helplessly as Lovette was relentlessly drawn up into the base of the puffing craft. Before he vanished from view, the Sergeant’s frantic eyes briefly locked with his own while pleading for assistance.

A newspaper clipping of investigations into animal mutilations

A newspaper clipping of investigations into animal mutilations

The disc rose silently into the overcast skies with a faint click. Cunningham stumbled and tripped his way back to the waiting jeep as he tried to comprehend what he had just seen. He yelled into the radio that Lovette had been stolen and an airplane was leaving the scene.

Within minutes, every unit and resource of the air force was swarming in that direction. But all they discovered was the major, slumped on the ground and wobbling in shock.

The Alien Mutilation of Jonathan Lovette

In the days that followed, Airmen searched every square inch of the area around the suspected kidnapping site, but in vain. On the evening of the event, the crew on duty at the site Control tower verified that an unknown radar contact had shown on their equipment.

Still, it was moving too swiftly for any potential counteraction to be taken. A search group operating about 10 miles downrange from where Lovette had vanished been questioning Cunningham for three days when Jonathan Lovette’s body was found… or what remained of it.

Nobody participating in the later investigation had ever seen the horrifying mutilation done to Lovette’s remains. The airman’s tongue, eyes, and a sizable section of jawbone were now missing, and a clean incision had been created from the point of his jaw around to the back of his larynx.

With what appeared to be exceptional surgical expertise, the penis had been removed, and the anus seemed to have been “plucked out.” The coroner’s report also mentioned the absence of any signs of organ failure or vascular collapse elsewhere in the corpse, which was troublesome given that the body had no blood at all.

The report the officers tasked with investigating the case provided contained further peculiarities. Several predatory birds were also discovered dead at the scene where the remains were found, having perished while attempting to feast on the carcass.

The body was also in surprisingly decent shape despite being discovered in the open in one of the country’s warmest and harshest climates. Now that Lovette’s body had been found, Cunningham was taken into custody and accused of killing him.

Jonathan Lovette in a file photo

Jonathan Lovette in a file photo

Military prosecutors claimed that the major had killed his subordinate, made up the tale of the kidnapping, and mutilated the body to make the lies seem more credible when the matter was brought before a tribunal.

It should come as no surprise that the court quickly rejected this argument. After being freed without being charged, Cunningham was permitted to quit the Air Force with an honorable discharge. Jonathan Lovette’s death has never been fully addressed.

The US government has a solid and long-standing policy of not publicly commenting on reports of encounters between its military and UFOs, as we have learned from earlier tales.

From the enigmatic Foo Fighters that terrified bomber pilots saw over continental Europe during World War Two to the horrifying Sightings at Rendlesham Forest in the 1980s, the Pentagon has repeatedly refused to become involved in extraterrestrial life theoretical discussions.

The government may have had an even stronger incentive to keep quiet about the New Mexico sightings because it wanted to maintain the secrecy and security surrounding what was happening at some of its most important military installations.

However, their unwillingness to formally respond serves to fuel additional rumors about the case, given the lack of any other plausible or realistic explanation for what occurred to Sergeant Lovette and the similarity of this instance to other claimed close encounters.

Alien Mutilation of Animals and Livestock

For many years, incidents involving animal and livestock mutilations have been reported worldwide, with the epidemic appearing to have peaked in the middle of the 1970s.

The occurrences have decreased over time as transportation and communication infrastructure have steadily improved, yet they continue to occur with a curious and infuriating regularity.

Several farms in Vancouver reported that unidentified attackers had assaulted and deformed their livestock in the 1990s.

Around the time of the incidents, witnesses heard a weird humming sound in the sky, and one even claimed to have seen a small humanoid figure running away from the site while holding an odd object in its hand.

The US state of Idaho had a spike in unexplained cattle mutilations in the late 1970s. As recently as 2012, similar incidents were documented in Wales and the English county of Shropshire.

A mutilation that is similar to that of Jonathan Lovette

A mutilation that is similar to that of Jonathan Lovette

Thankfully, reports of attacks on people are sporadic, but they are considerably more upsetting.

A mangled male victim’s naked body was discovered in 1979 by two deer hunters in the Bliss and Jerome region of Idaho. His lips and genitalia were missing; after many miles, his personal belongings were found abandoned in the middle of a field.

According to the official police inquiry into the incident, the victim was a vagrant who died after engaging in a drunken misadventure and had his remains disturbed by animals following his passing.

But many others, including the two hunters who found his bones, needed more explanation.

Brazilian UFOs and Gnarly Mutilations

Brazil has historically been a hotspot for alleged UFO occurrences for unknown reasons. In 1981, reports of weird aerial objects known as “Chupas” were standard in the country’s Panorama region.

Two young boys, Abel Boro, and Rivamar Ferraria came across one of this mystery craft. It then directed a beam of scorching light at the two boys, which Ferraria was able to flee from but which ensnared Boro.

His body was found to be bloodless and without any indications of organ failure when his companion returned to the scene with the police.

Seven years later, in 1988, a small child discovered the remains of an unidentified victim at the Billings Reservoir, which is frequently misreferred to as Guarapiranga in So Paulo. Like Lovette, the body had been horribly dismembered, yet the vermin and carrion in the area had refrained from feasting on the remains.

What had taken Jonathan Lovette that day, and why were such horrific injuries inflicted on him?

What had taken Jonathan Lovette that day, and why were such horrific injuries inflicted on him?

Investigators were stumped by the fact that several incisions had been done using sophisticated methods and equipment. The tongue, eyeballs, jaws, and anus had all been amputated. However, additional procedures had also been performed.

The left ear and lips were missing, and matching 2-inch-diameter holes had been created on either side of the victim’s chest. Through these wounds, internal organs, muscles, and other tissues had all been removed to the point that the victim’s chest cavity collapsed from losing many internal organs.

In contrast to the American administration, the Brazilian authorities were desperate for help with their investigation and published all of their discoveries and pictures of the corpse.

No signs of a struggle or restraint, including marks or injuries, were noted in the coroner’s report as having been present on the body. The symmetry and care used to remove the organs and the cauterized wound edges, which appeared to have been formed by some hot metal, demonstrated a high level of surgical competence.

Conclusions of Alien Mutilations

These mutilations had no clear purpose or advantages for those who committed them. In the White Sands incident, Major Cunningham was a well-respected officer working on one of the most delicate military projects in the nation.

What possible justification could there have been for him to fabricate an alien contact story to ruin his career? And suppose he was responsible for Lovette’s demise.

What could have prompted him to attack his colleague in this manner, and where did he learn the abilities necessary to pull off such surgical feats? There are no answers to these pressing questions.

It is evident that Cunningham had nothing to do with his colleague’s death, and if not him, then who killed him? The most potent military in the world is in charge of the extremely protected White Sands Missile Range.

A newspaper clipping from New Mexico, about the Roswell Incident. Jonathan Lovette's disappearance occurred barely a decade after this

A newspaper clipping from New Mexico, about the Roswell Incident. Jonathan Lovette’s disappearance occurred barely a decade after this

Which person, or group, would have the ability to infiltrate a highly restricted zone, kill a US Airman, and then manage to escape without leaving a trace of their presence?

The manner of Jonathan Lovette’s kidnapping and subsequent murder is genuinely stunning, regardless of whether his assailants were extraterrestrial or even more human.

All the evidence, however, points to the fact that he is but one victim in a far more elaborate and eviler plan that has been imposed on humanity for at least the previous fifty years. Someone or something has an unhealthy and utterly morbid fascination with the planet’s organic life.

Additionally, they appear to lack the rudimentary compassion or humanity needed to protect the lives of their victims while having the technology and tools necessary to locate and disable test subjects whenever and wherever they like. All of these assert that while alien life undoubtedly exists, they lack any form of compassion and would not think twice about human or animal suffering.

RIP victims of Alien Abductions and Mutilations.

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